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ALLIRA Shadowrun Commission by Eddy-Shinjuku
Cyberpunk Fantasy - 4K Wallpaper Art Commission by Eddy-Shinjuku
Firekeeper (2v) by Sciamano240
Yuuko by Christian-Angel
Fan Art Daily Deviations
Castle by dleoblack
Muffet by AshleyZombieArts
Nightblade Irelia by KilartDev
KDA Akali Neon by oshRED
Anime + Manga
Hatsune Miku Redraw Challenge + Lineart by Amana-HB
AKIRA fanart by Pastichio
Hindenburg by Pterona
Gramophone x Miku by harikoe
Video Games
Gunnr by DaniSeik
Morgana Hawke by eluari
Hearthstone Dice Bag by Wildphoenix22
Benchue-tifa-fanart Portrait1 by kfcyberhero
Online Games
Ari Collab. Team Fur-tress 2 by OliverRed
Zarkaniya by Sad-Sehna
Taliyah by akramness
Honkai Impact Summer Splash by Artmancer
I am Found by droppingravityfalls
Baby Yoda by thegameworld
Violet Parr by silvanuszed
Jasmine Princess Disney portrait - Naomi Scott by TinyTruc
Cartoons + animated Movies
Marceline and Simon by Hinecko-Rin
New Spider Gwen by Prywinko
Pride month Bubblegum and Marceline comm fan art by Lemanntim
One sided love by LauriieT
Western Comics
Happy Holidays Zatanna by Didi-Esmeralda
Mysterio by erlanarya
Gunslinger Spawn! by TheArtistJ
Spawn! by TheArtistJ
Live Action Movies + TV
Potrait of Madame M by VladislavPantic
Battle of the Hogwarts by Pterona
Joker 2019 (Joaquin Phoenix) by ramirez909
Spidey by Feyjane
Celebrities + Musicians
The Silence of the Lambs by Chrisroma
Dwayne Johnson by JunkDrawings
Billie Eilish Portrait by Amana-HB
Pewdiepie the Memeseeker. by Goddasaurus
Bleach, Naruto, One Piece CLOSED
Madara by wizyakuza
Anime and Manga CLOSED
Zero Two - DARLING the FranXX by Adyon
Miyazaki Films CLOSED
Princess Monoke by DearFellowArtist
Game of Thrones CLOSED
Return of Arya Stark by hoanglap
Live Action TV CLOSED
The End of the F***ing World by Ludmila-Cera-Foce
Video Games CLOSED
Shuten Doji by manusia-no-31
Nintendo CLOSED
Lucina's Judgement - Lucina + Grima Robin by Eldervi
Pokemon CLOSED
Disaster Pokemon by Ikebanna
Square Enix CLOSED
Under The Sea by Sardiini
Capcom Games CLOSED
Chun Li KO Ramen by Zombie-Graves
Electronic Arts CLOSED
In mirror reflection.. by AliceYuric
Live Action Movies CLOSED
Monsieur l'inspecteur by andycwhite
Animated TV CLOSED
Woona by JAEneth
Animated Movies CLOSED
Merry Greetings from Mr. Jack by theDURRRRIAN
Disney and Pixar CLOSED
West Wing by TottieWoodstock
Western Comics CLOSED
SuperGirl (March Patreon Reward) by Prywinko
Celebrities, Actors, Musicians CLOSED
Baekhyun EX'ACT by zoryanny
Crossovers CLOSED
broke monster hunters, monochromatic witches by neonparrot


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About QFA

:bulletred: :bulletorange: :bulletyellow: :iconqualityfanart: :bulletgreen: :bulletblue: :bulletpurple:

Tired of looking through pages of poor fanart to find a single gem? Well, look here! Any fandom is accepted: anime, books, movies, video games.

QualityFanArt is dedicated to promoting quality fandom work in the community. We won't spam you with pencil doodles or traces of characters. We assure you, all the art in our gallery is worth a look!

Anyone is free to join! You do not need to have quality skills to appreciate quality art!

Be sure to read all the rules and FAQ before submitting!

:bulletorange: :star: Rules :star: :bulletorange:
:bulletpurple: :star: FAQ :star: :bulletpurple:

Here at QualityFanArt you will not find:

:bulletred: Tracings of characters

:bulletred: Motivationals

:bulletred: Anything using screencaps or copyright work.

:bulletred: OCs

:bulletred: Unfinished work/doodles

:bulletred: Colored copyright manga pages

:bulletred: Anything on lined notebook paper

Hey there 🙂

many thanks for all of your lovely contributions 🙂 We do what we can to keep the group running and to give you a platform for your high-quality art. We get hundreds of contributions each week, and looking at all of them consumes a lot of time, especially, as we have quite high standards when it comes to accepting art, and we want to be fair to all of your contributions.
During the last months, we faced increasing demands on explaining ourselves, why this or that artwork got declined/accepted, and in many times it sadly leads to stressful discussions, a lot of blaming and strange justifications. As fellow artists we absolutely understand, that getting your art declined is frustrating. There's nothing wrong in asking why, we gave our best to give advice or critique whenever we got asked, but starting a discussion about it usually never leads to anything good. With small manpower and growing contributions we decided to pause giving feedback for the time, so we can fully focus on revising the contributions.
I hope you will understand that this is not a negative intention but rather the only way right now, to keep the group running. Just to give you some insight to our numbers, we only accept around 20% of the contributed art, so getting declined means in no way your art is bad, there is actually no bad art, but it was probably just not among that 20 % of outstanding pieces, which we are looking for at QualityFanArt.  We're also just people, we try to do the right things, but we are in no means perfect.

Please also note, if your artwork was submitted to the wrong folder, or shows something like artisan crafts, 3-dimensional art, sketches etc. which our group doesn't accept, you'll always get a short message from us. Another reason why a high-quality work can be declined could be that we can't tell if it's a FanArt or an OC or if it shows mature content, which we also don't accept.

If you want to contribute to our way of working from the other side, having a good eye on quality, would love to give artists tips and critique so they can improve their work and also aren't afraid of declining 80% of the contributions, please feel free to send us an application via note to maybe become a fellow admin.

Please don't feel hurt, if your art gets declined, but rather look forward to your next piece, and feel encouraged by trying again. And even if you get declined many times please don't get frustrated, this is only a simple group and not something which should make an impact on your wellbeing 🙂

Feel yourself hugged 🙂
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