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     "Manda, look at those women there!"  Lynn hissed at me.
     I looked over my fashion magazine at the two women walking into the coffee shop.  They were about the same   age, late twenties, older than us.  They were both attractive and both dressed well in designer clothes, one in tight jeans and a loose top, the other in a casual jacket and skirt set in a lovely salmon colour silk blend.
     Their clothes weren't exactly why Lynn had alerted me. Rather it was what was filling them.  The figures of both women were noticeably and obviously inflated. Their bodies bulged in exaggerated hourglass shapes from the gas filling them.  
     The blonde in jeans was filling her jeans in a very well-padded way, the tight denim bulging around her inflated hips and bottom, while her top, meant to be loose was now tight across her
:iconairtankgirl5:airtankgirl5 60 9


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The Rack

By Quadhouse

Andrea couldn’t believe she was going through with this.  She didn’t put in an application here.  Not really.  All she did was to fill out an application at one of those online job sites.  All the other applications it provided were all right.  Of course, they haven’t called her back yet.  But she was still hopeful.  But she still needed a job now.

Which was why she was here.  Here was the parking lot of a restaurant.  The restaurant was call ‘The Rack.’  And it sold barbecue.  Very good barbecue, in fact.  But that was not what is was known for.  No, it was known for the waitresses.  Or, rather, the waitresses’ chests.  They very large chest.  If Andrea didn’t know any better, she’d say that all the waitresses her had gotten massive breast implants.  She knew some women got them.  But she didn’t think this many would get them just to work at some restaurant.  Especially at the sizes the women her were known for.

Andrea sighed.  Sitting out here was not going to help her.  She needed to go in and get this over with.  She knew she wasn’t going to get hired.  Her B-cup breasts were just too small for here.  She grabbed her purse and got out of her car.  She had put on a push-up bra for this interview.  Even though she didn’t believe she’d get the job.  With another sigh, she entered the building.

Andrea passed through a small room to enter the dining room of the restaurant.  The inside wasn’t as bad as Andrea feared.  In fact, it was better.  The floor was reasonably clean, as were the table.  The dining area was brightly lit and open.  It wasn’t crowded.  Which was another surprise for her.  Another was the lack of men.  Sure, there were some there.  But it wasn’t all men like she expected.  Of the twenty people she saw eating, less than half were men.  Maybe the food was better than she thought, if so many women were eating here.

“May I help you?”

Andrea turned toward the waitress that had approached her.  She couldn’t stop her eyes from dropping down to look at the woman’s chest.  The woman’s breasts were enormous.  Stretching the scoop-necked, red T-shirt to an amazing degree.  Bulging up in a jaw dropping display of cleavage, the breasts appeared to be almost as large as their owner’s head.  Andrea stared in shock.  She did not expect breasts this large.  Surely this waitress was the largest one here.

After a minute of staring, Andrea was able to shift her gaze to the woman’s face.  There, she could see some amusement in her eyes.  “I’m sorry,” she said with a blush.  “I wasn’t expecting . . .”  Andrea waved her hand vaguely when she couldn’t finish the sentence.

“Don’t worry,” the extremely busty waitress said with a smile.  “All the first timers stare when they first see us.”

Andrea was relieved to hear that she wasn’t the only one to stare.  Her blush faded some.  She tried to pull herself together.  She was here for a reason.  To get this interview over with as fast as possible so she could get out and find a job she could do.  “That doesn’t make it acceptable,” she told the waitress.  “Anyway, I’m here for an interview.  My name is Andrea Stone.”

“My name is Cindy,” the waitress said.  “The manager is in the back.  If you’ll be seated, I’ll go and get her for you.”

Andrea shrugged.  “Sounds good to me,” she said.  Together, they walked to the nearest open table.

“It should be only a moment,” Cindy said as she seated Andrea.  “Can I get you a drink?”

“No, thank you.”  Andrea watched as Cindy nodded and walked away.  Even from behind, Andrea could see Cindy’s breasts.  “What am I doing here,” she whispered to herself.  Seeing Cindy’s breast from behind her damaged Andrea’s confidence.  But she kept her seat.  She needed the job to pay her part of the rent.  She didn’t expect her roommates to keep paying her share.  Even though Brandy did offer and could afford it.

