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"The child Handala is my signature, everyone asks me about him wherever I go.
I gave birth to this child in the Gulf and I presented him to the people.
His name is Handala and he has promised the people that he will remain true to himself.
I drew him as a child who is not beautiful;
his hair is like the hair of a hedgehog who uses his thorns as a weapon.
Handala is not a fat, happy, relaxed, or pampered child.
He is barefooted like the refugee camp children,
and he is an icon that protects me from making mistakes.
Even though he is rough, he smells of amber.
His hands are clasped behind his back as a sign of rejection
at a time when solutions are presented to us the American way."

-al-Ali  was the greatest Palestinian militant cartoonist,
creator of the character Handala, assassinated
by Mossad
outside his home
in London on London August 29, 1987
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