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Welcome to Quality-Bleach!

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Our Goal

Welcome to Quality-Bleach, your home for the best Bleach fan-art to be found. :D Our goal here, is to locate and share only the best works with our members. To accomplish this, we accept only quality work.

You will not find any of the following here:

:bulletred: Traced Art

:bulletred: Manga Scans

:bulletred: Stolen Work

:bulletred: Copies of official art; believe me, we've already seen it and Kubo does it better.

:bulletred: Screenshots Includes screenshots used as backgrounds.

:bulletred: Color-overs

:bulletred: Bases

:bulletred: Low-quality work

It does not have to be the absolute highest quality, we do accept some mid-quality work as well. We're looking specifically for original, well-done artwork. Please understand this is our goal, and the work you submit may not be accepted. If your personal work is rejected, practice and try again at a later date. We understand that everyone starts somewhere and we want to encourage improvement.

If your work is declined and you'd like to know why, please comment on the submission thread directly, so that we can easily access the image. And please, do not try subverting the system by posting links of declined submissions on our front page in hopes of attracting attention. We're only going to hide them. If it happens repeatedly, we will be forced to block you.

A Word From the Founder

As a long-time fan of Tite Kubo's fantastic manga/anime series, Bleach, I'm always on the lookout for new, beautiful fan-art of the series. Initially, I joined other groups in hopes of finding these. However, I quickly discovered that very few clubs have much of a standard on what they will accept. I ended up spending more time reporting stolen work or traces, than I did finding any worthwhile pictures.

After discussing these problems with the founder of Bleach-OC-Kings, I felt inspired to start my own group, so that others who feel the same way can benefit from a group with higher standards. It is my hope that everyone can fully enjoy all the work submitted to this group.








Gallery Folders

Mayuri Kurotsuchi by Shiroho-Art
Bankai Ikkaku by Hellstern
Toshiro Hitsugaya, The Winterman by Dexteria
Hitsugaya Toshiro by kika-pictures
Humor and Chibi
ulquiorra chibi commission by AuroraArchangel369
Bleach Chibi by Moon--Shield
Ichigo Chibi by ArtofLariz
Yoruichi Cat chibi by ArtofLariz
Groups - Battles
Commission - [GLOCs] Argent Steel by Geofffffff
collection by AuroraArchangel369
+ H A N A B I  BLEACH + 2019 by Lili-ve
Ulquiorra and Ichigo by AuroraArchangel369
Ichigo - Hichigo
overlord by AuroraArchangel369
Soul King-Flare Ichigo by Maithagor
Vasto Lorde Ichigo by Frostbite07
Commission - Kurosaki Ichigo ver. color by Geofffffff
Karakura High
Orihime by AuroraArchangel369
Commission - Arisawa Tatsuki by Geofffffff
Orihime by MiraiTea
Inoue X Mercy_BleachOverwatch Crossover by ArtofLariz
Urahara Shoten
Yoruichi by Flowerxl
Nake, Benihime! by MaximDanton
Yoruichi Shihoin BANKAI by leee666jack
BLEACH Urahara Kisuke _ 666 by Zetsuai89
Gotei Thirteen
Toshiro Hitsugaya by ayzhelf
Dream came true... by NyRiam
Matsumoto Rangiku by chirun
Bleach Kenpachi Zaraki: Gift to Blazefirestorm by d13mon-studios
Rebel Captains
Aizen by AuroraArchangel369
Aizen by Lxich
Aizen as Magician Tarot by Choctopi 2015 by Sariniste
Aizen Taichou by Toyume
Kuna Mashiro by RikaMello
Hollow!Shinji by Drimr
Zanpakuto Spirits
Bleach-27032018 by pandabaka
BLEACH - Yo. by IFrAgMenTIx
Kazeshini snd spirit snake by SINKandSHTAYN
Dokugamine Riruka by RomaniacC
Giselle by Allmanette
Starrk - Harribel
Harribel by Frostbite07
Nelliel Tu
nel by AuroraArchangel369
Apocalypse by AuroraArchangel369
Grimmjow Beyond Ressurection by AuroraArchangel369
Nnoitra - Szayel
SA by Yukitoko
Arrancar - Hollows
Nnoitora + Neliel - monochrome by RomaniacC
Fraccion - Numeros
pretty snake by Koklico
hold on to my heart by AuroraArchangel369
Misc. Shinigami-Souls
Here I Come by Maithagor
Misc. Humans
BBCP: Kurosaki Masaki by zanazac
Fillers - Movies
Expensive by Maithagor
Fan Characters
Commission - Etsuko Akiyama by Geofffffff
Stamps - Wallpapers
Renji Stamp 1 by o-AkiLove-o
Barragan Luisenbarn[Bleach] by ZION227
Pixels and Animation
3D Anime : Bleach Ichigo Animation 1 by Ji-Nero-Kendrick

