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Maken-Ki girls hooters outfits

Made with TechArts 3DCG sp 4 & fanpack.

An anonymous request. His request was for the four girls shown with large boobs and in skimpy school uniforms, holding swords. Kodama isn't normally large breasted though. Azuki doesn't normally use a sword, but in this gig, you go with what the requester wants. I also got to use a mod I've had for a while but never really used - the sword in the broom handle.
BTW, I'm out of requests again. If you've hit your limit, why not try having a friend request something for you?

Left to right, we have: Azuki Shinatsu, Kodama Himegami, Aki Nijou and Haruko Amaya.

Maken-ki! created by Takeda Hiromitsu.

Want to see a female character in a Hooters outfit serving up fanservice? (yours or someone else's?) Requests are open! Rules: [link]
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Oh, so you DID put Aki Nijou in there. I got to the Minori pole dance piece first in my message box. I'd also love Aki in the pole dance scene. Well, you've covered all the bases except for Minori's pink hair, and then there's the four-girl limit, so darn it, Minori being the odd one out. Love the poses--did Pedobear just walk in?

Sweet work.