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Keth Dump by Quadrupedal Keth Dump by Quadrupedal
People seem interested in these birds, so I made a really quick sketch-dumpy sort of thing! There's... apparently a lot of pictures I haven't posted to dA. 

They're not a super consistent species as far as anatomy goes, and I should probably tighten that up a bit, but at least now there's more examples of them. And also a unicorn, which they've domesticated.

Specifics: The white keth, Sarki, at the top is from the eastern side of the continent, and is a missionary from that region. They spread the polytheistic religion common there, as opposed to the religion found in the west, which worships a supposedly all-knowing being called the Knower (funnily enough). Then there're a few random examples that aren't actual characters.

The black, iridescent keth with the white face is Haefell and is actually 300 years dead by the time Vaun and Ede are alive. She is one of the Oracles, the Knower's prophets (not exactly, but it's the closest word to it). She is supposedly chosen by the Knower to tell of future events, and is one of 11 near-universally recognized Oracles. Some sects believe there to be as many as 20.

The keth with the neck stripes is one I made for my datemate and she's a chemist. The keth are going through a "renaissance" at this period in time, and science that had once been lost when the ancients were conquered is becoming more and more commonly practiced. You'd think they'd value science more when they had a deity called "the Knower" but you know.

And finally, that brown keth at the bottom is Jurrim, a page or messenger of sorts. I don't have much info on them yet but they exist.
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April 2, 2017
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