Weekly Stats

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Guidelines and Submission Standards

For a more in-depth and detailed guide regarding our policies, standards and submissions, please click HERE.

:star: To join, simply click JOIN GROUP and you will be automatically accepted as a Member. We do not cherry-pick Members, just the art. All are welcome to join the group. If you'd rather not submit or suggest art, feel free to simply WATCH :+devwatch: us instead. (You must be a Member to submit or suggest to our galleries.)

Contributor positions are by invite only and are not open to the general public.

Before You Join:
  • READ THE RULES! We maintain a higher standard than the average fan-group. If you're just looking to submit copies, traces or scans of Kubo (or any other artist's) work, this is not the group for you. We have a zero-tolerance policy in place for deviations that violate either dA policy and/or copyright laws. If you submit a deviation that is a violation, it will be reported and you will be removed from the group immediately.

  • While everyone is welcome to become a member of the group, if you don't intend to submit or suggest any work, please consider simply watching the group instead.

  • All submissions by Members must be voted on, we do not auto-accept art. With exception of Contributors and Founders. If you cannot handle the possibility of rejection, please reconsider becoming a member.

:star: To submit or suggest a deviation, click SUBMIT ART either on our front page, or directly in the gallery folder. Your request should be answered within three to five days. :D
  • Please keep in mind that all submissions from members are voted on; the decision to accept or decline a submission is never left up to one individual but requires anywhere from three to six votes in one direction or the other, depending on the submission type.

:star: Please respect the members of this group and their submissions. We will not tolerate any harassment between members. We're all here to enjoy the art, not to fight about it.

:star: Suggestions on how to improve this group are welcome! You may note us or comment in the group blog with your recommendations.

We Accept:

:bulletgreen: Traditional & Digital Art
:bulletgreen: Handmade Crafts
:bulletgreen: Wallpapers & Stamps
:bulletgreen: Fan-Characters
:bulletgreen: Commissioned Work
:bulletgreen: Mild 'Mature' Art
:bulletgreen: Colored Line Art

*Note* They must be original works of art

:bulletgreen: Refined pencil or ink pen work can be submitted, but it must be a very high quality. See artists like Washu-M and blackstorm for examples.

We Do Not Accept:

:bulletred: Cosplay
:bulletred: Literature
:bulletred: Crossovers
:bulletred: Character Sheets
:bulletred: Pornographic/Fetish Art
:bulletred: Boys/Girls Love
:bulletred: Non-Original Work
:bulletred: Photography & Photomanipulations
:bulletred: Works in Progress (WiP)
:bulletred: Multiple versions of the same image
:bulletred: Wrinkled, damaged or "rough" work.

We do accept some photography in the case of crafts ONLY.

:bulletred: We will not accept traces, screenshots, manga scans, copies of official art -direct or eyeballed- or low-quality/rough work. This group is called Quality-Bleach for a reason.

:bulletred: Submission of art that has been stolen, traced, plagiarized, or otherwise copied from an original work will result in automatic removal from this group, along with the offending image being reported. (When applicable)

If you have been kicked out for such a violation, you may not rejoin. Attempting to subvert this rule will result in your account being permanently blocked.

:bulletgreen: Submissions allowed per member, per day: Two

:bulletgreen: Submissions allowed per contributor, per day: Four

:bulletgreen: Please select the correct folder for your work. Each folder has a simple description that clearly states what characters can be filed there.

