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Hey, members of QualityAdopts! I hope you're all doing well, and looking forward to the upcoming Halloween festivities, however you celebrate! :meow:

I'd like to make a quick note-the group log commenting problem has been fixed. hasn't been fixed fixed, but I do now know what the problem is and have made appropriate accommodations. The administrator in charge of my support ticket notified me that it is a current problem found with anyone who uses Internet Explorer, and that it's something they are working on for not only me, but for everyone else who's complained about it as well. I was added to a list that will notify me when the bug has been fixed.
It has not been fixed, however, I have Safari in addition to Internet Explorer on my laptop, and I have no problems with commenting with Safari, as the problem is only related to Internet Explorer.

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Group Info

A group for submission of cat, dog, wolf, and other animal adoptions, focusing on quality and reasonable pricing, as well as enforcing legitimate copyright rules.
Founded 9 Years ago
Jul 23, 2010


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762 Members
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Welcome to QualityAdopts!

Welcome do QualityAdopts! This group is designed not only as another place for adoptable artists to share, sell, and trade works, but also to help promote quality adoptables and fair pricing. Please read the following if you are interested in becoming a member or have just recently joined. It looks like alot, but I personally have timed it, and it takes less than three minutes to read all of this in it's entirety!

If you are wanting to become a member, please read all of the rules concerning policies and submissions, etc, before or right after joining. All admin positions are currently closed, but a notification will go up if/when they are open!

:bulletblue:Rules, guidelines:bulletblue:
Here at QualityAdopts, there are rules set in place for all members to follow, so all members have fun and rights are respected.
:bulletblue:No haters. Flaming, spamming, trolling, etc. will not be tollerated. Three counts of any behaviour of this kind, and you will be out.
:bulletblue:Respect the artist's rights. I understand that many artists have different rules and wishes concerning their adoptables. While some let you alter them after you purchase, others do not, and other things like that. Please respect these rights. The individual rights stated in the artist's comments as it concerns to the piece do not necessarily reflect the group's or admins views. However, the artist needs to be respected as an individual. Any counts of you abusing the artist's original wishes can and may be considered art theft, and you will be removed.
:bulletblue:No art theft. Some groups have a looser policy on art theft. However, this one does not. Art theft is unlawfully copying, tracing, manipulating, altering, etc. someone else's work without their permission or knowledge. For the official dA policy on this, please read FAQ #8: What are violations of the deviantART copyright policy? This group will support those rules, and any reports of art theft and you will be removed and banned.
If any instances of art theft occur withing the club, please report it to dA as well as note me.
:bulletblue: PG-13 or Under. This should not be a problem considering this is an adoptable club, however, please keep it PG-13 or under, so all members can participate. If it needs a mature content warning, please be sure it has one.

:bulletblack:Quality Control:bulletblack:
The point of QualityAdopts is to encourage quality adoptables. If your submission is denied due to poor quality, please keep in mind that our goal is not to discourage deviants and members, but to encourage higher quality adoptables that can be more reasonable in both design and price.

What may be denied:
:bulletblack: Very poor lineart. Lineart that is sloppy, pixelated, very squiggly, or extremely anatomically incorrect will be denied.
:bulletblack: Block colors. A bright red wolf or a purple cat is not quality or original. Anything that is block colored is not going to be accepted.
:bulletblack: Blurry coloration. Submissions that are very fuzzy and just look like colors were thrown onto them with very poor brush skills are not going to be accepted. If your egg is just one big fuzzy oval with a few colors thrown in, then it will be a no-go.
:bulletblack: Poor scans/photos. There aren't very many traditional adoptables going through here, but all the same, I have to set standards. Any sets that are scanner burned or are poorly taken photos of the set, will not be allowed. I will ask you to clean it up by taking a better photo/scan, or using an editing program. If no editing program is available to you on your computer, then use an online one, like Photobucket.
:bulletblack: Color scribbles. This applies to both digital and tradtional. Do not just through colors on, or, pardon, my language, do a half-assed coloring job. If it appears as though you just threw some random colors together and rushed through it, it won't pass.

The most important one, though, is...

