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Power Ending
Derrick watched from above as the two continued to bicker. He couldn’t help but think, I don’t care about those guys anymore. They were jerks to me, but that’s in the past. I’m more than just some guy now, I’ve ascended to something better and these mortal concerns are beneath me. 
He was an amazingly powerful ghost now, there was no reason for him to bother with those jerks. Derrick levitated back up into the night sky, phasing through the thick canopy of leaves another time without flinching.
His friends would die eventually. He would not. Therefore, he couldn’t really gain anything from trying to help them. He decided he would just focus on helping himself to become the best thing he can be, and using that power to help the people he really cared about.
A noble pursuit.
Yes. I’ve taken my inspiration from a certain something that turned me into this.
Derrick felt the collection of spirits’ exude happiness
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Connected Ending
Derrick watched from above as the two continued to bicker. He couldn’t help but think, I’ll just let them know what happened to me. They are still my last connection to the normal world.
He focused briefly once more, picturing the peaceful lakefront. He gazed at the glistening surface of the water, willing for anything that would let him communicate with his friends one last time. Just a few light blue bubbles floated to the surface. Upon bursting, his mind reeled with fresh memories.
He remembered being a girl, before even becoming a ghost. He had such a big desire to let people in need depend on her for support, but sadly, no one seemed to want it. The spirits offered her an unending sequence of people she could help, so she accepted. As she transformed, she did not grow scales. All she did was gain a relaxing blue glow.
He snapped back into reality. With ease, he moved the concentration of energy in his body around. His scales lost definition, and his fore
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Revenge Ending
Derrick watched from above as the two continued to bicker. He couldn’t help but think, I want to kill them! If I didn’t get a chance at a nice wholesome life as a human, why should people like them?
That’s the right idea! They’ve wronged you so much, they deserve it!
“That’s so right… you guys don’t even know the half of it.” Derrick said, remembering his memories a little differently than he did in the past. A band of spirits had hooked onto the malevolent energy coming from him, and were using it to change his past. Instead of being able to reminisce about one of the few times people seemed to acknowledge his great accomplishments and even offered for him to be in the company, his memory warped into another scene of them taking advantage of him. He remembered their surprised faces, and how quickly they hatched a plan to use him for money.
He seamlessly transferred the energy that made up his ghostly form back in
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Ethereal Eve
Derrick had never seen a forest that looked so scary. To him, most forests were pretty spooky at night, but this one was on an entirely different level. Trees extending out forever into the murky blackness of the night, a low fog covering knotted roots embedded into the ground and hiding any creatures waiting to prey on him. It didn’t help that it was the day before Halloween, and getting closer to midnight.
His phone was his only comfort on the outskirts of the forest. His friends were supposed to meet him here, off the side of the road close to a bus stop. He decided the best thing to do was text them some more, maybe this time they’d respond.
He typed out a message, fingers shaking but still complying with his will: Hey guys you said to meet today not actual Halloween right? Send. He knew it was today, and he reaffirmed that with a few scrolls up many times over the past few minutes, but they could have changed it on him. He wouldn’t complain. As long as his
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Wild Weakness
I collapsed in my seat, exhausted. Work was exhausting again, and I was really pushed to my limits today. I couldn’t complain though: the startup I worked for hired me right out of high school, instead of many other great candidates who all probably had more experience than me. That’s not to say I was particularly bad at my work, finding ways to integrate the startup’s “revolutionary” AI into other services and products, but I was sure the people twice my age were good at that too. Maybe they wanted someone young enough to not even know they were being overworked? It certainly felt that way sometimes.
Anyway, it paid a lot more than I ever thought I’d be able to get so early, so there’s no reason to worry about it. I put my idle ponderings to rest, and gazed out the large window of the tram. The night was beautiful. I couldn’t see any stars like I could before I moved, but instead I got treated to the buildings covered in glittering light
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Polar Pathogen
“No going back now, you know that, Joseph?”
“Of course. I'm not nervous though, I've been planning for this ever since you picked me to accompany you like a month ago.”
I knew he wasn't just saying that to assure me, but also to keep himself feeling confident as well. The trip wouldn't just be his first time out of the US for more than a few weeks, but also his first paid research opportunity since he had graduated from college. He couldn't mess it up if he wanted to get his own research grants and his own assistants in the future.
We stepped onto the plane with nothing but ourselves and our backpacks. We had checked in our luggage much earlier that day, and already stopped worrying about it. The plane wasn't very crowded, but that was expected for a flight from Los Angeles to Canada in the late summer. You'd have to be crazy to want the Canadian climate over the cozy warmth of California, or receiving a lot of money for research.
I felt a little bad for Joseph.
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Sudden Splicing
“Have you received the waiver we've sent to you in the mail?”
“Yes, and I've signed it. I can't wait to start tomorrow, by the way.”
“Okay, that should complete your registration! Don't forget to bring your ID and that waiver! Thank you for calling DNA Dynasty.”
Henry hung up the phone. Over the past week, he had been trying to get some extra money to treat himself with. His job, while not completely disheartening, just wasn't up his alley. He thought it about was time to start going out, meeting new people, doing new things, and actually enjoying himself, so he looked online on Craigslist and other sites to try and find an opportunity for a little extra cash to finance his newfound hopes. After only a few days, he found a clinical trial accepting people with certain genetic disorders. Luckily, or rather unluckily, he supposed, Henry's family had a history of thalassemia. While no one in his immediate family had the disease any more, both him and his
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Sketchy Sketch by QuagSlag Sketchy Sketch :iconquagslag:QuagSlag 1 4
Contagious Flame - Chapter 5
I decided to get a start on my homework until my parents came back. It was slow, hard work, but I fought through it. I told myself that if a dragon couldn't solve differential equations it would be pretty lame. Or, maybe the inverse would be lame? I couldn't remember hearing about a dragon that survived high school. I would be the first to do such a thing. Anyway, after I completed most of it, since I couldn't bring myself to do all of it when I had all of Sunday to do it, I decided to call Clair to sort out some issues.
“Hey, it's Shayne. I was wondering, how am I supposed to just keep sneaking away from my house for four hours every day without everyone getting suspicious?”
“My parents seem pretty fine with it.”
“Okay, that's nice, but mine definitely aren't. They got so pissed at me after Friday.”
“Well, you were passed out for half a day...”
“Not helping!”
“Alright fine. Lemme think.” The p
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Contagious Flame - Chapter 4
I was awoken by my phone once again. It didn't snap me out of a hopeful dream this time; my slumber was simply empty and restful. That still didn't change the fact that I was super reluctant to get out of bed and face all the dragon shit I got myself into. It didn't help that since I slept as the sun beginning to rise, I wasn't greeted by the smell of breakfast like most mornings. Maybe I was fooling myself though, it could be someone other than Clair, who was waiting for me at her house to go to the huge cavern in the forest. Perhaps Daniel could have just texted me to come visit. I turned on my phone to check, and saw only a simple message: it's cave time. I let go of any lingering hope that I would simply be able to sleep and forget about everything, and started to really wake up.
I put on my clothes, brushed my teeth, all the usual stuff. It felt like those routine actions were over too soon, and I was ready before I really felt ready. Hopefully my parents would spot me and
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Contagious Flame - Chapter 3
Upon opening my eyes again, I was greeted with seeing dark green scales and midnight black claws. I wasn't sure if I was just still waking up or if I was a lot calmer with the whole 'dragons are real' thing after being unconscious for who knows how long, but I didn't immediately freak out. Instead, I decided to start seeing what really happened to my body. The pain was too much for me to handle during the transformation, but since I felt totally fine after waking up, I was free to start exploring. I never even got a good look at Clair anyway, so it felt like I was discovering a dragon for the first time. The dragon just so happened to be me.
I started from where I passed out, and traced the scales back up my arms. The dark green color continued around my body, except for under my belly. On that side, it felt a bit harder and the scales were more like plates, stretching out and covering a larger amount of area. They were also a much lighter green than the rest of my body, almost a cream
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Contagious Flame - Chapter 2
A/N: Would really love some feedback on this, yep yep. If you have a moment, comment and tell me if it's the worst thing you've ever read or the literary Mona Lisa.
I could only think one thing: What the hell? I mean, I was into some pretty strange things myself. Spending quite literally thousands of hours on a video game, a Pokemon game of all games, definitely puts me up there. I still never bought a foot tall metal model of a dragon. The detail on it was past my comprehension, it looked like every scale was carved out with a laser. It was posed like it was just about to begin flying away, as it was sitting on its hind legs and starting to uncurl its wings from its back. That kind of a dynamic position would only make it more difficult to create, and I had no doubt that if anything could look perfectly like a dragon in real life, the dragon statue would be it. I never even thought that Clair would be able to afford something that would cost so much.
The only thing stranger than that
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Contagious Flame - Chapter 1
A/N: This is my first story, so any feedback and criticism is great! Don't hold back!
My phone blasted its alarm again, snapping me right out of my dream. This time, I was just about to take the first steps into a huge island mansion, leaving behind all of the duties of the real world and being able to just relax. I was then thinking about just relaxing on my bed for a little while longer, alarms be damned, when I started smelling breakfast from downstairs. That never fails to get me into action. I hastily grabbed a nice striped shirt with long sleeves and a pair of pants, and rushed downstairs to inhale some breakfast.
The wholesome and healthy meal of the morning for today was some grease-tastic bacon and a few sugary waffles. I thanked my mom, who was almost as tired as I was, as she pushed the plate down to me and looked at the newspaper. Not much of interest was happening other than a few run-of-the-mill robberies, so instead I just decided to flick through Twitter on my phone unt
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No way, a post from me? Yeah, it's been really busy. Here's what I've been up to:

