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When Elves Get Lewd (3 of 3)

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My Bio

Gallery & Workshop of the Quanto

Daz Studio Content Creation and Rendering~

Plans, Projects, and the Future D:

Alright, so I've been contemplating many things for the past year or so, debating with myself about where I'm going with all of this and whatnot. Clearly I've been putting a lot of my limited free time into Daz related 3D work, and ultimately, I enjoy it. This of course has brought me to the conclusion that frankly, I would much rather be doing this stuff than working my hoooorrible night job as a factory worker (as much as I love my co-workers(not sarcasm)), I really want to be making a personal career as a self-employed 3D Artist.

A lot of others have come to the same conclusions, and have set up paid galleries, or patreons. I've got mad respect for those peoples, but ultimately, I don't think I want to fully go down that path. I may branch into that area, but truth told, I get a lot of enjoyment from my work in Silo and Mudbox, and having gone through the work of learning how to import my stuff into Daz. I've realized I would rather be making money by producing content for Daz|Studio, than simply pull cash from Porn Galleries (I might still do that too, however). I'm still not 100% sure when my first "Product" will release, but based on how well my first freebie is doing, I'd say the future is bright.

What I'm Making

First things first, I plan on supporting Genesis 2 Female, I'm not a huge fan of G3F, and I figure that by the time I'm ready to start supporting G3, Daz will have already moved onto G4, because reasons.
I'm not entirely sure if there is still a market for G2F anymore, but I plan to find out.

I may also produce some stuff for G2 Male as well, depending on my own personal project needs.

Lastly, I will also be producing background stages, however my machine is old, and rendering complex scenes in anything besides 3Dlight is BRUTAL. So it may take me time to get my first scene projects released simply because my machine doesn't like to render them. **Mega Sad Face**

What about the Porn?!

It continues!
And frankly, I've gotten requests from more than a few people to start producing full scale sets. And again, I must bring up my old machine. My factory job pays me enough to survive, but not enough to move beyond where I am. So if I'm going to be producing renders in a timely manner, with more than 1 character with a simple backdrop, I'll need to overhaul my machine. That takes money, and I'm not gonna beg for it. My only request is that if you like my work, and you want to support it, check out my Renderosity Store when it comes online. That way, you'll get cool shit in exchange for your cash.

Why not Patreon?

I simply can't produce content fast enough, or with enough intrinsic value, to morally justify using it. I just wouldn't be able to live with myself if I started one based on my current rate of production.

Link to my Renderosity Profile and Store. Keep in mind, the Store isn't ready yet. But I got 1 Freebie Online at the moment.

All of my previous works have been moved to the Archives Folder.

BTW, I love receiving thoughts opinions and questions, I'm actually a pretty social dude, and you don't half to tip-toe on eggshells around me. So please, don't hesitate to drop your opinions on muh lap, I don't block people for having thoughts.

Favourite Visual Artist
Kenichi Sonoda
Favourite Movies
Gall Force
Favourite TV Shows
The Venture Brothers
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Fort Knox Five, Gramatik, Stanton Warriors
Favourite Books
Temeriare Series
Favourite Writers
Douglas Adams
Favourite Games
Automation, BeamNG, currently rediscovering classic Doom
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC Master Race
Tools of the Trade
Silo 2.3.1, Substance Painter, Photoshop, Daz Studio 4, and Luxrender
Other Interests
Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Alternate-History

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ToxicCity3DXHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much for the watch Meow :3 
kanyikoHobbyist Traditional Artist
Pushing the troll down by one comment.

Also, awesome work.  Don't let the trolls bother you, they're just envious of your skills. :3
DerZockerHobbyist General Artist
don't hide the awesome classic artworks behind all that poser-porn D:
QuantoProfessional Digital Artist
Why you gotta hate fun?
DerZockerHobbyist General Artist
Fun? No. Uncanny valley? Oh so much.

You have some quality artwork there. To be honest, the other stuff's just clickbait
QuantoProfessional Digital Artist
Listen bro, attacking something I get enjoyment from isn't going to convince me to go back to doing something I no longer get enjoyment from.