To distract herself, Andrea looked around the room.  It was a large room.  There were three doors in the back hall.  One was marked employees only and the two others were marked as restrooms.  In the east wall were two other doors.  What these were for, she didn’t know.  A hot and cold food bar occupied the middle of the room.  She thought that was an odd thing to have in a barbecue place.  But, as she wasn’t the owner, who was she to say.  There weren’t that many people currently eating.  About twenty people were there, mostly men.  With this place’s reputation, she wasn’t surprised.  Then she saw the other waitresses.

In the back of her mind, Andrea suspected that Cindy was the largest waitress here.  Now she saw that that wasn’t true.  There were two other waitresses, one with black hair and the other was a redhead.  The one with black hair was roughly three quarters the size of Cindy.  What cup size that would be, Andrea didn’t want to know.  Both were too big as far as she was concerned.

The redhead, though, was another story.  She was twice Cindy’s size.  Those breasts jutted out in front of their owner like two fat torpedoes.  From the way they jiggled as the waitress turned after placing a platter of ribs on the table told Andrea that, as impossible as it seemed, they were all hers.  How she could get that big Andrea didn’t know.  How she could stand up, she did want to know.  She especially wanted to know how she could walk so easily carrying around what must be close to 50 pounds of boobs.

It took a great effort of will power for Andrea to turn her head.  She did not want to be caught staring.  Not that the woman seemed to mind.  Most of the men were watching her every move.  Some of the women too.  Andrea could understand.  It wasn’t everyday one could see breasts that large.  Of course, if she started working here, she’d see them more often.  She wasn’t sure she could handle that.  It was one thing for one woman to be that busty.  Quite another for all of them to be so.

Andrea was so occupied with trying to look without staring, that she didn’t notice when Cindy came back.  “Elizabeth will see you now,” she announced causing the preoccupied woman to jump.

“Oh, um, thank you,” Andrea said.  She made sure she had her purse and quickly stood up.  She followed Cindy as the extremely busty woman led her into the employees’ area.  Again, she wondered what she was doing here.  There was no way she would be accepted as an employee.  She just didn’t have the breasts to work here.  And she doubted the manager would wait long enough for her to get the massive implants necessary to equal the smallest of the waitresses she had seen.

Andrea followed Cindy into the back.  She had her eyes focused forward.  She was determined not to see anymore giant breasts.  A woman could get an inferiority complex just eating here, she decided.  It didn’t help that the overendowed women seemed to be everywhere.  She couldn’t help but see them.  At least, there were a few men working there.  So, she wasn’t the flattest person there.  If she could count the men, that is.  She was going to count the men.

It took them a few minutes to reach the manager’s office.  Minutes that Andrea never wanted to repeat or even think about.  She watched as Cindy knocked on the door.  When they were told to enter, Cindy opened the door and motioned Andrea through.  She stepped through and froze in shock.

Before Andrea were the largest breast she had ever seen.  They made Cindy’s impressive pair seem small.  They appeared to be close to three feet wide at their widest point.  But that may be the way there were resting on the desk.  Their peak was standing an astonishing two feet over the desk.  Even though they were right in front of her, Andrea could not believe that they were real.  After several moments of staring, she finally noticed the face above the breasts.

“Oh,” Andrea said as she blushed.  “I’m sorry.  I shouldn’t have stared like that.”

“That’s alright,” the woman said.  A hand appeared from behind the breasts.  “I’m Mrs. Elizabeth Telby.  You are Miss Stone?”

“Yes,” answered Andrea as she gingerly shook the other woman’s hand.  “Please, call me Andrea.”

“Only if you call me Elizabeth,” Elizabeth replied.  From beside her breasts, she picked up several sheets of paper.  “From the looks of your application, you would be an excellent employee.”

“I’m not so sure,” Andrea said.

“And why not,” Elizabeth asked as she looked up from the papers.  “You already have plenty of experience working as a waitress.”

“I just don’t have the . . . figure to work here,” Andrea answered.

“Dear, you have a wonderful figure,” Elizabeth said.  “Just because the other women here are a little larger than you does not mean a thing.  I’m sure you’ll fit right in.  Why I’ll even bet your skills as a waitress will more than even the odds.”

Andrea couldn’t help herself.  Her eyes dropped to Elizabeth’s gigantic breasts then to her own.  She felt that her breasts looked even smaller now.  For some reason, Andrea thought that her definition of a ‘little larger’ didn’t match with Elizabeth’s.  “I’m not sure,” she said.

