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The Legend of Queen Opala Bodysuits by quamp The Legend of Queen Opala Bodysuits :iconquamp:quamp 6 1 Legend of Queen Opala Naughty Jesters by quamp
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Mahjong Pretty Girls Battle Fishnet Bikinis by quamp
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Harem Heroes Mizugis by quamp
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Harem Heroes Glossy Bodysuits by quamp Harem Heroes Glossy Bodysuits :iconquamp:quamp 10 4

Random Favourites

Faeris CG 01 - Lost Paradise by Raynart-Tradnor Faeris CG 01 - Lost Paradise :iconraynart-tradnor:Raynart-Tradnor 62 10 Drosophila by Kerahna Drosophila :iconkerahna:Kerahna 1,070 155 My GAIA avatar - non-chibi by charsiewpau My GAIA avatar - non-chibi :iconcharsiewpau:charsiewpau 8 15 CaGed -- Furi und Blinky by furicuri CaGed -- Furi und Blinky :iconfuricuri:furicuri 25 21 Gaia Commish: CBunny by zylair Gaia Commish: CBunny :iconzylair:zylair 93 16 Freebie by zylair Freebie :iconzylair:zylair 67 8 Commission: Natsuko by Risachantag Commission: Natsuko :iconrisachantag:Risachantag 1,040 119 The Girls at the Beach by MikumasterX The Girls at the Beach :iconmikumasterx:MikumasterX 177 4 Karumi Future by gen8 Karumi Future :icongen8:gen8 208 21 burdy by uberdude666 burdy :iconuberdude666:uberdude666 10 11 Smooth and Silky by Omnigear
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Smooth and Silky :iconomnigear:Omnigear 397 55
Tabitha Nygma by asumoth Tabitha Nygma :iconasumoth:asumoth 3 4 Trily Self Pic .:Commission:. by Mako-Fufu Trily Self Pic .:Commission:. :iconmako-fufu:Mako-Fufu 465 160 Duality - Day and Night by RayOfAmbience Duality - Day and Night :iconrayofambience:RayOfAmbience 8 7
PS do NOT beg me to fav you! I will fave who I want!

Hall of Shame

I or someone else have commissioned the following people and they have not given what was wanted.

1. Nacerima (not on this site)- I commmissioned a picture of Kimiko as Cornelia from Code Geass. Gave me a rather foul picture with some disgusting NC-17 features I do not want. Continues to badger me for the remainder of the payment even though I have repeatedly told her I would not pay unless that problem was corrected.

2. :iconalex0wens: - Paid $20 for three headshots of SAFG characters 12/29/09. Has yet to deliver and is ignoring all my e-mails, notes and posts.

3. :iconxephia: - I requested Kimiko to be drawn back in April 2012. So far, the artist refuses to even acknowledge my request, and has ignored notes and postings on the site.

4. Femolia (not on this site) - does good work, but when I commissioned her, she sent me a crappy picture with the following explanation: "sorry about things, but I got a bit overbooked... so I had my daughter do this. I hope you don't mind." Refuses to do the work herself. $35 down the drain.

5. Brett Ryans (a.k.a. Shoogerbare) according to :iconbeawareartisttheft:, he is notorious for taking people's money and running.

6. :iconcaocbox: - $17.50 down the drain. Paid to have him draw Makoto in a bikini, but he seems to have disappeared from his site, taking all his work with him.

7. :iconf0fiah: - Made a request for a character, but artist deactivated account. If you know where f0fiah is, please let me know.

