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Okay, logged into tumblr and found out that my story, Sisterhood of the Bra, was flagged as "adult" and now no one but me can see it.  How did a story that doesn't have any pictures get tagged as adult?!  I checked their policy to make sure it hadn't changed while I wasn't looking.  Nope!  Still only pictures that are "adult."  It can't be the description because I have other stories that are more descriptive and they haven't been flagged.  Either way, I don't think I'll be posting anything else on tumblr.

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“You’re not a midget with giant boobs,” I shout up at my girlfriend.

She straitened to her full height.  Reminding me just how much taller than me she was now.  I really did not need that reminder.  Everything reminded me that I was now a very short woman.  I didn’t want to be a woman.  Especially a short one with giant boobs.  I was a man, damnit.  My name had been Alex Winters.  Now it was Alexis Winters.

How did I get this way?  Let’s start at the beginning.

It all started when I got fired.  It was for a bullshit reason.  Technically, I wasn’t qualified to do the job I was doing.  But I was receiving the training to do it.  I only had two more months of classes to go before I received my qualification.  Of course, the jackass I had for a supervisor did not see things my way.  It didn’t matter that I was already doing the job.  Better than the guy who had it before me, too.  It didn’t matter that the plant manager wanted me to do the job either.  So, he fired me.  He didn’t even have anybody ready to take the position when he did it either.  And, since he was the owner’s son, he got away with it.

But he won’t get away with it for long.  From what I hear, the only reason the plant hasn’t closed due to employee strike is because Jake, the plant manager, is running around, putting out fires.  That’ll only last until he goes on his annual vacation in two months.  Then the plant will blow up.  If I know Jake, he’s filed every complaint and problem that’s happened since I was fired.

As fun as watching him crash and burn will be, it won’t pay the bills.  Not that I had many.  My parents had paid for my house when I moved out.  All I had was utilities and the satellite to pay.  But I still needed a job for that.  In the week following my being fired, I was job hunting.  Unfortunately, nobody was hiring.  At least, not for unskilled labor.  I was still going to the classes.  They had been paid for and I couldn’t get a refund.  It was then that I applied at a temp service.  Low Key Temp Services was the name of the company.  I filled out their online application on Friday.

Monday morning, I was woken up by the phone.  “Hello,” I said blearily.

“Is this Alex Winters,” a female voice asked.

“Speaking,” I said.  I shook my head in an effort to wake up.

“I am Sarah Goings from Low-Key Temp Services,” she said.  “I’m calling about the application you filled out on Friday.”

I blinked.  “That was fast.”

“We do not believe in wasting time,” she said.  “In fact, we’ve already performed a background check.  We still need to do an interview to determine what positions you are best qualified to fill.”

“Um, sure,” I said, surprised.  I hadn’t even heard of a company moving this fast.  “When do you want me to come in?”

“We can perform the interview right now, if you have the time,” Sarah said.

“I have the time,” I said.

“Good.  Let me transfer you.”  There was a click then some waiting music.  After a few seconds someone picked up.

“Hello,” a woman said.  “My name is Brittany Webber.  Am I speaking to Alex Winters?”


“Good.  I am going to give you your interview.  The interview will be recorded.  Do you accept?”

I didn’t have to think about it.  I had been out of work for a week.  I wasn’t hurting for money yet, but it wouldn’t be long.  Even if my parents had promised to help me until I could find another job.  So, of course I accepted.  What followed was 30 minutes of the most grueling questioning period I had ever experienced.  Brittany didn’t just ask about my previous job and what I did there.  She wanted to know any job experience I had.  Whatever training or classes I had received all the way back to high school.  She pulled details out of me that I didn’t even know that I knew.

“That should be all the answer’s we need,” Brittany finally said to my relief.  “We’ll call if anything comes up.  Unless anything happens, you are now an employee of Low-Key Temp Services.  We’ll seen you the paperwork necessary for direct deposit.  Have a nice day.”

I sighed after she hung up.  I did not want to go through that again.  The good news was that I had a job.  I wouldn’t have to rely on my parents to support me while I looked for one.  I got up and called my parents to give them the news.  They were, of course, happy for me.  The rest of the day, I puttered around the house.

Tuesday was just like Monday.  Except for the interrogation by phone.  I did get a surprise when I checked my mail.  I had received a letter from Low-Key.  It was the paperwork I needed to start receiving direct deposits from them.  Now that I think about it, I shouldn’t have been surprised at the speed they got that to me.  Everything about them, so far, had been fast.  With nothing else to do, I took the papers to my bank, had them fill it out, then mailed the papers back to them.  Knowing them, I wouldn’t have to wait long for my first job.

Two days later my cell phone rang around noon.  I was out buying some special ingredients for the dinner I had planned for my girlfriend Friday night.  “Hello,” I said after checking the caller ID.

“Hello Mr. Winters.  This is Brittany from Low-Key,” Brittany said.  “I’m calling today about your first job from us.”

“That’s great news, Brittany,” I said.  And it was.  I’d rather have a source of income than have people support me.  I like having my own money.  “When is it and what am I doing?”

“Well, Mr. Winter,” Brittany began.  “You’re scheduled to work for Ian Crawford as an executive assistant.  He’s expecting you tomorrow at 8 A.M at the Brandford Industries branch office.  From your interview Tuesday, we know you have little experience as an executive assistant but have had training.  We believe you can do this.”

I blinked.  Sure, I did have some training as an executive assistant, or a fancy way of saying secretary, but that was back in high school.  So, I wasn’t sure I remembered everything.  But I was sure it’d come back to me.  Well, I hoped so at least.  I really didn’t want to fail my first job assignment.  Especially while working at Brandford Industries.  While they weren’t the largest company, they were one of the biggest in the area.  “Okay,” I said.  “I’ll be there bright and early.”

“That’s the spirit,” Brittany cheered.  “You have a good day.”  She hung up.

After that bit of news, shopped went faster.  Unfortunately, I had to call Mary and cancel the dinner.  When I told her why, she was happy and insisted on coming over anyway.  She said she’d bring over dinner, so I didn’t have to cook, and we could celebrate my first temp job.  I thought it was a little strange but agreed to it.  She did decide to stick with me when I lost my job.  Besides, I might get some sex out of it.  I don’t know of any guy who’d turn down a chance for sex.

Friday morning came, and I was ready.  I woke early, showered, cooked and ate breakfast, then got dressed.  For work I chose to wear a pair of gray khakis, a white button short, and a light gray jacket.  I had to stop by a shoe store yesterday to buy a pair of gray dress shoes to go with this.  The only ones I had were black.  And, while I was pretty sure they’d go with the outfit, I wanted to make sure everything matched.  With a deep breath, I opened the door to go to my car. . .

Only to find myself stumbling into an office.  I quickly looked around.  The office was well furnished with expensive looking comfortable chairs, a huge desk with a large chair behind it.  The chair had its back to me, so I didn’t know if anybody was sitting in it.  Behind the chair, the wall was replaced by a window.  From that, I could tell the room was several stories above the ground.  Along the wall on my right, was a mini-bar stocked with several glass bottles of alcohol.  What kind, I didn’t know as I rarely drank.  But I was beginning to think I needed a drink.

When nothing happened, I began to calm down and think.  I needed to find out how I got in this office.  I was expected to be in Mr. Crawford’s office at 8.  I did not want my new employers to think I was blowing them off.  As I calmed, I took deep breaths.  After a couple, I realized that there was a strange weight hanging from my chest.  It wasn’t much, but it was enough to be noticed.  I looked down and squeaked in surprise.

I had boobs!

