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Like all other forms of media, novels have moved to the internet as well.

There is a growing base of novels offered for free and followed by a loyal readership. In countries like Japan, China and Korea, web novels has taken off, becoming a major industry with top writers making millions of dollars and their stories adapted into manga and animes.

English translated web novels is still growing and its popularity is steadily increasing and will no doubt one day become mainstream.

On you can find hundreds of english translated light novels, web novels, korean novels and chinese novels which are daily updated!

You can also browse free novels online in alphabetical order or sorted as most viewed or high ranked! Besides, you can find your favorite light novel, web novel, Korean novel and Chinese novel using advanced search options. Besides you can listen and watch amazing views on our Youtube channel New Horizons by NovelsOnline, while reading your favorite English translated novels online.

On the site, there are;

and many more!

If you like reading and listening hundreds of English translated novels online, don't delay to visit! You can also visit instagram, blogspot or pinterest page of

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