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Death of the Justice


"several are not interested
in justice, they are just interested
to their own peace and tranquility."

Artwork 2013 for Anonymous ART of Revolution
music inspiration:
Quadraro free to use
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© 2013 - 2021 Quadraro
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Received and tried replying to the message twice (as Jacob Graysol, my pen name) -- I'll need some address from you, if not yours, that of a gallery or local bookstore, somewhere to get the book sent.
Finally publishing, hopefully on Friday. Using pseudonym. Could you contact me through my author website so I can figure out best way to get you a copy of the book: 
Wonderful art, unique and impactful. I am self-publishing a (first) novel and would please like permission to use this for the cover.
I'm sure I'd indicate "cover art copyright Quadraro", unless you prefer a full name or different name to be used for that; I don't think I also cite DeviantArt? Would your preference be for me to also indicate "Death of the Justice"?
I'm thinking the dimensions won't exactly match what the printer demands, may I crop the work if I have to? May I re-size?
Last, how would I get a copy of the book to you? I'm hoping to afford publishing both electronic and print versions.

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I thank you very much, I sent you a message on your site
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no problem at all,  you can use Quadraro it's my personal work
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So true, many prefer the death of justice to have their own peace, their own tranquility, and sometimes they dont wantjustice at all, only power, 
Did you create the image of "Death of the Justice?" If so, may I use this image for a book cover?
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yes, is mine, you can use no problem, show me when you make it, happy too see the result
Thank you, Shawn.
Hello. I am editor at Arkuiris a French non-profit publisher.
We a preparing an anthology of short-stories on Justice, and we would like to use this image for the cover.
Please let me if you are OK, and how we could present you on our Web site, as we do for other writers and artists (see below).
Thanks in advance
Yann Quero
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no problem for me, feel free to use, like in the description this is a artwork I realize in 2013 for Anonymous ART of Revolution

I'm a designer, professional photographer whit film, lighting designer for theater, cinema and concerts, also advertising and graphic
Many thanks!
Arkuiris will also add a link to your Deviant Art's page.
May I use this as a meme/profile pic?
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Sad but true. . .
However I don't think it should imply 'suicide' but 'murder.
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Hello - I was wondering if I could get your permission to use this image on a project proposal I am submitting for a social justice project this spring? The proposal is very informal at this stage and will not be published, however, I am still seeking the use of your image respectively. I think it is perfect for the illustration of the lack of justice and the need for the project I am proposing. I can give you more details if you would like, but if you could also allow me to use this image I think it would instantly have the visual impact I am looking for.

Thank you.
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make what you want
Hello. I am an editor at RHK, a publishing company in South Korea . I am preparing a book about problems of law school. I would like to use this image in the book. Please let me know how do I get permission to use it. Let me know any process or contact. Thank you.
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make what you want
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Or she could have simply taken off the blind fold.
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I don't like digital, but this idea is fenomenal!
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awesome work and idea!
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i dont think there ever was justice just people with guns and lots of them
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Theres something about this picture. I cant help but love it!
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