Not big ones.  But boobs of any size should not be on my chest.  I raised my hands to touch my chest.  I wanted to make sure I wasn’t seeing things.  Instead of touching my chest, I stared at my hands.  These were not the hands I had a minute ago.  Overall, it was smaller.  The fingers were slender and seemed more graceful.  This led me to examining the rest of me.  I now had a slim waist, wide hips, and long legs.  Long red hair dropped down into my view from my increasing frantic head movements.  Even my clothes had changed.  I was now wearing a gray skirt, cream colored blouse, and a small gray jacket.  Even my shoes had changed.  I was now wearing dark gray pumps with a 2-inch heel.  Somehow, I had been changed into a woman.

“Ah, Ms. Winters,” a deep voice suddenly said.  Causing me to jump and squeak in surprise.  I looked up to see that the chair had turned, and a man was just rising from it.  He was tall and solidly built.  While he looked to be in his 40s, he also had that mature older man look that a lot of women seemed to like.  He was also smiling.  That was a good thing.  Then I realized he knew my last name.  I wasn’t so sure about that one.

“Right on time,” he continued as he approached me.  “I’m Ian Crawford.  It is a pleasure to meet you.”  He held out his hand.  It was only then that I realized just how tall he was.  Mr. Crawford was gigantic!  I’m not what most people would call short.  I stand at 5’11” tall, but he was a head taller than me, at the minimum.

“You’re gigantic,” I blurted out as I stared up at him.

He laughed.  “No.  I’m not,” he said.  “I’m only 6’1.”  I only look gigantic to you.”

I just gaped up at him.

Mr. Crawford sighed.  “This is your first time working for Low-Key,” he asked.  I hesitantly nodded.  “Thought so.  Somehow, they can alter their employees’ bodies.  How, I don’t know.  I just know they can.  But then their motto is ‘We have what you need.’”  He studied me for a moment.  “Anyway, that’s neither here nor there.  Right now, I need an assistant.  My current one took the day off because her daughter is in a band contest today.  Low-Key sent you here because they believe you have the skills I need.  Can you do the job?”

The question snapped me out of my shock.  Whatever was going on here, I could deal with later.  To me, I had given my word to Low-Key.  I wasn’t going to go back on that.  Even if they hadn’t told me about this part of the job.  But I don’t think I would have believed them if they had told me.  I’d have to give them a slide on that.  “Yes, sir.  I can do the job.”  I blinked at the sound of my voice.  It was definitely feminine, but it had a breathy quality that spoke of sex.

“Good,” he nodded.  “Now, as I said earlier, Low-Key Temp Services’ moto is ‘We have what you need.’  That’s why they sent you to be my assistant.  But that’s not all that I need.  I need a little more from you.”

I was suddenly very nervous.  I started to back away from the towering man.  I did not want to be close to him.  Of course, this attracted his attention.

“Now get that though out of your head,” he said.  “I’m a happily married man.”  He showed me his wedding band.  “I just have a reputation.  One my wife knows and finds amusing.  My reputation is for always having attractive and curvy women around me.”

I looked down at my body.  I suddenly knew where this was going, and I did not like it.  While I hadn’t seen my face, I could guess that my body was attractive.  I definitely had a feminine figure, if a slender one.  “I’m sorry, Mr. Crawford,” I said.  “I’ll leave and have the company send you another assistant.”  I turned to leave his office.

“Wait,” he said.  I stopped but didn’t turn around.  “Just because you’re not curvy doesn’t mean you can’t be.”

That got me to turn around.  I looked at him, puzzled.  His comment did not make any sense.  My body, while it may be attractive, was not curvy.  If he wanted a curvy assistant, then he should get one.  He was the client after all.  “What are you talking about?”  I waved a hand at my body.  “Ignoring the fact that I have been changed into this, somehow.  This is not a curvy body.  You said it yourself.”

“That’s right.  But your body can be made curvy.”

“I don’t understand.”

“You really are new,” he said.  “Let me demonstrate.  Let’s see.  For you to really have what I need for this job, your hips need to be wider.”

With his words a tingle ran though my hips.  I gasped and ran my hands over them.  What I felt shocked me.  My hips were getting wider.  I could feel my bones spreading wider.  Pushing the flesh further and further out.  The fabric of my skirt tightened, and my panties began to dig into my flesh as my legs grew further apart.  I looked back to Mr. Crawford.  “How is this happening?”

“The same way Low-Key changed you,” he said.  “I really don’t know for sure.  All I know is that I can change your appearance to suit my needs.  Low-Key told me the first time I used their services.”

By this point, my hips were getting as wide as my shoulders.  Normally, this would give me a bottom-heavy appearance.  Accept that my thighs and butt was still the same small size I had arrived with.  These hips were more than child-bearing.  Just how wide did he want me?

“That’s wide enough,” Mr. Crawford finally said.  I sighed in relief as my hips stopped spreading.  “Now we need to work on that butt.  It should be fuller and rounder.”

And just like that, my butt began growing.  My incredibly tight panties began to ride up.  But not in the back where I expected it.  No, my butt cheeks, as they grew, made the fabric to tight.  Unfortunately, nothing did that for my crotch.  My panties dug deeper and deeper into that new organ.  It was not a pleasant sensation.  How did women deal with this?

For some reason, even with all this growth, the hem of my skirt stayed knee-length.  Maybe that was because I needed to stay professional.  You don’t see business women with skirts higher than their knees.  That didn’t help the fabric stretching to hole my wide hips and increasingly larger butt.  I just wished my panties did the same.

“That’s a nice size.  You can stop there,” Mr. Crawford finally said.

I winced as I felt my new posterior.  It was huge!  Bigger than a basketball.  The top of my butt was now above my waist.  With as slender as the rest of me was, it was too big to be real.  I squeezed my abundant flesh and winced as it rubbed against a sensitive bit.  I could only assume it was my clitoris.  I’d have to be careful with my girlfriend next time we had sex.

“Your underwear should fit you better.”

I stiffened in shock as my panties crawled out of my crotch while delving between my butt cheeks.  Hotly blushing I glared at the man.  “You can change my underwear,” I demanded with a hiss.

He stared at me, eyes wide in shock.  “Honestly, I didn’t know I could do that,” he said.  “You’re my assistant.  What your undergarments are is none of my business.  My wife would kill me if I even thought about what underwear you’re were, or not wear.”

I glared at him for a moment.  “So, the thong panties I’m suddenly wearing. . .”

“Was not my idea,” he said firmly.  “But that is a good idea.  It would be unprofessional for you to have visible panty lines.  Or so my wife tells me.”

“Okay,” I said cautiously.  I shifted my hips and felt my massive ass jiggle a little in response.  “Just don’t get any more ideas like that.”

“Don’t worry,” he said.  “I like breathing too much.  Now, let’s finish this.  Your thighs need to fuller.  Matching your hips and butt.  And your breasts should be larger as well.  I think an E-cup will do nicely.”

My thighs quickly grew.  Filling the space between them that had opened up when my hips had widened.  My boobs also increased in size.  Filling out my shirt and then some.  Unlike my panties, my bra grew with my boobs.  A fact I was thankful for as I felt the increase in weight hanging from my chest.  My boobs stopped growing at, I assume, an E-cup like Mr. Crawford suggested.  I looked down to see the top 2 buttons of my blouse opened.  Revealing several inches of cleavage.  I thought about rebuttoning my shirt but changed my mind.

“There,” said Mr. Crawford.  “Now you have the body my reputation requires.  Now, all I need you to do is take the place of my assistant.  Everything you need should be at her desk.  Come, I’ll show you.”

We exited his office and went toward, what would be, my desk.  I was very aware of the sway in my hips and the bounce of my boobs.  I hadn’t moved that much before the changes in my body occurred, so I did not know if the way my body moved was natural.  The bouncing of my boobs was most likely normal.  Especially considering their size.  The bouncing of my butt was probably natural as well.  The swaying of my hips?  I didn’t know.  I did know that women’s bodies moved different than men’s bodies.

