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[Step by Step] Fur

Hi guys! Since I've been painting wolves lately, I thought I'd show how I do the fur. Hope it helps even a little bit! pink flower - F2U  bullet 

1. Basic outline of your fur in brown.
2. Base colour.
3. Add some colour variation of similiar colours.
4. Blend the hard edges out to create a gradient.
5. Lightly draw in smaller sections of fur. Ideally no darker than your darkest shade applied in step 3.
6. Pick the lightest colour of the gradient and lightly outline the ends of the sections of fur done in the last step. (Use triangle or arrow shapes)
7. Add more 'wispy' fur that goes out and over your original outline. Your outline should disappear.
8. Choose a light colour (I used white here) and add smaller flicks of fur that don't follow the sections underneath.
9. Adjust colours and contrast until you like it. (:

pink flower - F2U  bullet pink flower - F2U  bullet pink flower - F2U  bullet
pink flower - F2U  bullet pink flower - F2U  bullet pink flower - F2U  bullet 

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Did you use photoshop or paint sai? Which took did you use to get the gradient to come out smooth?

Thank you so much!! I have a question though- does this work for hair too?

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Yes! I use the same process for hair (: Depending on the hair you'd change the sections size though, like in step 5. For longer hair you can make less sections and make it flow more, or for shorter hair you can basically do what is done here.