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Small rules

♦ Everyone is welcomed to join thyy group
♥ Anything that is related to steampunk can be added here
♦ Do not post arts that have clearly no connection with Steampunk
♦ Be nice to others! Rudeness is not welcomed here
♦ Stay vigilant ^^
♦ Believe

Gallery Folders

Placement queue
Talking Cricket Steampumk by Groucho91
Talking Cricket Steampumk by Groucho91
Talking Cricket Steampumk by Groucho91
Matched Silver Steampunk Goggles by CaelynTek
Digital Art
no name by Desireqr49
Dragon kid by Tracle
Steampunk Frost Night Umea 2017 by Cyanida
Frost Dwarf by Alejkito
Traditional art
sometimes I feel like Iv got two heads by theyellowroom27
but never get a microchip by theyellowroom27
Wintertime by EpHyGeNiA
Noccioline by EpHyGeNiA
Jedi Cricket Batsman by CaelynTek
lift the anchor by o0Christina0o
Let Steampunk take over the world by o0Christina0o
High Noon Steampunk take 2 by o0Christina0o
Aetheric Radiation Flight Goggles by CaelynTek
fine art fashion wearable sculpture by overlord-costume-art
fine art fashion wearable sculpture by overlord-costume-art
fineart fashion tuxedo smoking dinner jacket by overlord-costume-art
Steampunk Bracelet Pixies and Flowerz by Cyanida
Steampunk slave bracelet Wings and roses by Cyanida
Steampunk Cyanida with Dragon and eagle hat by Cyanida
Steampunk Lightsaber II by Cyanida

Group Info

♦ My Little Pony: Steampunk Is Magic takes an action in conquered Equestria that was renamed to Calefactumia where the whole world is literally collapsing and the magical creatures are now being hunted.

♦ Quaerunt Fabularis stands for "Seeking Mythology" and it is a story of a pony named Felix that is on a journey to capture alive atleast one of the mythical species like for example: torch hounds, vampire ponies, dracons, dragons, hybrides and others.
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Folder changes

The folder "Lazy Folder" has been renamed to "Placement queue"
I have changed the folder name becausd there could be some misunderstanding from various deviantart users about the reason why this folder does even exists. The main idea of the folder was and it still is to have a place for a biz lazier artists that do not want to think about where they should put their art into.

As the name was inpropriate and it could be missunderstood by everyone threated as an insult or so-- the has been changed.

I just want to describe that which work belongs to which folder because today and the last time I was able to check the group I saw works that dint belonged to the right folders.

Featured Folder
In this folder we will see mostly people works related with our group name or having plenty of things related to our group. It is like a little highlight for all of us.

Placement Queue
This folder is created for people that do not want to think into which folder they should put their work into. If you will place your work here it will be manually moved to the right folder by the founders of the group.

Digital Art
Here goes every work that has been created digitaly on your personal device despite which device were you using during the creatation process -- Cintiq, Tablet, Computer etc.

Traditional Art
You can find here every piece of art that has been created with the "classic" method using pen and paper or some other sources -- it's just works done on paper and stuff with pen, brush or I dont know what more :)

I think the name says for itself what should be added here. But to be more clear with this one you could upload here mostly your cosplay photography or some Steampunk related things you did not did yourself -- personall stuff goes to the next folder.

If you have created something that resembles Steampunk then this is the right folder for your work to be placed. Custom looking devices, clothing presentation, fashionite jewelry and other incredible things you did should be placed right here :)

As the folder name says -- all other things are moved here. You could put here your promo posters, literature and various other stuff that cannot be placed in any other folders available in the group.

At this moment I dont see any need of creating more folders such as for example "Literature" and for another example "Steampunk Commission's" because the upload rate in this group is rather low and if that will change someday I will surely expand the gallery.

It is worth saying that I will be soon working on a group icon to present for what are we aiming for because.. the lame alicorn icon shows our group in some way that we are a fully focused forMy Little Pony like hundreds of others groups are.

If you will have some questions or have some problem please contact me via group message or to get a quicker reply send me a private message on Wrriter.

Thank you for your time and have a nice day!
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Hi,  I would like my two pieces of work removed from this site ASAP.  
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I've already removed my work from your "Lazy" folder. Please don't put anyone else in that folder. Its pretty humiliating and I don't think anyone deserves it. A simple "Declined" more than gets the point across. Thanks.
Wrriter Featured By Owner May 28, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
The "lazy folder" is not for humiliating people-- it's for people that are to lazy to chose a proper folder for their piece of work.

I have anserwed your private message - we will continue this topic there.
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Hello guys! I'm working on a steampunk project that you may find interesting. I submited the character designs to the group. You can follow everithing about this projet here:…
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