Once we arrived at the desk, Mr. Crawford showed me the setup.  He also showed me everything his assistant had left.  He also told me which drawers held what and the phone protocols.  The only thing he didn’t show me was the purse sitting on the desk.  While he showed no surprise at it being there, I sure was.  It probably was mine.  Once he was sure I understood everything he went back to his office.  I checked the purse and found that it was mine.

Once I was alone and working, the day went like I had originally expected.  People came to his office.  I showed them in or turned them away.  Took papers from them or gave them papers.  I answered calls, took messages, and made calls as well.  Thanks to his assistant’s, a Mrs. Brills, I was able to remind him of his appointments.  Although, the looks I received from the men were creepy.  I knew they only saw a woman, but I knew that inside that I was a man.  I wanted to know if this was how women felt when men leered at them.

The looks I received from women was a mixed bag.  Some of them looked down on me.  Like I was some kind a’ bimbo.  Those women treated me like I was an idiot.  Like I had slept my way to this position.  I tried to ignore those but their treatment of me got annoying.  The only thing they knew about me was m appearance.  What about that allowed them to judge me?  The ones that confused me were those that looked like they envied me.  Why, I don’t know.  I knew what I loo/ked like, and I couldn’t understand why a business woman wanted to have a body like mine.  Not being able to figure out those women either, I focused on work.  It continued like that until lunch.

Mr. Crawford came out of his office at lunch.  “Ms. Winters,” he said.  “I’m releasing you for lunch.  There’s a deli and a Subway across the street from the building.  There’s also several diners within five blocks of here.”

“Thank you,” I said.  “What will you be doing for lunch?  Do you want me to get you something?”

“No thank you,” he smiled.  “But I do thank you for asking.  My wife will be meeting me for lunch.  I will not be needing your services until after lunch.  Please enjoy yourself.”

I got the message.  Or, at least I think I got the message.  I assumed he and his wife will be having sex in his office.  It was his office and I wasn’t the cleaning service, so I didn’t care.  I grabbed my purse and left.  I made my way to the deli grabbed a sandwich, a bag of chips, and a bottle of water.  Then I hurried back to the employee break room in order to eat my lunch.  Once there, I found an unoccupied table and sat.

I was just finishing with my lunch when a couple of women sat down.  I looked at them and they smiled at me.  They were both blonde.  The one on the right had brown eyes and the other had blue.  The blue eyed on was dressed as I was.  The brown eyed woman was wearing a light blue dress.  “Yes,” I said.

“My name is Diane,” the brown eyed woman said.  “This is my friend Charlie.”  Charlie gave a nod.  “We saw you were working for Mr. Crawford.  And we were wondering how you got the job?”

“I’m from a temp service,” I answered.  They looked skeptical.  “Mr. Crawford called for an assistant for the day.”  I opened my purse.  Hoping for some proof.  I find some company cards.  I pulled out two.  “Here are some company cards.  I work for Low-Key Temp Services.  I’m just here for the day.  His normal assistant will be back on Monday.”

“So, there’s nothing going on,” Charlie asked.

“Not a thing,” I said.  “He and his wife are meeting for lunch today.  I might even meet her before she leaves.”  The two women shared a look.  I think they were hoping to find some scandal to gossip about.  I was glad I could keep Mr. Crawford out of it.  Even if he was responsible for my current measurements.

After that, the two started chatting with me about work.  I couldn’t really contribute much as I only worked there for a few hours.  There was also the fact that I wasn’t going to be there after today.  Even so, Charlie and Diane were able to tell me some useful things.  Like which of the men to be careful of.  Which of the women to avoid.  They also told me about the rumors that were being told about me.  We had a surprising pleasant time talking and before we knew it, it was time to go back to work.

Once back to work, it was more of the same.  The job was not difficult.  It wasn’t what I wanted to do for a living, of course.  But I wouldn’t mind doing this on occasion.  Of course, it was then that things changed.

“Mr. Crawford,” I called through the intercom.  “It’s fifteen minutes until your 3 o’clock with a Mr. Shinji Tanaka.”

“Thank you,” he replied.  “Ms. Winters.  Could you come in here for a moment?”

“You needed me,” I said as I entered his office.

“Yes.  It’s about my meeting with Mr. Tanaka.”  I looked on, curious as he took a deep breath.  “I need you to provide a distraction.”

I blinked.  For a moment, I didn’t understand what he said.  “I am not flirting with him,” I shouted.

“What?!  No!  That is now what I meant.”  He seemed genuinely upset that I believed he wanted me to flirt with a man.  “Mr. Tanaka is old fashioned.  Given that he’s a 70-year-old Japanese man, that could be a bit of an understatement.  The only reason he’s even meeting with me, instead of with the company head, is that his business will be taking place in my jurisdiction.  Which means, I’ll be overseeing everything that happens here.  He’s here to make sure everything will meet his expectations.”

I narrowed my eyes in suspicion.  “You want me to distract him.  To keep him from noticing that you’re not meeting his expectations?”

“We can easily meet them,” he said as he waved his hand.  “Maybe I put this the wrong way.  Did you know that Low-Key has a branch in Japan?”

That question threw me.  “No,” I slowly said.  “What has that got to do with this?”

“This deal began in Japan a few months ago.”  He changed subjects again.  I struggled to find the connection between these changes.  “While I was there, they had these incredibly curvy Japanese women.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I believe that Japanese women can be as curvy as American women.  But they’re not as well known for having large boobs or butts.”

I nodded. That was true.  Sure, there were exceptions.  There always were.  I could go on the ‘net and find some.  And the exceptions usually prove the rule.  But I still didn’t see where he was going with this.

“Needless to say, we were distracted by those women.  Mr. Tanaka used that distraction mercilessly.  Later I learned they were hired for the day from your Japanese branch office.  It became obvious he hired those women for the express purpose of distracting us.  Now, it’s my turn.”  He stopped and looked at me.

I suddenly had a sinking feeling.  “This is the part where I come in, isn’t it?”

“Yes,” he said.  “The women he had were very well endowed.  Large enough to need custom made bras in the U.S.  So, your breasts need to be much larger than that.”

“How big,” I asked as my boobs began to grow.

“Bigger than those women were.”

That did not stop me from worrying.  In fact, it made me worry more.  I did not know how big those Japanese women were when he saw them.  I had to rely on his memory of their sizes as a guide line.  I knew how people’s memory can exaggerate things.  Especially things we find pleasant.  With that in mind, there was no telling how big he’d make me.

I looked down into the deepening valley of my cleavage.  The had already doubled in size.  What cup size that would be I didn’t know.  And they were still growing.  Before, when I was an E-cup, I didn’t really understand why the larger chested women complained about their bras.  Mine was quite comfortable.  The straps did not dig into my shoulders. The cups did not pinch my boobs.  And there was no pain in my back.  But now, now I could feel the weight.  The straps, while not digging into my shoulders, were definitely pulling on them.  I could feel the muscles in my back tightening in response to the increasing weight hanging from my chest.

I could feel the bottoms of my boobs sliding down my body.  Their outer curves were beginning to eclipse my arms.  My cleavage was bulging up out of my blouse as another button came undone.  My boobs were extending further and further in front of me.  When they reached the size of my head and still showed no sign of stopping, I really started to worry.  I shot a nervous look at Mr. Crawford.  While he was watching my growth, he wasn’t leering.  It was almost as if he wasn’t interested in me sexually.  I didn’t understand it.  If this wasn’t happening to me, I would be staring.  I can only hope that I wouldn’t be leering, though I wouldn’t bet against it.

Finally, Mr. Crawford stopped the growth of my boobs.  I didn’t want to look, but I had to know how bad it was.  I looked down and couldn’t stifle a gasp of shock.  All I could see was cleavage.  If I wasn’t able to feel the rest of my body, I could have sworn that there was nothing below my chest.  Either boob was half again larger than my head.  I found myself leaning back to counter the weight pulling me forward.  Compared to what I now had, I may as well have been flat earlier.