Deviantart App?

School got pretty stressful, and to de-stress I would work on an app. Nothing huge, just something I've been working on in my spare time for a while now. I don't know if I'm weird but it's been really fun to make it. The slow but steady progress this has been making is kind of a relief to see after so many weeks of projects after projects and losing sleep. It's nice to know that I'll have one thing that I can accomplish without it just being a grade, and that people could be happy to use it. I have some images of that too, of course.

Here was version absolute zero, aka me just testing the layout and setting everything up for the first time.

Here's the current version, still not quite ready for any releases, but we're getting there.

And here's a gif of it in action:…

I still need to work on my user sign-in (it works but is pretty sketchy), figure out good ways to refresh client and user tokens, but most importantly, get search working (easy) and get user notifications and watch feed working (very not easy). It's for Android right now, and I don't have any plans of porting it to iPhone yet, but we'll see. I'm really pleased with how it looks right now, and I'm excited to keep sharing progress on it! If there's enough interest I'll see if I can give you guys a debug apk to install on your own phones. Oh, and tell me what you'd like to see! Right now most of the interface is just based on what I think works the best and adhering to Material Design standards instead of weird grid based things like the official app. I'm a big fan of giving the content as much room as possible and moving as many bars off the screen as I can. What do you guys like to see in an app though? Tell me all about it!
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