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By quamp
Once again... DO NOT GIVE ME LLAMAS! I DO NOT WANT THEM!! This is a silly placebo designed to take your money. Giving them out a lot only means you follow the herd mentality, much like sheep to the slaughter. I do not mind it if you trade with someone else, but I will not give you one back if you give one to me. If you like my work, fave it.
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Also... please do NOT ask or beg me to commission you! I am getting very sick of that. It's always some artist that really stinks too. I know there's a stamp somewhere that reads "I commission who I want" but I lost the URL. Anyone know where it is? If you want me to commission you, invite me to look at your page, and then I will decide if I want to commission you or not.

My faith in cons has been renewed. 
I got to talk to a bunch of people, spread Fangirl around some more, and do a lot of things that I wanted to do. Most of the SAFG ideas I got were at the con horror stories panel, although there was one where one of the security guards, needing to use the bathroom and not being able to find anyone to replace him at his post, left a dealer there for a bit. I got some autographs that you'll see over the next few days.

Okay, everyone voted overwhelmingly to open dakimakura requests to everyone. So I will do so, but there will be rules to follow: 

1.       There must NOT already be an official Dakimakura of the character. Sorry, but it's just redundant to do this. This means many popular characters are out. Examples: Sena Kashiwazaki, Yoko Ritona, Orihime Inoue, and more. Please check for a daikmakura BEFORE you request. I will be doing so. One good place to try is here: . Input character's name and dakimakura.

2.       You are limited to four (4) characters ONLY.  Each character will be by him/herself. The character can be male or female.

3.       The request follows the normal rules for a request, as listed in the FAQs.… Flannery is a woman I'd like to do a dakimakura of, but there's no mod for her hair.

4.       If the character is not an adult, s/he will be aged to adulthood. These characters will appear on the Tumblr site only. I will not do pedobear bait girls.

5.       The first picture will be her in lingerie; the other will have her nude. If having her nude violates DA's rules, the picture will be on the Tumblr site.

6.       No trolling.

7.       I reserve the right to close it at any time; I will say now it will be closed December 26-29 due to Ikkicon.

8.     If you are requesting an OC, please send a reference with your request.

If you are interested, note me with your requests!!! I will not do one in response to this journal!!
 Here is an example of what it will look like: 

Note: Requests are suspended until 12/30/13. 

The Con schedule:
I will be appearing as a fan only at the following cons:
Ikkicon, Austin, Texas, December 27-29. Theme: High School DxD
Ushicon, Feb. 7-9 2014. Theme: TBD.
A-Kon, June 6-8 2014. Theme: TBD.

The ever-popular list of whom I watch:
:iconjessica-prando: :iconace-mat: :iconadammistal: :iconalice-en-rouge: :iconalmeidap: :iconamelie-ami-chan: :iconaniel-ak:  :iconarseniquez: :iconasumoth:  :iconbagelhi: :iconbanzchan: :iconteebreakers: :icongruviapon: :iconbianchina: :iconbigbigtruck: :iconboobtastic: :iconmizzbunnykins: :iconcamiiie: :iconcilvergman: :iconclayscence: :iconcrazycowproductions: :icondark-vanessa: :icondartbaston: :icondayaja: :icondhutchison: :icondkstudios05: :icondogsupreme: :iconelehoernchen: :iconeridaiho: :icones-jeruk: :iconfelox08: :iconenka2040: :iconframboosi: :iconfredgdperry: :icongac89: :icongarun: :icongermatoid: :icongeckup::icongxsion: :icongshfav: :icongsora: :icongunneko: :iconhanems:  :iconheavensrun: :iconhentai-kitty: :iconhuesca000: :iconhypervox: :iconlucky-jj: :iconilolamai: :iconirelys: :iconizka197: :iconjimryu::iconjayellecartoons: :iconjoaorodrigobaptista: :iconjoouemi: :iconkairithevaleyard: :icondesireeu: :iconkeisuke-nonohara: :iconkenny4896: :iconkhalitzburg: :iconkitten-bomb: :iconkyoko-masumi: :iconladyvengeanc3: :iconmmgpeve::iconmangasus: :iconmaikodouji: :iconmarcotte: :iconmeganerid: :iconmichaelcrichlow: :iconmilyknight:  :iconmiragie: :iconmortadela: :iconmurasaki-hoshi: :iconmyhilary: :iconnaeneko: :iconneilak20: :iconnermallion: :iconnz13590: :iconoctorockbane: :iconoesalces: :iconoreopunk: :iconparfhelbelia: :iconpablocomics: :iconpervlooker::iconpink-gizzy: :iconpinknekogeek: :iconrachelthegreat: :iconrobaato: :iconrobotnicc: :iconrplatt: :iconsageofotherworlds: :iconsakura02: :iconsarukin: :iconusagiprince: :iconcinn-ransome: :iconsilvair: :iconmassivemaster: :iconsquinty003: :iconstauche: :iconsweetcheeks12354: :icontempestsreign:  :iconthe-chocoholic-girl: :iconthe-moocat: :iconthehiddensapphire: :icontifa-bells: :icontoddnauck: :iconnekototora::icontransfuse: :iconreal-warner: :iconwarriorz: :iconwspecktrow: :iconsoniamatas: :iconallthefantasies: :iconyue-lan: :iconzeldyn:

:icontradesask::iconrequestsask: FAQ & Rules on requests/trades:…
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*bangs head on keyboard* Dammit, how'd I miss this journal... forgive me for not reading it before I sent one through habit, ehehe ^^;
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B-b-b-but I just sent you a llama :(

Plus, I need monnies so commission me... :noes:
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Read this journal entry regarding the llamas.…
I also need money too. I blew a lot of cash at Anime North Texas.
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Nice to know ANT washed that bad taste out of your mouth left behind by the one in ABQ, and gave you new material to work with.
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Awesome idea my dear =D
Gonna watch you!
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Thanks for the mention! Rock on with the dakimakura! :D
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:iconwelcomeplz: I figure if I like an artist, my fans would as well. 
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