I looked back at Mr. Crawford.  He was studying me with a frown on his face.  “Please tell me you’re finished.”

“There’s something not quite right,” he said.

I grabbed my boobs.  Well, as much of them as I could hold.  “Please don’t tell me you’re making them even bigger,” I pleaded.  If I got any bigger, I was afraid I’d fall over.  I wasn’t sure how I was even standing.

“No, you don’t need bigger breasts,” he said to my relief.  “But there is something else needed.  Something obvious.”

I looked at the clock.  It was 2:55 P.M.  “Whatever it is,” I said.  “You’ll have to think of it quick.  It’s almost 3.  Mr. Tanaka should already be in the building.”

He snapped his fingers.  “I got it!  You’re too tall.”

“I’m what?!”  I couldn’t believe what he said.  How could I be too tall?  The top of my head didn’t even come up to his chin!  I didn’t think I was much above 5’6” tall.  And that was with these shoes on.

“As it is, you’re as tall as Mr. Tanaka,” he said.  “Remember, he is old fashioned.  While he’s aware that public opinion has changed, he still prefers women to be shorter than men.  Preferably 6 inches shorter.”

I looked up at the man in fear.  I swallowed.  “You want me to be . . .”

“6 inches shorter,” he said.  

Even though I was expecting it, I still gasped as I started shrinking.  I couldn’t help but be afraid as everything grew larger around me.  I knew it was me getting shorter instead.  I watched helplessly as he seemed to grow taller and taller.  Mr. Crawford already towered over me.  Something he did not abuse by looming over me during the day.  Now, he couldn’t help but loom.  Hell, everybody in the building now would tower over me.

My shrinking finally stopped.  But the damage had been down.  I had to crane my head to see Mr. Crawford’s face.  It felt like he was a giant.  “Is that all,” I asked.  Somehow, managing not to whimper.

“Nothing else,” he gently said.  “You can go to your desk until Mr. Tanaka arrives.  Then show him in, please.”

I nodded then turned to leave.  I was shocked by the motion of my boobs.  When I started my turn, they lagged behind.  But they kept going when I stopped.  Forcing me to stumble as I started walking out of his office.  Earlier, I had though the jiggle, bounce, and sway of my boobs was annoying.  Now, I’d kill to go back to that size.  The ponderous bounce and sway of my boobs constantly pulled me off balance.  I was very happy I was only going to my desk.

I sat at my desk and discovered a problem.  One that I did not believe could be a problem.  With the size of my boobs, I could not reach anything on my desk.  I picked them up and placed them on the desk only to find that they covered my keyboard.  Not to mention burying my chin in cleavage.  Not knowing what else to do I turned my chair to the side.  Now I could reach my desk.  But only with one hand.  With a sigh, I began to do what work I could.  Thankfully, I only had two hours of this left.  But I knew it was going to be a long two hours.

I was relieved when the outer office door opened, and three Japanese men entered.  I knew right away which one Mr. Tanaka was as the other two was younger than him.  I carefully stood to greet them.  “Welcome, Mr. Tanaka,” I said with a bow.  “Mr. Crawford has been expecting you.  If you’ll please follow me, I’ll show you to his office.”

As I turned to lead the three men, I heard a gasp and a grunt.  I could feel my face heat in a bush.  I refused to turn around to see who did what.  It appeared that Mr. Crawford’s plan was already bringing in results.  I wasn’t sure if I was happy about that or not.  As I reached the office door, I found myself turning to the side.  It was the only way I could see and reach the door handle.  After a quick knock, I opened the it.  “If you’ll please enter,” I said.

It was only when they hesitated that I realized I was partially blocking the door.  I back up to let them through.  As they walked by, I noticed a bulge in both the younger men’s pants.  Luckily, by boobs quickly blocked the view.  I just wished they had blocked it earlier.

I entered behind the men then walked around them to Mr. Crawford’s desk.  “Mr. Crawford.  Mr. Tanaka and company are here for you 3 o’clock meeting.  Would you like me to bring some refreshments?”

“Gentlemen, would you like anything?”

“Some ice water would be perfect right now,” Mr. Tanaka said in slightly accented English.  “Some are in need of cooling down.”  Both the younger men blushed.

“It’ll be a few moments,” I said before turning to leave the room.

It was only as I walked among the other employees that I realized that I had changed, a lot, since they had last seen me.  Before I could get to worked up, I ran into Charlie.

“Alexis,” she cried when she saw me.  “Did I see Mr. Tanaka go by earlier?”

I blinked.  Did she not notice I was half a foot shorter?  “Yes, you did,” I replied.  “Why are you asking?”

“Everybody knows about Mr. Tanaka,” she laughed.  “If everything goes well, this will be the biggest thing in the area.  We’re all looking forward to showing what we can do.”

We continued to chat as I got a pitcher of water, an ice bucket and some glasses.  I also got an insulated pot of coffee and everything that could go with it.  I figured Mr. Crawford and Mr. Tanaka would like the coffee.  I place everything on a coffee cart and ran into a problem.  How was I going to push the cart?  With my boobs being as large as they were, I could not reach around them to push the cart.  Putting my arms below them pushed them up into my face.  

As I stood there, hands on hips, glaring at the cart, Charlie started to giggle.  “It’s not funny,” I said.  “I’m supposed to be bringing Mr. Crawford this.  How can I do that when I can’t even push the damn thing?”

Still laughing, Charlie gently pushed me aside and started pushing the cart.  “Are you coming,” she asked over her shoulder.

“You don’t have to do this,” I muttered as I caught up to her.

“Yes, I do,” she replied.  “All the women here decided that we’d help you.  If you needed the help that is.  None of us could understand you can even work at a desk job.  Or any job that needs you to be able to do work in front of you.  Why do you think so many of us came by your desk, hmm?”

A shiver ran down my spine.  Her day went a lot different from mine.  I know people came by the desk during the day, but it was all work related.  Apparently, she remembered differently.  I guess she’d have to since she didn’t react to my body’s changes.  Now I wanted to know how her day differed from mine.  I also wanted to know just how much could Low-Key change?  I knew Low-Key was responsible for my changes.  How, I did not know.  But now I was afraid to look into them.  Just what else could they change me into?

I shook those and other questions out of my head.  Now was not the time for them.  I could do that when I got home.  “I never thought about it,” I told the taller woman.  “I am only here for one day, you know.”

“I can see that,” she said.  “Honestly, most of us thought you were some kind of bimbo.  You do have that type of body, whether you want to admit that or not.  We knew about Mr. Tanaka’s visit and we wanted to make sure everything went okay.”

She suddenly grinned.  “Seeing you type one-handed was a shock.  Most of us didn’t even know that was possible.  I don’t think anybody teaches that.  Do you know if they do?  You obviously know how.”

I wanted to tell her I thought the same.  It was something that just doesn’t come up.  I mean, how many one-handed people does a person know anyway?  But I didn’t dare.  She believed I grew up this way.  I couldn’t tell her the truth.  “I taught myself how,” I said.  “I don’t think anybody teaches that.”

“What’s it like having such giant tits,” Charlie suddenly blurted out.  When she realized what she just said, she blushed down to her shoulders.  “You don’t have to answer that!”

I looked down into my undulating cleavage.  This was not a question I was expecting.  I shouldn’t even think about answering it.  I hadn’t had for even an hour.  Hell, I hadn’t had breast for a full day yet!  Not that I wanted to keep them.  I was a man!  And, hopefully, when I got back home, I’d be a man again.

“I guess it depends on what breasts mean to you,” I finally said.  “That will determine whether you like them or not, no matter the size.  Obviously, I like them this big.  Or else, I’d have a reduction.”  I took a breath.  “Big, or small, a woman shouldn’t be ashamed of her breasts.  They are hers.  She is the one who has to live with them.  So, she should be the one who’s the most satisfied with them.”

