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40 More Fights/Crossovers
40 More Fights/Crossovers That Will Probably Never Happen.
By Derrick The Barbaric.
1. The Splatter Punx vs. Steampunk Willy.
2. Darkman vs. The Shadow.
3. The Unknown Soldier (DC Comics and Vertigo) vs. Richard Benson, The Avenger.
4. Jakabok Botch (Mister B. Gone) vs. Necronomicon Ex Mortis (Evil Dead franchise).
5. Inspector Tequila vs. El Mariachi.
6. The Raven vs. The Black Cat (Edgar Allen Poe).
7. Godzilla vs. Gamera vs. Ultraman vs. Fin Fang Foom.
8. Cannibal Corpse vs. Nsync.
9. The Crow vs. Ghost Rider.
10. Black Magic M-66 vs. The Terminators.
11. Slaine vs. Judge Dredd vs. Rogue Trooper (All 200AD comic characters).
12. Call of Duty Zombies vs. Call of Duty Aliens.
13. Jeffrey Dahmer vs. Jack the Ripper.
14. Lucio Fulci's Zombies vs. George A. Romero's Zombies.
15. Napoleon Dynamite vs. Black Dynamite.
16. Donkey Kong vs. King Kong.
17. Skrulls vs. John Carpenter's The Thing.
18. Insane Clown Posse vs. Backstreet Boys.
19. Devilman vs. Hellboy.
20. John Wayne vs. Clint East
:iconderrickthebarbaric:derrickthebarbaric 6 17
Visor by Error313 Visor :iconerror313:Error313 13 1 Visor by Error313 Visor :iconerror313:Error313 7 0 Scorpion Vs Visor by Error313 Scorpion Vs Visor :iconerror313:Error313 18 1 Yuriko by Error313 Yuriko :iconerror313:Error313 8 1 Quake 3 - Tier 3 by Error313 Quake 3 - Tier 3 :iconerror313:Error313 26 1 Quake 3 - Tier 2 by Error313 Quake 3 - Tier 2 :iconerror313:Error313 26 2 Quake 3 - Tier 1 by Error313 Quake 3 - Tier 1 :iconerror313:Error313 32 4 Quake Live - Space Chamber by Smilecythe Quake Live - Space Chamber :iconsmilecythe:Smilecythe 88 17 Slash Quake by Sabr1 Slash Quake :iconsabr1:Sabr1 7 1 Welcome to the Arena by fruktsallad Welcome to the Arena :iconfruktsallad:fruktsallad 179 17 Quake III fan art by AlexBoca Quake III fan art :iconalexboca:AlexBoca 515 52 Quake Guy by Topspin07 Quake Guy :icontopspin07:Topspin07 60 31 Hit the Lights by JelleTuls Hit the Lights :iconjelletuls:JelleTuls 8 3 Gorre by Snugglestab Gorre :iconsnugglestab:Snugglestab 341 83 Quake 3 Clan Arena by moorkasaur Quake 3 Clan Arena :iconmoorkasaur:moorkasaur 64 33
The reason why I write this is to apologize to all members of this group for my inactivity as the founder due to personal problems, I have given full control to the co-founders responsible (the reason for this is that I can not be more time online and did not want this group closed) and I have put together requests automatically APPROVED on condition of respecting the group.
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The series is somewhat unusual in that its focus changes frequently; Quake II has nothing to do with Quake, and Quake III Arena has little to do with its predecessors, as well. This is mostly because Quake II was originally supposed to be an entirely different franchise ("Quake II" was a tentative title), a plan which was shot down when most of the names id Software had tried to use instead were already taken.

Quake involves a Marine traveling through alternate dimensions to prevent a demonic invasion from occurring, in a similar storyline to their previous hit game Doom; Quake II involves an assault on an alien planet, Stroggos, in retaliation for attacking Earth, which is entirely unrelated to its predecessor. Most of the subsequent entries in the Quake franchise follow Quake II, not Quake.

Quake III does not truly have a plot, though its inclusion of characters named "Tank Jr." (After a heavily armed enemy in Quake II) and "Bitterman" (The name written on the player character's landing pod in Quake II as well spoken in the game intro) connect it with the Quake II series (though it must be noted that the Doomguy is included as well). Characters "Ranger and "Wrack" who wear armor that closely resemble that worn by the protagonist in the original Quake demonstrate that Quake III Arena may draw characters from both of its otherwise unrelated prequels. It should also be noted that the enemies in the intro movie that "Sarge" are fighting sound like Strogg.

Quake IV follows directly where Quake II left off; it details finishing the assault on Stroggos, to defeat the Strogg for good.

edit Games[edit] Main seriesQuake (1996)
Quake Mission Pack 1: Scourge of Armagon (1997)
Quake Mission Pack 2: Dissolution of Eternity (1997)
Quake II (1997)
Quake II Mission Pack: The Reckoning (1998)
Quake II Mission Pack: Ground Zero (1998)
Quake III Arena (1999)
Quake III: Team Arena (2000)
Quake 4 (2005)
[edit] SpinoffsEnemy Territory: Quake Wars (2007)
Quake Mobile (2005)
Quake Live (2009)
Quake Arena DS (TBA)
[edit] Upcoming gamesJohn Carmack stated, at QuakeCon 2007, that the Id Tech 5 engine would be used for an unannounced Quake game and along with the statement that Doom 4 will happen, he stated that Quake (III) Arena would get a sequel at some point.

edit Engines File:Quake - family tree.svg
A partial family Tree of Quake engine gamesMost games rely on enhanced versions of the original Quake engine with better lighting, more complex model support, better netcode and other modifications.
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