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Step By Step - Eyes

Some more eyes! This time different methods~

 cherry blossom cherry blossom cherry blossom 


1. Circle of Iris
2. Fill with eye colour but leave a ring around it
3. Draw the eye structure over the circle
4. Fill in the eye with grey. Add in eyelash shadow
5. Set a new layer to lumosity and add highlights (yellow if you have a green eye!)
6. Blend highlights and you can add a pupil if you want
7. Some more highlights
8. Overlay layer with low opacity. (greens, reds) Just adds some colour
9. Shade skin tone
10. Blur/smudge some of the lineart
11. Add individual eyelashes and create lower lash line
12. Add lower lashes!


1. Circle of Iris
2. Block colour of general shape (behind iris)
3. Lineart of actual eye shape
4. Shadow of top eyelashes (multiply layer)
5. Individual Lashes for top and bottom
6. Some highlights
7. Shade skintone
8. Add some coloured highlights, add lumosity layer to make glow
9. Overlay layer with pink and blue set to low opacity

cherry blossom cherry blossom cherry blossom 


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amazing tutorial, really useful, thank for share :huggle:
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well at least there is some description so it's not just a spot the difference picture. 
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Hope it helps! (:
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Sigh... I wish. 

Don't get me wrong it's well done, and even though vague it is something anyone with the proper training or mentoring could understand with no problem I'm sure. However for someone like me I can't follow it. I don't know enough about the program or basic art techniques to be able to put something like this to use. 
Andy-Aria's avatar
How would you shade a sclera that's black?
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You could start with the base colour being a dark grey, so then you can shade with actual black? (: If you want I can make one about different coloured sclera's too? Love 
Andy-Aria's avatar
Thank you this helped so much. If you want to make one that would be fine but I don’t wanna waste your time. 
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Always watching never blinking
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EJtheDemonKid's avatar
This is beautiful ^^
Quaeluna's avatar
Thankyou!! <3
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Nice tutorial, I hope it helps me...
Quaeluna's avatar
I hope so too!!
Samarkana's avatar
This will be very useful!
Quaeluna's avatar
Hope it helps!! Any other tutorials you think I should do? ;v;
Samarkana's avatar
Hmm, hands or lips I would say.
Quaeluna's avatar
Got it ! Thanks!
Samarkana's avatar
I look forward to your future tutorials!
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Hope it's useful! :)
LodasWonderland's avatar

omg thank you this will help me draw eyes better

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Hope it helps!!
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The way you draw eyes is stunning. <3
Thank you for sharing your process. ;.;
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