Charlie thought about my non-answer.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to make my escape before she realizes I didn’t answer her question.  We reached the office door and I was relieved.  I raised my hand to knock.  Then she spoke.

“You didn’t answer my question,” she said.

“Charlie,” I said.  “If you really want to know what having boobs my size is like, find the largest bra you can.  The stuff it.  I know it won’t be as big as I am.  But it’ll give you some idea.  And if you want the full experience, you’ll go out in public wearing that stuffed bra.”  Before she could respond to that, I knocked on the door.  After waiting a moment, I entered.

“Sorry it took me so long,” I told the group as Charlie entered after me.  “I had a little trouble with the cart.”

“Perfectly understandable,” Mr. Crawford replied.  “And you weren’t that long.”

After Charlie parked the cart and left the room, I got the men their drinks.  Mrs. Brills might have balked at doing this.  But I think she would have after hearing what Charlie had said.  A lot of people were counting on this meeting.  I wasn’t going to be the one to spoil it.  Once I finished with the drinks, I made myself a glass of ice water and sat.  There was a laptop set up, so I could take notes.  Of course, it was set up so my boobs were pointing at Mr. Tanaka.  While he barely glanced at me, the same could not be said for the younger of his companions.  His eyes fairly bulged as he stared.  The other had to elbow him several times to get him to stop.  Even then, he kept glancing my way.  I pretended not to notice.  It was going to be a long meeting.

One hour later the meeting was finally over.  To me, it felt much longer.  All I did was takes notes for Mr. Crawford and refresh their drinks.  But that was enough as I had to type one-handed.  And then there was the looks.  Mr. Tanaka’s two assistants kept glancing at me when they thought I wasn’t looking.  I had expected the younger of the two, but then the other one started as well.  Why he started, I don’t know.  Then there was my bra and blouse.  I could almost swear they were tighter than before.  By the end of the meeting, I could hear the fabric stretch and groan with every breath I took.  Either they shrunk, or my boobs got bigger.  I really hoped it wasn’t the latter, they were too damn big already.

“That was great, Ms. Winters,” Mr. Crawford said when I returned to him after showing his guests out.

“But I didn’t do anything,” I said.

“Oh, but you did.  Your very presence kept Mr. Tanaka off balance.”  He continued at my puzzled look.  “He kept expecting you to do something to distract him.  He didn’t know that all I wanted you to do was be here.”

‘Your whole plan was to have me sit there and take notes?”

“Yes.  It was the perfect plan.  Make him think I have something planned by having an incredibly busty woman here.  Then all I had to do was sit back and watch worry himself to death.  Oh, I almost forgot.  I did have your breasts slowly increase in size as the meeting went on.  Your buttons are really straining to hold your blouse closed.”

I slowly looked down at my boobs.  Of course, I couldn’t see my buttons.  They were on the front of my blouse and all I could see was the top of my boobs as they bulged out.  I knew my blouse and bra was tighter!  But I thought it was my imagination.  Now I knew why the other guys started staring.

“Since that was the last thing I needed you for,” Mr. Crawford said.  “Why don’t you take the rest of the day off?”

I slowly turned my eyes to the man.  He had a nervous smile on his face.  I guess I didn’t look all that happy at the moment.  After staring at him for a moment, I spoke.  “Sure.  I’ll go home.”  I turned to walk away.

As I made my way out, he called out to me.  “I’ll make sure to give you a great review.  You went through those changes like a pro.”

I didn’t respond.  I just kept walking.  I exited his office . . .

And found myself back in my house.  For a moment, I was relieved that I didn’t stumble.  Then I realized that I was still a woman.  Now I was worried.  If coming back home didn’t undo my transformation, what would?  I started pacing.  I couldn’t stay this way.  I didn’t know the first thing about being a woman.  The only reason I was able to survive on the job was because I focused on doing my job.  You’d be surprised what you could ignore if you had something to focus on.

“Welcome ho . . .  Who the fuck are you?”

My head snapped around to look at the speaker.  It was Meghan, my girlfriend.  She was blonde with blue eyes.  Tall, well, taller than I currently was, and athletic.  She was wearing a light blue lingerie set.  I believe she was trying to surprise me.  I don’t know which of us was surprised more.

“Well,” she demanded when I stared at her in shock.  “Aren’t you going to answer!?”

“Meghan, it’s me, Alex.”

She gave me a look.  “You can’t be Alex.  For one, he’s a foot taller than you.  And he’s a GUY!  Try again.  And it better be the truth or I’m throwing you out of here.”

I didn’t think she’d believe me.  If I hadn’t gone through this day, I wouldn’t have believed me.  But I did have one fool proof way to convince her.  “I can prove it,” I told her.  “But you won’t like it.”

She crossed her arms and glared at me.  “Let’s hear it.”

I couldn’t stop myself from backing up a step.  I hate being short.  It makes it too easy to me intimidated.  “Okay,” I said.  “You asked for it.  When you were 15, you tried to convince your cousin, who was 8, that girls lay eggs.  So, you took an egg and put it into. . .”

At that point, Meghan slapped her hand over my mouth.  “How did you find that out,” she growled at me.  “The only one who know that was. . .”  She stopped and stared at me.  “Alex?”

I pushed her hand from my mouth.  “It’s me, Meghan.  Well, what’s left of me.”

“What happened to you?  You’re a girl.”

“You think I don’t know that?! I shouted as I waved my arms.  “I spent the whole day as girl!”

Meghan opened her mouth, closed it, then looked me up and down.  “You went to work.  Looking like that?”

I flushed.  “No.  I changed into a woman when I left the house.  I just stepped out the door to go to my car.  The next thing I know, I’m stepping into the office at work.  As a woman.”

“How is that possible?  People just don’t change like that!”

“I know that.  But it happened.  You can’t look at me and say it didn’t happen.”  I started pacing again.  It wasn’t helping any, but I had to do something.

“Well, how do you change back?” Meghan asked.  “I love you, but I’d rather have you as a man.”

“I wish I knew,” I said.  “I had hoped that coming back home would change me back.  Obviously, it didn’t.  I don’t want to be a woman the rest of my life!”

“What’s wrong with being a woman?  You like that I’m a woman.”

“You’re not a midget with giant boobs,” I shout up at my girlfriend.

She straitened to her full height.  Reminding me just how much taller than me she was now.  I really did not need that reminder.  Everything reminded me that I was now a very short woman.  I didn’t want to be a woman.  Especially a short one with giant boobs.  I was a man, damnit.

Which brings us to now.

“You’re not that short,” she said.  “And you could wear heels.  A lot of women do.”

I stopped pacing and looked at Meghan.  “I am wearing heels!”

She blinked then looked at my feet.  “Okay.  I take it back.  You are that short.  Please tell me those boobs aren’t real.”  She poked my chest.

I gasped and slapped at her hand.  “Don’t do that.”

“Those are real,” she said.

“Yes!  And they’re heavy too.  So. don’t poke them.  Would you like it if I poked yours?”

She muttered something then took a deep breath as I started pacing again.  “Look,” she said.  “You’re not getting anywhere like this.  You need to relax.”

I whirled to short at her.  But I had forgotten about my boobs.  Their weight threw me off balance.  I would have hit the wall, but Meghan leapt and caught me.  “Thank you,” I breathed.

“See,” she said.  “You wouldn’t have made that mistake if you had been relaxed.”

“How can I relax?” I asked.  “I might be stuck this way!  This is not my body!”  I was starting to shout.  Ranting about how wrong my predicament was.

Meghan grabbed my face and kissed me.  That stopped my rant, cold.  I stared at her as she pulled back.

“Now,” she said.  “Are you going to do what I tell you?”  Shocked by the kiss, I nodded.

