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The Morrigan

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Published: August 22, 2016
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prophesied the end of the world
and predicted all the evils that would come
and all the diseases and all the vengeful.

And he raised this song:

- I'll see a world
That I will not be dear to you:
Summer without flowers,
Cows without milk,
Women without shame,
Worthless men,
Conquering without a king ...

Trees without trees,
Seas without fruit ...

Evil judgments of the elders,
False precedents of the judges.
Every man a traitor,
Every young man a thief.
The son will enter the bed of his father,
His father will enter his son's bed,
Each one will be brother
-in-law of his brother ...

An unhappy age.
The son betrays his father,
Her daughter betrays her mother...

The Morrígan ("phantom queen") or Mórrígan ("great queen")
:bulletblack:"Specter Queen":bulletblack:"Supreme War Goddess":bulletblack:"Queen of Phantoms or Demons":bulletblack:
:bulletblack:the goddesses:bulletblack:Badb:bulletblack:Macha:bulletblack: and:bulletblack:Nemain:bulletblack:
Much like the Norse Valkyries
also known as Morrígu, is a figure from Irish mythology
The name is spelled Morríghan or Mór-ríoghain in Modern Irish
Visual sources: Sel Ra
Info: bit.ly/War-Goddess-Thesis and mythdancer.blogspot.it/2015/08…

The Morrigan is well known in Merlin
as the "Triple Goddess"

name used by " The Disir"
which are like her spokespersons
video and description: www.dailymotion.com/video/x3lw…
musical inspiration: Morrígan by Adrian von Ziegler

:iconceltic-art: :icongaeilge-ar-da: :iconfreedomfighters-da: :iconviking-artists:

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McAfeeKelseyProfessional General Artist
I'm impressed with how you were able to include so much detail in monochrome, yet everything is clear and distinct. The images do not compete with each other, your focal point (The Morrigan) is strong, yet the importance of the other elements is not lessened somehow. Such a powerful piece! The complexity of the Morrigan and what she represents is conveyed well. I'm honored to have her in the Featured gallery of InTheSmallHours - thank you so much for accepting the request.
Mea-Mina's avatar
As already said: the contrast and details are wonderful. The fire-lit background underlines the tragedy of the lost battle, yet symbolises the ongoing war.
The norse shield is an "eyecatcher" . . . maybe she took it out of mockery? Who knows. From the cold look she maybe Nemain, the cold-blooded virgin.

Is the poem yours?
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QuadraroProfessional General Artist
thank you, no, the poem is not mine
Mea-Mina's avatar
Do you have the source?
Quadraro's avatar
QuadraroProfessional General Artist
Unfortunately I only remember that it was a photo
by my friend Sel Ra,
I have added the resources
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MskollHobbyist General Artist
it's a great graphic work to me! I love the contrast, the position of the Morrigan on the slaughtered warriors, the crown, wolves and the moon, all is graphically perfect.
but there's a problem because the Morrigan is a celtic myth and you filled your work of norse runes even on the Morrigan shield.
so there's an mistake in how you represent the Morrigan and this create a lot of confusion to me.
it's my point of view of course.
go on with the good works!
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RozrrProfessional Digital Artist
Great to see this... Not seen anything about it for years...
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