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This is a sketch I did when I was about 17. The Quality's not that good, but that's only because I had to use my webcam to capture the image (my scanner's broken!!). I'll upload the proper version when I can.
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Whoa, wish I could sketch that well. Detail rocks majorly thar.
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Belated reply, I know. I'm not as regular here as I'd like to be =(

Thanks for the comment. The sketch is a few years old now and I do find that the more I look at it the less I'm satisfied with it.

Observation has never been my strong point - I don't have the patience or discipline!

Glad you like though. Keep up the good work yourself!
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Only three comments? Why?! This is an amazing picture! Yoshimitsu! @.@ Kudos to you for being able to draw realism. I wanna see the proper version. ^^;;
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WooOooooooOO!!!! yeah!! Yoshimitsu!!!
very good!!!!!!!!!!

now fix ur scanner! lol ^^;
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Sorry, but you know I've always liked this one!!! + Faves *whistles innocently* :D (Big Grin) rofl
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ehh, thats yoshimitsu from tekken 3. maybe ure namco's concept art designer ? :P (Lick)
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