The next thing I knew, I was soaking in a bubble bath.  A scented bubble bath.  Watermelon scented.  Somebody was going to pay.  I looked down at the giant floating masses of flesh and wondered how I got in this position.  All I wanted was something to hold me until I could back to work for Jack.  Was that too much to ask?  I sat there and sulked.  I didn’t want to admit it, but the bubble bath relaxed me.

Sometime later, Meghan came and got me out of the tub.  While I was in there, she had gone out and gotten some food.  She had said that what she had brought earlier was not good comfort food.  I didn’t protest as she drugged me from the bathroom.  For one, she’s bigger than me, even if I probably weighed more with all the T n’ A I had.  And two, I was too relaxed to care.  She got me to the kitchen table, sat me down, and put food in front of me.

“So, feeling better,” Meghan asked as we ate.

I lifted one shoulder in a shrug.  Even that slight motion was enough to cause my chest to jiggle.  Meghan’s eyes dropped to them.  “I shouldn’t have to tell you not to stare,” I said.  “Since you have a pair of your own.”

Blushing, Meghan raised her eyes back to my face.  “While I do have my own,” she said.  “They’re nowhere as big as yours.  What size are they, anyway?”

“I don’t know, and I don’t want to know.  I just want them gone.”

“And what if that doesn’t happen.”  I shot her a look.  “Don’t look at me like that.  It’s something you need to think about.  And I do mean think.  Not panic.”

I grumbled but didn’t say anything.

“Now,” she continued.  “While you were in the bath, I looked around.  Did you know all your clothes are now women’s clothes?  Sized for your body, in fact.”

I frowned.  I did not like the sound of that.  Whatever changed me also changed my stuff to match.  Just how far did this go?  “The job expected me to be there,” I said.


“They expected me as a woman,” I corrected.  “Was this planned?”

Meghan thought for a moment.  “Possibly,” she said.  “But then, why would they do this to you?  You were just a normal employee.  A recent hire even.  They had no reason to do this to you.  And they don’t have a reason to leave you like this.”

“I could change back?”

“I don’t know.  Maybe.  It could be a matter of time.”

The hope I was beginning to feel, faded.  I looked down at the table.  “Why did you kiss me?”  She didn’t answer.  “Most people slap the person to shock them out of things like that.  But you kissed me.  Why?”


“You like girls don’t you,” I said with narrowed eyes.  “You want me to stay like this!”

“What? No!” she shouted.  “Look, I’m bi curious, okay?  Ever since a friend tried to get me to have sex with her in college, I’ve always wondered how it would be with a girl.”

“So, you want to have sex with me?”  Lesbian sex did sound good.  But I didn’t want to be one of the lesbians.

“Yes!  I mean no.  Ugh.  While I want to have sex with you as a woman, I don’t want it like this.  For now, let’s just relax.  If you’re still a woman in the morning, we’ll deal with it.  Hopefully, you’ll be back to your normal self.”

That is what we did for the rest of the day.  We just relaxed.  Meghan did her best to keep me distracted.  Embarrassingly, she taught me about the female body.  All the while, complaining about my overabundant curves.  I don’t see what she was complaining about.  She wasn’t the one carrying them.  Either way, she got me through the night.  In the morning, I was back to normal!  I spent the day confirming my manhood.  But there was a couple of things that bothered me.  

Why was I changed into a woman?  And would it happen again on the next job?
The Temp Girl
First person story.  I'm not to comfortable with it.  But I tend to be hyper critical of my own work.  Hope you enjoy reading.

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Sisterhood of the Bra
A Goddess Fun Shop Tale

Angel couldn’t wait for her friends to arrive.  It had been several months since she had last seen them, and she wanted to get caught up with their lives.  Also, she wanted the sisterhood to meet again.  The three of them, she and her friends Nikki Tallmea and Brittny Coltrane, made the sisterhood.   The Sisterhood of the Bra.  They had met the summer after her 9th grade year.  All three of them, apparently had the same idea.  They all were using water balloons to stuff their bras.

At first, they each tried to hide it from the other two.  But, they soon realized how silly that was since they were doing the same thing.  Also, they could help each other hide the fact from other people.  Of course, they didn’t do this where they were likely to be seen by people who knew them.  The three girls got to talking and discovered that they would be going to the same school.  That made it easier for them to plan their outings.

       The first time together was in a park that was far from their respective houses.  It took a lot of talking to get their parents to take them there.  None of them wanted to tell their parents the real reason why they wanted to be there.  They would rather die than let anybody know they stuffed their bras.  But it had been worth it.  The attention they received was thrilling.  Of course, they didn’t let anybody know their names or where they lived.  The only problem they had was emptying out their bras before their parents picked them up.  That was the first of several outings.

       Their outings became easier when they were old enough to drive.  They’d usually meet someplace, fill their bras, then go to a mall or park and walk around.  Sure, it was the same thing every time.  The only thing that changed, was the size of the bras they wore.  The trio of girls went to great lengths to keep their extra bras hidden from their parents.  They weren’t sure how they’d react, but they didn’t think it would be good.

       It was doing sleep overs that the girls experimented.  At first, they only stuffed their bras.  It was easier and faster to remove improvised padding in case on their parents came by that particular girl’s room.  Later, as their parents let them stay home without them, the teens started to use water balloons.  It was then that they started using larger and larger bras.  They kept that up until graduation.  They even decided to pad their bras under their gowns to see if anybody would notice the difference.  No one did.

       After graduation, they kept in touch.  Meeting when they could to remember the good times.  And, of course, stuff their bras.  They also show each other their new bras and stuffing methods.  Today is another such meeting and Angel had something new to show her friends.  Something she knew would blow their minds.

       After taking one last look to make sure everything was ready, Angel headed for her bathroom.  Once in there, she quickly took off her blouse and bra.  She picked up a bra she had waiting on the sink.  Before putting it on, she took an admiring look.  The bra looked normal except for the cups.  They were ginormous.  Either one could cover her entire head.  The straps were wider and thicker than a standard bra and the back had more hooks and a Velcro strap.  Angel had the bra made by a friend.  She had told her friend that she needed it for a custom.  Her friend just shrugged and made it.

       When she finished admiring her bra, she put it on.  The cups sagged comically from her chest.  Her B-cup breasts looked tiny in the cavernous cups.  She grabbed two large balloons and put them in the cups of the bra.  The balloons each had a hose attached to them that was attached to a third hose by a splitter valve.  Once she was satisfied with the placement of the balloons, she put on a large shirt.  She turned on the water and adjusted the temperature.  She then shut off the water and hooked the hose to the faucet.  She then looked into the mirror and tuned the water on.

       Angel couldn’t help the shiver of delight as she felt the water travel through the hoses to the balloons.  She eagerly watched for first signs of the balloons.  The looseness of the shirt and the bra hid the swelling orbs from view.  She could feel the weight building.  She knew it wouldn’t be long before their growth would become obvious.

       After a few seconds, Angel could see the bulge of the balloons.  She grinned in excitement.  This is where she really got excited.  She could feel the bra straps start to pull on her shoulders and back.  She watched as the swellings grew bigger and bigger.  She didn’t know why this excited her.  She just knew that it did.  It could have been the sensation of growing weight as her ‘breasts’ grew heavier and heavier.  Or it could have been the sight of her shirts struggling to hold ‘her’ as they grew larger and larger.

       Finally, the balloons filled the bra to capacity.  The shirt she was wearing fit her enlarged bust but was loose everywhere else.  It made Angel very happy.  She slowly swiveled her torso from side to side.  Admiring her pronounced figure.  After a moment, she frowned as she noticed bulges start to appear at the top of the bra.  It was only then that she realized that she had forgotten to turn off the water.

       Angel quickly turned the water off.  She carefully turned the valve in the hose off and unhooked it from the faucet.  After studying her reflection, she decided that she liked the look.  She then crimped and clamped the hose.  She did not want any leaks happening.  Mindful of the weight she was now carrying, Angel carefully made her way to the living room.  She looked at the clock and decided that she had at least twenty minutes before her friends would arrive.  She sat down to watch some TV.  It wouldn’t do to tire herself before they arrived.