8. :iconlfcorp: - paid 120 points for a Ryuubi Gentoku from Ikkitousen Ryuubi Gentoku from Shin Koihime Musou crossover in January. She appears to have abandoned her site, as she hasn't updated since then. She is also not responding to notes or comments.
9. :iconnaughty-kittykitty: - according to :iconqueen-soulia:, she deactivated her account and ran off owing her a commission. She paid $40 for this. After a google search, I found she's left several others screwed as well.
10. :iconecchiantonio1495: - 50 points wasted. Requested two bikini girls done. Account deactivated. :(
11. :iconcliffather: - :iconrobaato: ran into him in Atlanta. Full story here:…
12. :icon666zarike: - According to a source that wishes to remain anonymous, he had commissioned this artist to do a Dragonball Z hentai pic. The artist failed to follow the simple directions, or tell the person that he did not do such things.
(Then again, judging by this artist's anatomy, no sane person would want to commission him in the first place.)
13. DriZzMeMbur2 (not on this site): Dude stated he was taking requests. I made one, asking him to draw Zerlyn O'Banion from the Ghost Chasing Girls. Dude drew someone entirely different, then told me this: "I don't think you got the rules of the requests. I decide what I draw and then say you requested it." The rules did not mention this at the time, but thanks to him going back and editing the thing, it does. Refuses to remove my name from the art he did despite several attempts. I have contacted the mods of this site, and asked them to have him remove the name or remove the image.
14. :iconbellum-art: - has been commissioned and not delivered. He is also a notorious art thief and has frequently ran afoul of anti art theft clubs.
15. :iconlibra-w: - according to :iconullamaliztli:, he paid for a comission via his mother's paypal account. Then when his mother found out, she took the money back. He refuses to pay, but still badgers Ullamaliztli for the work. He has ignored repeated requests to resend the payment.
16. :iconpararipi: - according to :icondesireeu: Prisma-neko a.k.a Pararipi has scammed her out of $270. Prisma-neko has changed her story a few times as well as accounts. story here:…
17. :iconplumine: - full story here: Beware of this artist:iconplumine::iconplumine::iconplumine:
Versión en ESPAÑOL más abajo
EDIT 4: Please, if any of you find her on a new account on deviantart or any other place, tell her to contact me and the other customers who are still waiting for their commissions, and do let me know about her whereabouts.
EDIT 3: Updating this again since I just discovered Plumine's account has been deactivated. Which I guess it means that she came back to dA at least once, so she probably saw all this messages but still decided to take the easy path and ignore her mistakes by deleting her account...
EDIT 2: After a week waiting I've finally received an aswer from the Help Desk. I'm a bit upset with them right now because they have taken a whole week just to tell me the same that's written on their F.A.Q; that they can do nothing because it wasn't a transaction made through the premium content / commission widget and that it's been more than 14 days after the payment. I feel like I

18. :iconplumpiebombshell: - story here:…
19. Greg Tupac, a.k.a. CSAR160 (no longer on site.) Full story here:…
20: From :iconunevenguy: : Assholes artists listFor the fun of it and to blow some steam after seeing ANOTHER american artist who loves to show he hates europeans and loves to show it.
EUDETENIS : Brazilian artist who love money a lot but refuses once paid to do the work she hired for. Love child pornography.
Carmessi : American artist who despises european people and loves to show it
Zdemian : American artist extremely proud of himself but who is scared when threatens about child pornography.
Firefly8016 : American artist who loves to play the dramaqueen about her life to either rip you off your money and explaining she won't make your commission but won't refund you either
JonFreeman : A rip-off american pseudo cartoonist who's proud to be "open-minded" but is the most pathetic joke of either an artist or an open-mind
RyohjiHeavyIndustry : French pseudo artist whose style hasn't evolved since the beginning and who claims to be a fetishist but refuses to face most fetishes due to his inadequacies.
Remember : dealing with them can g

Do you commission artists and want to add to this list? Note me!

Another wet T-shirt contest! Who wins now? 

8 deviants said Yuuko (white haired kitsune goddess)
4 deviants said Felice (dark haired goddess, far left)
1 deviant said Anise Rial (blonde)
No deviants said Mozuka Minzuki (dark haired warrior babe, far right)
Once again... DO NOT GIVE ME LLAMAS! I DO NOT WANT THEM!! This is a silly placebo designed to take your money. Giving them out a lot only means you follow the herd mentality, much like sheep to the slaughter. I do not mind it if you trade with someone else, but I will not give you one back if you give one to me. If you like my work, fave it.
:iconidontplz::icondollamasplz: :iconanti-llama-club: :iconllamastamp1::iconllamastamp2:

Also... please do NOT ask or beg me to commission you! I am getting very sick of that. It's always some artist that really stinks too. I know there's a stamp somewhere that reads "I commission who I want" but I lost the URL. Anyone know where it is? If you want me to commission you, invite me to look at your page, and then I will decide if I want to commission you or not.

