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Jeff Monson

I discovered that here on deviantart
there's only one work on this good guy...
I find him such lovely :D

Jeff Monson (January 17, 1971)
is a U.S. champion of MMA (mixed martial arts),
considered one of the best fighters in the world in his discipline
and is known worldwide for its sporting successes.
But it's also a declared anarchist, writing to the IWW,
in its sporting activities sponsored
by the cooperative publisher AK Press,
and has never hidden his political views and took part
in numerous actions of solidarity and public events.

On May 26, 2006 Monson took part in the blockade of the port of Olympia,
his hometown, to protest against the war in Iraq
was one of only two activists not to be arrested or dismissed from the police,
in this picture has clearly told the police:

"If you try to arrest me, I will resist you." :iconla-plz:

The police threatened him. They told him they'd taser him. But they did nothing.
The police did not want to wimp out and cheat, and they definitely did not want
to be seen getting their asses kicked, so they gave up to the might of our blockade... :la:

In January 2009, Monson was sentenced to pay a big fine
for having painted on the walls of the Washington State Capitol
antiwar and anarchist symbols and the words "No War" and "No Poverty".

Monson said among other things like that:

"the Constitution is just a piece of paper"


"I want the abolition of all social hierarchies and institutions that promote inequality and exploitation"


"Our economy is based only on consumption,
we more and more products at ever lower prices,
we do not realize that we are robbing
and impoverishing other countries."

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That looks like someone who'd bash 10 fash at a time.
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Hmm totally off topic but this made me think.... I've always thought our police in Washington are really diverse compared to everywhere else :p

I think that's prolly why no allegations of racism have happened yet while everywhere else in the country it is a shitstorm, odds are high that a black or hispanic officer is involved because the departments have high diversity rates. The % of African Americans in the SPD is higher than their % of Seattle's population…
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For him to have that Bubbles tattoo and STILL look intimidating makes him one of the biggest badasses I've ever seen.
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The smile of the cop to the right is priceless. muahahahaaaaaarrrr...
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I've not heard of him before but he sounds like a man after my own heart. Its nice to see someone taking a stand.
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Whoa! He is a real nice guy :)
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tattoos look badass
Eyes-Unblinded's avatar
That is one hell of a badass. I approve.
Can he be the next president?
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Fuckin love this pic
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Epic pic, epic man :D
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May I use this for a Dmo Poster?
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of course, if you ceck somewhere on the web you can found a clear picture ;)
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His message was simple and it is genious: "No war, no poverty". And he has the balls to do it. Magnificent.

"I want the abolition of all social hierarchies and institutions that promote inequality and exploitation" I am liking this dude.

And you don't really want to mess with such a big guy, holy shit. Look at the face of the cops. They were thinking: -"We are screwed without our taser"-
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I am quite impressed by his character.
gayguavaBOMB's avatar
Thank you for bringing this man into my life.
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Great fucking photo.
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yhe I figure the scene :D
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you do not play with fire, electricity, or Jeff Monson on the ground
kmo3-09's avatar that a Powerpuff Girl?
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all thou I'm not an anarchist/R.A.S.H. this photo caught my attention immediately when i saw this in FB.

love this, the photo is so powerful bro. gonna youtube Monson's mma fights right away :D
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