There have been an increasing number of these, and it's unnacceptable. Designs of this nature are just digital brush textures and splatters thrown together in a big conglomerate piece on some lineart. Adoptables like these are not allowed, because the designs are not orginal, unique, nor are they high quality. The other reason is that patterns like these are extremely hard for purchasers to replicate, especially if they lack the brush or program or are traditional artists. All peices that look like they've been attacked by a sewing machine or a paintbrush gone wild with sparkle colors will be denied.
Please go look at THIS EXAMPLE if you don't fully understand this.

:bulletred:Copyrighted Materials.:bulletred:
Here at QualityAdopts, we will NOT accept any copyrighted creatures as adoptables. This includes:

:bulletred:… Zim)- Includes: Gir (SIR's), Irkens
:bulletred:… - Ottsels
:bulletred: Warrior Cats- You can use Warrior Cat lines to sell cats, but no, "This is BlackPaw from ShadowClan" or however it goes. Likewise, no references to Warrior Cats material in the title or comment.
:bulletred:… You can use Hamtaro lines to sell "Hamsters" just no "HamHams" or anything else with labels or comments in regards to the "Hamtaro" copyrights.
:bulletred: Okami- Yes, I know they're popular, but please, NO Okami adoptables! You CANNOT use Okami lines and create your own Okami character for point or real money adoption. The reason you can't use the lines is that the Okami design is unique and belongs only to Okami copyright holders. It's different in the sense of Hamtaro or Warrior cat lines, where it can just be a cat or a hamster.

:bulletred: Asadia, Embarr, Ayalon, Likos, Uwila, or Kalan

*Note:This list was made my Gingko12 for the wonderful group Point-Adopts and I have permission to use and edit it for our group purposes. Original list made by Gingko12 can be found here. Please give this group your support!*

**Note:This group does not support, endorse, advertise, or promote any of these materials or pages listed and linked above. They are used as a reference for users to know what not to copyright.**

These materials are already copyrighted, and only the owners of such have the right to produce, alter, and distribute. Taking a Pickachu, making it blue, and selling it for points or any other form of money can be considered infringement, as you do not have the right to do so and the original creators do not get any profit from it. This club WILL NOT support that. You will get only one warning. The second time, you will be out. If you see any copyrighted adoptables appear within the club, please note me with a link immediately. Also let me know if there are more materials that need to be added to the list.

:bulletred:No-Use Lineart.:bulletred:
Many deviants do not allow the uses of their lineart to be used for Point Adoptables. If your lineart or someonelse's lineart falls in this category, please let me know at once, so I can keep a continually updated list. Usage of this omitted lineart is not acceptable, and you will be banned temporarlily upon your second usage. If any no-use linearts appear within the club, please note me with a link immediately. Also note me with a link if you have linearts you do not wished to be used for points.

:bulletred:No-Use Lines-Deviants:
:bulletred: Any lines created by blueshinewolf
:bulletred: Any lines created by Lightning-The-Wolf
:bulletred: Any lines OR flashes created by pidgepudge
:bulletred: Anything in the Free Lineart folder of Holarctic's gallery.
:bulletred: Any lines/flashes/makers made by Kaylink
:bulletred: Any lines created by Blancas888/High-Yote
:bulletred: Any lines created by Nova-Nocturne
:bulletred: Any lines created by Kaylink
:bulletred: Any flashes created by Citron--Vert
:bulletred: Any lines created by littlechibi

:bulletred:No-Use Lines-Specific Lines
:bulletred: Sticker Wolves Lineart by akireru
:bulletred: Pixel Wolf Lineart by akireru
:bulletred: GIANT Animal Lineart Package by mechasheep No lines found in this package may be used.
:bulletred: Tigrian lines made by MidoriKoneko

:bulletred:No-Use Lines-Specific Flashes/Makeables:
:bulletred: Kitten Creator by Kamirah
:bulletred: Pony Maker by Baby-Blue-Bell
:bulletred: Wolf Maker by Wyndbain
:bulletred: CREATE A WOLF by Duckstapler
:bulletred: CREATE-A-CAT by Neikoish

*Note: This list was made in conjunction with Gingko12, Founder of Point-Adopts

**Note: These are preferences of the artist and do not reflect the individual veiws of myself or the group.

:bulletred:Credit your sources.:bulletred:
If you are using a lineart that is usable for Point Adoptables, please credit them in your artist's comment, using both a working link or thumb to the original lineart, as well as a working icon or username to the deviant who created the original artwork. If the linearts are your own, give yourself credit. It sounds ridiculous, but it's so we know who's lines they are.Yes, you still have to do this even if you leave any original watermarkings or links on the lineart. Not crediting sources properly can be a reportable offense, and if you recieve numerous reminders to credit the original linart or stock, you will recieve a reprimand or temporary ban. If your lineart is being used without proper credit, please let the artist know before coming to me. Please do the same if you see someone using lineart that is not theirs or yours, but is still not being credited. If you ask the artist to credit, they most likely will. If they refuse to and their works are in the club, let me know.