       Twenty-five minutes had passed, and Angel was starting to get nervous.  Her friends should have been here five minutes ago.  They shouldn’t have gotten lost.  There wasn’t that many roads to get long on.  But they could have taken a wrong turn.  She decided to call them to find out where they were.  Just as she reached for her phone, her doorbell rang.

       With a grunt, Angel stood and walked to her door.  She couldn’t help the smile that formed on her face as she felt her ‘breasts’ squish against the door as she looked out the peephole.  Her smile widened as she spied her friends standing outside.  She threw the door open with a squeal.  “You finally made it,” she cried with joy.

       “Angel!” her friends cried.

Brittny continued, “Your fault for. . .  What the fuck happened to you?!”  At 5’4” tall, Brittny was two inches shorter than Angel.  She had her long blonde hair pulled back into a loose tail.  Her slim figure was covered in a light grey blouse and blue jeans.  Angel couldn’t see her friend’s shoes.

“You like them,” Angel asked as she thrust her chest out.  Not that they needed to be thrust out.  There were that large.

“How did you get so big,” Brittny demanded as Nikki stared in shock.  Nikki was the shortest of the three, standing only 5’1.”  Wearing a C-cup bra, she had the largest breasts of the trio.  She was wearing a T-shirt and jean shorts.

“Let’s get your bags inside before I answer your questions,” Angel said.  “These are heavy and I’m only up to thirty minutes with them.”  Nikki and Brittny turned and walked back to the car.

“Only one car,” Angel asked as she followed her friends.

“Yeah,” Nikki answered.  “We knew we were going to meet at the airport, so why get two cars?”  Angel nodded at that.  The three women gathered the bags and ferried them into the house.  It wasn’t long before they had all the luggage inside.

“There are two other bedrooms besides mine,” Angel said.  “You two decide who gets which one and I’ll get the food and drinks.  I’ll meet you in the living room.”

Twenty minutes later, the women met back in the living room.  Angel was sitting on the sofa, slightly sweaty.  On the coffee table was pizza, wings, sandwiches, and a bottle of wine.  Nikki and Brittny looked at her as they walked in.

“Are you okay,” Brittny asked.

“Yeah,” Angel answered.  She hefted her fake breasts.  “These are just heavy.  It takes it out of you to walk around with them.”

“Okay,” Nikki said as she and Brittny sat down.  “Are you going to tell us what you used to get that big?”

“Water balloons,” Angel grinned.  “Really big ones.  And a huge bra.”  She grabbed a slice of pizza.  “I had a friend make the bra.  I told her it was for a costume.”

“She believed it?”

“Yep.  She makes cosplay costumes.  She’s used to getting odd clothing requests from her friends.  She was a little surprised to get one from me.  But not enough to question me more about it.”

“And here I was excited to show you my surprise,” Brittny pouted.

“You can still show me,” Angel comforted her friend.  “And speaking of, why aren’t you two fully dressed?  You know we can do that all day here.  There’s nobody else in the house and my closest neighbors are a few miles away.”

“One of the good things about living in the country,” Nikki said after she swallowed a bite of pizza.

“One of the bad things is that nobody delivers out here,” Angel said.  “I had to pick up the food an hour ago.  I kept it warm in the oven.”

“Everything seems fine to me,” Brittny said as she put some wings on her plate.  “I know I ask you this every time, but are you sure we can’t be seen here?”

“Yes, Brittny,” Angel answered.  “People would have said something to me ages ago if they knew I did this whenever I could.  You know some people just can’t let others do their own thing.”

“Heaven forbid they let people do something they enjoy as long as it doesn’t hurt anybody,” Nikki said.  “And they call themselves ‘good people.’”

“Besides that,” Angel said.  “What’s new since we last met?”  The three women chatted and shared stories the rest of the night.
Sisterhood of the Bra

First chapter of a story I've started on my patreon: Future chapters will be posted there.


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Through her pain, Andrea felt hands grab her arms.  They led her to a chair and eased her down.  Through it all, Andrea breathed.  It was all she could do.  The nipples and areola of both of her breasts throbbed.  With as large as they were, she wouldn’t have thought both of them would have been hit.  As the pain faded, she became aware of voices talking around her.

“Damnit, Katy,” a voice said.  “We told you to slow it down when you go through the doors.”

“I’m sorry, Katy said.  “I was in a hurry.  My tables have been waiting a long time for their food.”

“That’s still not an excuse to rush through the doors,” the voice answered.  Andrea assumed that was Katy.  “Especially the entrance doors.  Why did you try to exit these doors anyway?”

“They were closer,” Katy answered.


“I’m sorry, Nicole,” Katy said.  It was only then that Andrea recognized Elizabeth’s voice.

“Katy,” Nicole said in a calmer voice.  “We have two sets of doors for a reason.  It’s for the really big girls like Andrea here.  Try to remember that, okay?”

“I’ll try,” Katy said in an apologetic voice.

“Good.  Now go back to work.  I’ll make sure Andrea’s all right.  We don’t want her quitting because of this.  We want her to work here.”  Andrea heard footsteps going away from her.  “Now that that’s taken care of, are you alright, Andrea?”

Andrea opened her eyes to see Nicole looking at her.  “Yes,” she answered.  “It’s not the first time I got hit in the tits.”  Andrea couldn’t believe what her mouth just said.  Of course, this was the first time she got hit in the tits.  She’d never had tits this big before.  Hell, she’d never had big tits before.  Her little B-cups were never in much danger of being hit.

“I don’t really know what to say to that,” Nicole said.  “I mean it’s good that you’re not angry, but it’s bad that it’s not the first time.”

“It’s not like I have much of a choice,” Andrea’s mouth said.  “With a target this big, most don’t seem to be able to not hit it.”

Nicole nodded.  “I’m nowhere near as big as you and I’ve notice that anything thrown my way tends to hit my boobs.”  She paused for a moment.  “Well, if you’re ready, let’s get you back to work.  I think some of your customers may be a bit concerned about you.”

Andrea nodded then started to stand up.  Nicole moved around Andrea’s breasts to help the overendowed woman stand.  “You didn’t have to do that,” Andrea said.  “I could have stood on my own.”

“I know,” Nicole replied.  “But I wanted to.  We’re all one big happy family here.  Emphasis on big.”

Andrea giggled.  As corny as that comment was, she couldn’t help herself.  “That was bad,” she said.  “You should be ashamed of yourself.”

“Yet you still smiled,” Nicole said.  “Come on, back to work.  We got the order for you last table to the back and they should have their drinks now.  The rest of their order should be ready soon.”  Nicole hesitated.  “You’re sure you’re alright?”

“Yes,” Andrea assured the waitress.  “While it did hurt, it wasn’t as hard as it could have been.  It was mostly the surprise that caught me.”

“If you’re sure then,” Nicole said.

Andrea nodded and they both went their separate ways.  Nicole, to her tables and Andrea to the kitchen.  As she collected her friends’ food, the employees in the back asked if she was okay.  She assured them she was.  She was relieved to get the order and head back out to the dining area.  Once there, the female customers asked if she was alright.  Or, if she should take a little time to make sure she was able to work.

It took her longer than expected to reach her friends’ table.  “I’m sorry it took so long,” she apologized to her friends as she gave them their respective orders.  “As you may have noticed, I had a bit of an accident.”

“We noticed,” Mary said.  “I know you’ve been hit there before, but that still has to hurt.”

Diane nodded.  “I’m surprised you’re back to work already.  I would have been down for several more minutes.”

“You’d be surprised what you can get used to,” Andrea said.  She hoped she wouldn’t have to get used to having humongous breasts.