“Do you have any plans for the next four hours,” Elizabeth asked.   Andrea shook her head.  “Then why don’t you work here?  Just for the next four hours.  That way, you’ll see how it is here and if you fit in like I know you will.  Okay?”

Andrea thought about it.  It did sound like a good deal.  “I’ll get paid for the work I do today?”

“Minimum wage plus all the tips you make,” Elizabeth answered.  “I’ll even cut the check myself.”

“Okay,” Andrea reluctantly said.  “I’ll do it.  But just for today.”

“Let’s get you a company shirt,” smiled Elizabeth as she stood.  Andrea couldn’t help but notice that even standing, Elizabeth’s breasts did not leave the desk.  “You’re a medium, right?”

“Yes,” Andrea said as she stood up.  Part of her was surprised that Andrea could stand with breasts that large.  “A medium is fine.”

Elizabeth walked to and opened her office door.  “Nicole,” she called.

After a moment a tall redhead appeared.  She too, had huge breasts.  Just a little smaller than Cindy’s.  “You called, boss?”

“Yes.  Could you go to storage and get a medium shirt,” she asked.  “We have a potential new employee.”

Nicole looked at Andrea and smiled.  “I hope she works out,” she told her boss.  “I’ll be right back.”

“Now,” Elizabeth said as Nicole walked away.  “I’ll put the current time as your start time.  Okay?  As for your purse, you can leave it with the other ladies’ purses.”  

Nicole returned then, with Andrea’s shirt.  “Here you go,” she said as she handed Andrea the shirt.  “I hope you like working here.”

“I’m sure she will,” Elizabeth said.  “Nicole, can you show her the employee’s restroom?  And could you show her around as well?

“Sure thing,” Nicole happily said.  “If you’ll follow me?”

Andrea followed the busty woman.  As they walked, she kept glancing at the woman’s breasts.  After seeing Elizabeth’s impossibly large chest, she was starting to think she was being pranked.  There was no way the women here could be as endowed as they appeared.  They had to be some kind of fakes.  Even implants didn’t get this big.

“You shouldn’t worry about your figure,” Nicole suddenly said.  “You have a great figure!”

Andrea almost stopped to stare at the other woman.  Are they blind?  She was the second woman here to compliment her figure.  There was no way her figure could match any of the women’s who worked here.  “I don’t know,” Andrea said.  “I mean, your breasts are so much bigger than mine.”

“Only by a couple of cups,” Nicole replied causing Andrea to stumble.  She caught herself and continued to follow the other woman.  How Nicole, and supposedly the other employees, didn’t notice the vast difference in their sizes and Andrea’s, Andrea didn’t know.  Something was going on here.  What, exactly, Andrea didn’t know.  She that whatever it was, she wouldn’t get more involved than she was now.

It wasn’t too much longer that the two women came to the employee’s restroom.  “You can change here,” Nicole said.  “I’ll wait for you as I still need to show you were you can put your purse.”

Andrea entered the restroom and closed the door.  She looked at her reflection in the mirror.  ‘What am I doing here,’ she wondered.  With a shake of her head, she took off her blouse.  She had agreed to try working her for the day.  She folded her blouse and placed it inside her purse.  She then picked up the company shirt and looked at it.

Like the others, it was red with a scoop neck.  Andrea turned the shirt wo where she could see the front and blinked in surprise.  On the front was a picture of a rack of ribs on a platter.  Andrea stared at the picture for a moment.  “Now how did I miss that,” she whispered.  She put it out of her mind as she figured the waitresses’ huge breasts distracted her.  She pulled the shirt on and checked her reflection.

Andrea had to admit, the shirt did look good on her.  The scoop neck showed what little cleavage she had.  She struck a pose.  It didn’t help.  Her B-cups did not look any bigger.  She relaxed back to her normal stance.  “I can’t believe I’m going to do this,” she said to herself.

Andrea turned to leave but stopped.  Something had caught her attention.  She turned back to the mirror and studied her reflection.  There was something different.  After a moment, she realized what it was.  Her breasts.  They were larger.  Instead of her normal Bs, they looked like Cs.  But that was impossible.  She’d been a B-cup since she was seventeen.

Even as she stared at the impossibility of her reflections, Andrea noticed that her breasts appeared to be growing even larger.  She watched in stunned silence as her breasts increased in sized.  Cs became Ds, then Es, then Fs.  And still they grew.  It didn’t take long before Andrea couldn’t estimate her size.  Her breasts didn’t stop growing until they were the size of her head.



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