About one month from now, I will be celebrating a milestone birthday of mine. I really don't look that forward to this event, especially since I'm going to be stuck at the day job on that day, listening to people gripe and complain. However, I would like to ask something of my fans. 
The thing I want to get more than anything for this milestone birthday is fanart of my OCs. I'd really like to see how others view them. You can see references of them here:…
Anyone who does fan art of my OCs and tells me before 10/10/18 will be featured here. 
What I have so far: 
Kimiko Matsuga by paulibus2001

The Con schedule:
I will be appearing as a panelist and fan at the following cons:
Ikkicon, Austin, December 28-30, 2018. Theme: TBD. 
I will be a fan only at: 
Nomikai - Lewisville, Texas October 13. 
AnimeDallas, D/FW airport TX, November 30-Dec 2, 2018. Theme: TBD.

The ever-popular list of whom I watch:
:iconjessica-prando: :iconace-mat: :iconadammistal: :iconalice-en-rouge: :iconalmeidap: :iconaniel-ak: :iconarseniquez: :iconasumoth: :iconbagelhi: :iconbanzchan: :iconteebreakers: :icongruviapon: :iconbianchina: :iconbigbigtruck: :iconboobtastic: :iconbunnykinsnoda1982: :iconcamiiie: :iconcilvergman: :iconclayscence: :iconcrazycowproductions: :icondarkvanessalust: :icondartbaston: :icondayaja: :icondharkerstudio: :icondhutchison: :icondkstudios05: :icondogsupreme: :iconeridaiho: :icones-jeruk: :iconfelox08: :iconframboosi: :iconfredgdperry: :icongac89: :icongarun: :icongeckup::icongxsion: :icongshfav: :icongsora: :icongunneko: :iconhanems: :iconhcitrus: :iconheavensrun: :iconhentai-kitty: :iconhuesca000: :iconhypervox: :iconlucky-jj: :iconilolamai: :iconirelys: :iconizka197: :iconjimryu::iconjoaorodrigobaptista: :iconjoouemi: :iconkairithevaleyard: :icondesireeu: :iconkeisuke-nonohara: :iconkenny4896: :iconkhalitzburg: :iconkitten-bomb: :iconkyoko-masumi: :iconladyvengeanc3: :iconmmgpeve::iconmangasus: :iconmarcotte: :iconmeganerid: :iconmichaelcrichlow: :iconmilyknight: :iconmortadela: :iconmurasaki-hoshi: :iconmyhilary: :iconnaeneko: :iconneilak20: :iconnermallion: :iconnz13590: :iconoctorockbane: :iconoesalces: :iconoreopunk: :iconotokai: :iconparfhelbelia: :iconpablocomics: :iconpervlooker::iconpink-gizzy: :iconpinknekogeek: :iconrachelthegreat: :iconrobaato: :iconrobotnicc: :iconrplatt: :iconsageofotherworlds: :iconsakura02: :iconsarukin: :iconrecklessantics: :iconcinn-ransome: :iconsilvair: :iconqueen-soulia: :iconsquinty003: :iconstauche: :iconsweetcheeks12354: :icontempestsreign: :iconthe-chocoholic-girl: :iconthe-moocat: :iconthehiddensapphire: :icontifa-bells: :icontoddnauck: :iconnekototora::icontransfuse: :iconreal-warner: :iconwarriorz: :iconwspecktrow: :iconsoniamatas: :iconyeehoo: :iconyue-lan: :iconzeldyn:

  • Listening to: Alex Rainbird's indie music channel
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C. X. Nemec
United States
My dream is to be the world's greatest OEL manga writer.
Of course, that's a lot like being the world's greatest janitor. :(
To that end, I have a webcomic! We try to update it every week! :iconsafg:

Current Residence: Locked away in Suburban Hell
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Large
Favourite genre of music: Alternative
Favourite style of art: anime
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: My smartphone doubles as an MP3 player
Favourite cartoon character: None
Personal Quote: It's not just how smart you are; it's also how willing one is to use the intelligence one has.
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