“That’s not something I want to get used to,” Diane said.  Mary nodded her agreement.

“Believe me,” Andrea said.  “I don’t want to either.  I just don’t have much of a choice with as big as I am."  She looked around.  “Any way, I need to get back to work.  I’ll check on you two later.”  As she walked ponderously away, Andre wondered what was going on.  Nobody had reacted to her incredible size.  Her friends hadn’t even reacted to her growth.  And that happened right in front of them.

* * *
Several hours later, Andrea was walking toward Elizabeth’s office.  Other than getting hit with the door, her time here hadn’t been bad.  She wasn’t sure she wanted to continue to work at ‘The Rack.’  But it really wasn’t that bad of a place.  As long as they got rid of the oversized breasts.  She decided that she’d tell Elizabeth that she wasn’t going to work here.  She was looking forward to getting her normal size back.  She was tired of being more breast than woman.

Andrea saw Elizabeth’s office door and froze.  It had changed.  Gone was the single wooden door.  Now, there was a double-door leading to her office.  She stared and tried to figure out what happened.  She knew it wasn’t like this before.  How could this have happened?  When did this happen?  She could only stare as these and other questions ran through her mind.

Unnoticed, one of the cooks approached here.  “Yeah,” he said.  “I always forget how big Elizabeth is, too.  It’s only when I see her, or her office door, that I remember.  And then, it’s a shock.”  He chuckled.  “I don’t know how that woman can stand.  I don’t even know how you can walk, when it comes down to it.”

“Slowly and carefully,” Andrea said.

The cook stared at her for a moment, then burst out laughing.  “That’s a good one,” he said.  “I’ll have to remember that.”  Chuckling, he went back to work.

Andrea shook her head.  Whatever was affecting her breast size was obviously affecting the people here.  That definitely was a reason not to work here.  She went up to Elizabeth’s door and knocked.  “Come in,” she heard.  She entered the office and had to fight to keep her jaw from dropping.

Sitting in front of her, on a very low table, were two of the biggest breasts Andrea had ever seen.  And that included the pair hanging from her chest.  Each one was bigger than the largest beachball she had ever seen.  So large that their combined with was over a foot wider than she was tall.  One each breast, facing her, Andrea could see large round bulges the size of large pizza pans.  In the center of each bulge, was another bulge a little larger than her fist.  It took her a moment to realize these were the areola and nipples of the giant breasts.  All this was wrapped in a button up white blouse.  The cleavage the blouse put on display, while showing more skin than most women had on their torsos, led up to a familiar face.

“Andrea,” Elizabeth said with a smile.  “Come in and close the door.  How was your day here?”

Andrea closed the door and nervously walked closer to the imposing breasts.  She sat when Elizabeth motioned her too.  “My day was okay,” she said.  Andrea could feel her eyes trying to drop down to Elizabeth’s impossibly giant breasts.

“I heard about the incident with Katy,” Elizabeth said.  “Are you sure you’re alright?”

“Yes, I’m fine.  It’s not like it hasn’t happened before.  At least this time I won’t bruise.”

Elizabeth winced.  “I’m glad to hear that.  Other than that, the day wasn’t bad?”

“No, it wasn’t.”

The extremely overendowed woman nodded.  “Oh, let me clock you out.”  Elizabeth turned to the right.  Her breasts did not move.  Realizing that she was staring, Andrea jerked her eyes up.  It was only then that she saw the top of a computer terminal sitting beside Elizabeth.  She heard the clicking of keys being typed but saw that Elizabeth could only reach the computer with one hand.

“How are you typing,” Andrea found herself asking.  Even though she hadn’t meant to ask the question, she really did want to know the answer.

“One handed,” came the reply.  “It’s something I had to teach myself.  There aren’t any typing classes for people who can only use one hand to type.”  She typed for a few more moments.  “And there.  You’re clocked out now.”

Andrea couldn’t help the sigh that escaped her when her breasts began to shrink.  She had been afraid she’d be stuck with these ridiculous breasts.  Surprisingly, Elizabeth’s breasts began to shrink as well.  Did this mean that the other woman knew what was going on?  Andrea didn’t see any sign that the other woman was aware of the changes their bodies were going through.  She didn’t know if she wanted to Elizabeth to know what was happening or not.

“So,” Elizabeth began.  “Let’s get to the point.  Are you willing work here?”  By this point, both women’s breasts had reduced in size by half.  While still impossibly large, they were now close to something remotely achievable by implants.  If the woman started at the age of eighteen and kept getting the largest implant medically possible.

“I’m not sure,” Andrea said.  “Yes, it was like I had always worked here.  And the tips were nice.”  The tips were more than nice.  All the people she waited on tipped her at least 5 dollars.  That was more than she got at her old job.  “I’m used to wearing clothes that show off my figure.  All waitress should be used to that.  I’m just not used to showing so much skin.”

As she spoke, Andre kept track of her breasts decrease in size.  She now was down to basketball sized breasts.  Elizabeth was down to twice her original size.  Both women were still shrinking.  Andrea knew she was only waiting until her breasts returned to her original size before telling the woman that she was not going to work here.  She was not going to take any chances on not getting back to normal.  Once she was, she planned on avoiding this place for the rest of her life.

“I can understand that,” Elizabeth said.  “But we sill show less skin here than some other places I could name.”  Andrea could name a few too.  She didn’t want to tell the woman that it was her impossible breast size that was the issue.  For one, she didn’t believe the woman would believe her.  Andrea wouldn’t have believed herself if she hadn’t just experienced it.  “I’m sure you can get used the working here.”

Then the impossible happened.  Andrea’s breasts stopped shrinking.  They had steadily reduced in size from basketballs to a little smaller than her head.  Then they shrinkage slowed to a stop.  Andrea shifted her weight.  The resulting motion in her breasts confirmed the new size.  While she didn’t know what size she now was, she knew that she was bigger than normal.

Andrea quietly panicked.  She did not know why she stopped shrinking.  While her breasts were smaller than when she was working, she was still bigger than normal.  She did not want to live like this.  She was perfectly happy with her B-cup sized breasts.  After thinking frantically for a moment, she came to the reluctant conclusion that she’d have to continue to work here if she wanted to get her original size back.

“Well, I could give it a try,” Andrea said.  “Just to be sure, you know.”

Elizabeth smiled.  “Excellent.  I’ll add you to the schedule.  Unless you have a problem, your schedule will be Friday to Monday, the same hours as you worked today.”  She looked at Andrea.

“That’s fine,” Andrea answered.

“Oh good,” Elizabeth said, relieved.  “You don’t want to know how hard is to get Friday and Saturday nights filled.  All my waitresses want those nights free for dates.”

“I’m focused on my studies,” Andrea said.  “I can date later.”  She had no intention of dating anybody until she could get her breasts back to normal.  She wanted men to date her.  Not her boobs.

“That’s all I needed,” Elizabeth said.  She turned to her left and picked up some shirts.  “Here’s some spare tops for you.  Do you have any questions?”

‘Besides the obvious,’ Andrea thought as she accepted the shirts.  “No.  I’ll see you tomorrow.”  She stood and left the room.  She walked out of the building and to her car in a daze.  The last few hours couldn’t be real.  But she knew they were.  Somehow, her breasts had grown to impossible sizes and nobody noticed a thing.  The worst thing for her, was that they did not return to normal.  She wanted to think about this.  To do that, she needed to get home.  Hopefully her housemates would not bother her too much.



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Okay, logged into tumblr and found out that my story, Sisterhood of the Bra, was flagged as "adult" and now no one but me can see it.  How did a story that doesn't have any pictures get tagged as adult?!  I checked their policy to make sure it hadn't changed while I wasn't looking.  Nope!  Still only pictures that are "adult."  It can't be the description because I have other stories that are more descriptive and they haven't been flagged.  Either way, I don't think I'll be posting anything else on tumblr.


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