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Poem #009: Amongst
Amongst the fields of death and slaughter,
amongst the roars of guns and mortar,
amongst the cries for gold, god and glory,
amongst the rallies for king and country,
amongst strewn bodies of men in mud
that bullets hit going ‘thud, thud, thud’,
a lone poppy grows, young and frail
on the battlefields of Passchendaele.
Life symbols sleep, peace, death and war,
remembrance that there should be no more
soldiers and innocents sent to be dead,
on blood swept lands and seas of red.
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Poem 008: Poetry
Poetry: the act of conveying thoughts in to words
not as mere sentences but as an art form.
Sincere above all, but vague in its message.
It reveals some to others but little to some and all to nearly none.
Free or shackled, fixed or without form.
Rhythmic with rhyming
or loose with timing.
Topics, beautiful or dark,
deceptive or stark,
happy or truthful…
or no topic at all.
Just a train of thought,
clickety-clack on keyboards as on the rails,
or scritchety-scratch on the paper instead.
An express service or a stopper service.
different speeds along different tracks
all heading towards a destination nonetheless
though never without purpose.
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Poem 007: Fields of Sorrow
Bodies were strewn across the battlefield
of a long and lingering war.
Thousands lie dead, no more lives they yield.
Tell me, how many more
will suffer injustice at the hands of fools,
behind a desk commanding troops
they only see as pawns and tools;
expendables to throw through flaming hoops
upon these fields of sorrows.
The trench is poor and our feet are soggy
Some men are soon afflicted:
dysentery, typhus and cholera brought on by boggy
conditions, and movement is conflicted
by trench foot, and medical shortage
which prevents effective treatment.
Broken down by poor portage
as supplies become infrequent
upon these fields of sorrow.
The burning of the mustard gas
still sears with blinding pain.
Ne’er rest from being slaughtered en masse.
No loosening of the reins,
of war upon these weary heads.
A sense of impending doom
will overcome those not yet dead,
to fall within our muddy tomb
upon these fields of sorrow.
Then shots rang out across the night
and shells fly overhead.
:iconquadrant90:Quadrant90 1 0


Character design, Raven by Crimson-Chains Character design, Raven :iconcrimson-chains:Crimson-Chains 11 5 Panacea - The Real Surprise by ENTWINED-PARR Panacea - The Real Surprise :iconentwined-parr:ENTWINED-PARR 13 10 Panacea - Surprise by ENTWINED-PARR Panacea - Surprise :iconentwined-parr:ENTWINED-PARR 15 8 Cake Collection #3 by MiOworks
Mature content
Cake Collection #3 :iconmioworks:MiOworks 41 0
Panacea ch 06 pg 20 by ENTWINED-PARR Panacea ch 06 pg 20 :iconentwined-parr:ENTWINED-PARR 11 4 Drink up by LunaJMS Drink up :iconlunajms:LunaJMS 10 6 Drink up 2 by LunaJMS Drink up 2 :iconlunajms:LunaJMS 7 2
~Electric Passion~
~Electric Passion~
~Luna-Rose Destiney Hitachiin~
Anime: New Story
Characters: Jayy Raine, David James, Zena Raine
Pairing: JayyXDavid
Author’s Note: This takes place 3 years after the events of Electric Love.
Second Author’s Note and a Warning: This does show some things that LGBT couples face in life every day, like them not being able to marry formally (as in a marriage license), and being thrown homophobic slurs and insults. In Yrome, gay marriage isn’t allowed, because the people are religious and we, the creators of New Story, wish to make this series realistic, but still have some fantasy to it. Sami won’t change what the bible says, but our version of hell, thankfully, is quite kind to the LGBT people. That being said, we hope you enjoy the story, even with these things in mind. =)
~Jayy’s POV~
    It’s been 3 years since that magical night in the lightni
:iconlunarosehitachiin:lunarosehitachiin 5 11
An Interesting First Meeting
An Interesting First Meeting
Shiba let out a tired sigh as he plopped down at an empty table. He had just gotten finished with another tiring day of work. Actually, tiring wasn’t an accurate word. Frustrating or boring would be a better choice of words for the shit that he put up with for the day. As soon as he had gotten himself comfortable, a waitress sauntered over to him and took his drink order.
Shiba watched the waitress as she left before he started to scan the room. It was the usual bar scene with lots of wasted men hitting on what women that could possibly be men or cause ruin in their lives. The women there that night weren’t interesting either, their looks could pass for adequate though he was quite sure that they would grow more attractive the more he inhaled some liquid amnesia. Another downside to that night was that he had pretty much made himself better acquaintances with some of the women in the bar, many of them being either one night stands or
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