The submission limits are as follows:
:bulletpurple:Members are allowed eight submissions daily.
:bulletpurple:Members of Affliates are allowed two submissions daily.
:bulletpurple:Any Deviant is not allowed to submit.

:bulletpink::bulletpurple:Submitting to correct foldlers.:bulletpurple::bulletpink:
Please submit to the right folders! It is extremely tedious to have to sort, and even moreso to deny just because of that. Here are our gallery folders and their descriptions:

:bulletpurple:Featured For the adoptables that have exceeded expectations exceptionally!
:bulletpurple: Useable Lineart Lineart that is acceptable to use free within the club. If they are not allowed for pointables, then please DO NOT submit through this folder. The purpose of the folder is to encourage linearts useable for all members, all purposes.
:bulletpurple: Emo Adoptables For emo-themed adoptables.
:bulletpurple: Scene Adoptables Folder for scene-themed adoptables.
:bulletpurple: Themed Adoptables Folder for adoptables with themes.
Examples: Element themed, seasonal themed, etc. Can aslo be for adoptables based off of other figures, like people or popular icons.
:bulletpurple: Natural Adoptables Folder for adoptables that are nature-themed or have more natural, realistic colorations and markings.
:bulletpurple: <a href="…"Mixed Themes Folder for adoptable sheets that have mixed-themed adoptables within them.
:bulletpurple: Customs and Comissions Folder for Cutsom sheets and Commission listings.
:bulletblack::bulletorange: During certain holidays and seasons, a specific folder will be set up to hold the influx of themed adoptables geared towards the holiday or season. The current folder is: Halloween

:bulletpink::bulletpurple: Repeated failures to submit to the correct folders will possibly result in some sort of reprimand/temporary ban.

:bulletred::bulletpurple:Submission Denial.:bulletpurple::bulletred:
One of the main points of this adoptable group is to enforce quality over quantity and enforce copyright polices. If your submission is denied, it may be that your submission is not really of a high quality that people would consider adopting. Another reason would be the unoriginality of the design.
Do not take the rejection hard...reasons for any denials will be left in the comments and they should encourage you to make higher-quality adoptables that people will be more open towards adoption.
:bulletorange::bulletpurple:Fair Pricing:bulletpurple::bulletorange:
Pricing needs to be fair for the design in question! When in doubt, go lower with pricing, or look at other designs similar to yours for pricing. When doing auctions, start low bids, and it will build up. If you must have an autobuy, try to make it high to discourage immediate purchase and disclusion of other bidders. We are trying to promote reasonable pricing for quality designs.
:bulletorange::bulletpurple:If you think a price is unfair, consult with the artist first. If the price is still unfair, let me know. I cannot alter the price, but I can make note of it. Members with repeated complaints of overpricing may get a reprimand/temporary ban.
:bulletyellow::bulletpurple:Closed Adopts.:bulletpurple::bulletyellow: If your adoption is closed, please edit the title of the deviation so it reads as such, that way I can clean folders easier. If you wish to remove your own closed auction from the folder yourself, by all means, do so! :meow:

:bulletblack::bulletwhite:Odds 'N' Ends...:bulletwhite::bulletblack:
:bulletblack: Should a text link or any link in general appear to be broken or not work, let me know so I can fix it and the group can run smoothly!
:bulletwhite: Scenedogs, Sparkledogs, Gloomdogs, Emodogs, Deathdogs, etc. are all welcome!
:bulletblack: Any suggestions for blog topics, folders, contests, etc. are always welcome!
:bulletwhite: Admin positions may or may not be open, however, they will be opened for those who can prove themselves to be mature group members. These postions can be rewarded for those who prove themselves, such as reporting art theft, copyright infringement, folder misplacement, frequent harassers, etc.








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