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TLDR The Long Drop Revisited

Let's try this again

Flatter, shorter, shallower. Living it is a modern art.

I don't know about you, but I get a better response from my better half through Facebook than I do in person. Digital love, emoticon emoticon emoticon.

Credits to `mjranum-stock for A Slow Fall - 2 used to derive the preview image.
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I'm not educated in verse at all, but, if you define each section by font, the 4th down could be explained by the 5th and the 2nd by the 4th. It could go further but not necessarily (I would have to guess what is meant). Love "see clear to the flaw" and the semantic link to "the fall", love the patterns. :)
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Thanks for the feedback. I'm not happy with that last line myself. 
I had the hardest time trying to get font point sizes in a Fibonacci sequence in, hence the PDF.
I'll get  grafting on a revision soon ~appletreepear

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What I meant was that I liked the patterning of meaning and syntax, though, reading back over my comment, it does look like I'm speaking of a perceived fault. I think it's very effective and intriguing, the font included.