Many thanks to the staff at fanartists-club! Their clear and concise rules were a huge help in setting up our own, either as a reference or used word-for-word. This was done with permission, provided a link-back and credit was given and you're looking at it. :D
Mystery Characters

As some of you may recall, some time back we ran a poll asking for opinions on images that are not discernibly Bleach related. The overwhelming response -which we agreed with- was that, if you've got to read the comment to figure out the relation, it shouldn't be accepted.

This Group is intended to be a celebration of a series near and dear to us via the showcasing exceptional fan art and we fully intend to keep the focus on the world of Bleach. We have allowed OC's to be included because they are an extension of that, but some of the submissions we were/are receiving look as though they had nothing to do with it. Their designs were a complete mystery, often not containing a single aspect of the series they were supposedly a part of. They were wonderful pieces of art, to be sure. They just do not belong here.

Of course, the same can even be said for canon characters, albeit it is very rare for such a case. Generally, we have only come across an unrecognizable canon character when they were "aged-up" and dressed differently. (Or, as the running joke has gone, just a close up of an eyeball that could belong to anyone. :roll:)

We actually adopted the policy to turn away what we dubbed "Mystery Characters" not long after the original poll, but it wasn't until recently that I realized I had completely neglected to make a formal announcement on that count. Our written policy has been updated to reflect this change, both on our Policies, Submissions & Standards page and inside the Fan Characters folder itself. Those that made it in prior to this change will be allowed to remain.

On a somewhat related note, please remember that we do not accept any images that contain both fan and canon characters, regardless of the relationship portrayed.

March Features

It's time to start looking for more work starring our March featured characters! This month, they are:

:spotlight-left:The Healers: Retsu Unohana & Orihime Inoue:spotlight-right:

If you come across or have created any images of these characters, please submit them to the appropriate folders: Squad One - Five for Unohana and Karakura High for Inoue. See also the Groups & Battles and Humor & Chibi folders. I'll continue to add to the Featured gallery throughout the month, as new deviations are submitted.

We hope everyone enjoyed February's featured characters and deviants!

QB Point Bank


In order to keep future donations for QB separate from my personal funds, I've created a secondary account to serve this purpose. From this point on, donations meant for Quality-Bleach should be sent to QB-Point-Bank. I'm trying to figure out a reward system that is both fair and makes sense, so the one that is currently up is subject to change. If you have any suggestions or would like to contribute to the "rewards", please let me know.

The page itself could use an avatar, which I may set as a future contest goal. I haven't had any time to really mess with it, since I made it. If anyone would like to create one, just for grins, feel free. It looks so lonely without an avvy. :sniff:
More Journal Entries


Shunsui Kyoraku by MadArt939
Grimmjow by foo-tan
Nel by sakimichan
Gotei Thirteen
Abarai's portrait - coloring attempt by RomaniacC
BLEACH: Renji and Rukia by duskflare
Zaraki Kenpachi by kamcao
[mouse art 2012] byakuya: reverie by Ralenore
Karakura Town
BLEACH - meet the monster by Akiahara
BLEACH - ichi_thing by Akiahara
Urahara by turpentine-08
Urahara by sniftpiglet
BLEACH - el fin de ulquiorra by Akiahara
PinkFlowerLuppi by Sabu-O
BLEACH - true despair by Akiahara
BLEACH - la sexta espada by Akiahara
Rebel Captains
bleach8 by cuson
Alternative Hollow Aizen by kyuyoukai
Humor and Chibi
chibi practice 04 by lkaashl
Hitsugaya-Matsumoto's victim by chijuku
Ulquiorra - Nihilism aint cute by SerenaVerdeArt
Nnoitra - My Spoon is too Big by SerenaVerdeArt
Don't cry... by Dikana
Change of UlquiHime Colored by BillieFeng
Bleach - Ichihime by Glay
Onna... ::COLOR:: by BleachcakeCosplay
Urahara Keisuke plushie by melrosestormhaven
Kei by Jacmer
Kiriban: 5775 hits by daennah
Mochidzuki by daennah
The Ram's horn by daennah
Zanpakuto Spirits
Vizoreds and Fullbringers
BLEACH - shinji - got kink? by Akiahara





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