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DK Meme 4 Alt.

This was going to be the original, but it just didn't sit well with me. Knowing that there are literally hundreds of furry comics out there, it would be impossible to read them all. Of course, this was also to convey the point that you can't claim that ALL furry comics are about smut/porn if you haven't read every single one that's been made.

So, this is an alternative. I was going to delete it, but I still like it.

Art by :icondreamkeepers:!

Enjoy! :D
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So true. It's thanks to dreamkeepers helped me find the fandom.
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Dreamkeepers introduced me to the fandom and I wasn't aware of the lets say, "more extreme" artistic expressions till I typed in words like fan-service, shipping, yiffing and the whole, "what do they mean by knotted?" into the search bar.  Like everything else in life if you want to find it you can and if you want to avoid it it's too much trouble.
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:XD: Soooo true. I don't ever really avoid it anymore. I tend to swim through it almost everyday now. But, I do appreciate the cleaner stuff that is produced every so often. The most appreciation going to DK, which is the most impressive series of clean furry comics I've ever read as far as porn goes. It's got plenty of violence and even fanservice here and there, but nothing out-right explicit.
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Sometimes it would seem that way.  But there is more human porn than furry porn so.... yea.  Dreamkeepers is not about porn.  it hints at it like it does exist, like it does with humans, but it does not base the story around it.
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Weeeell, that may be true, but if you're talking about drawn human porn, I'm pretty sure furry overtakes it in the porn category. You can't really compare IRL human porn to furry porn since one is real and one is fictional. With every porno that's made, at least ten furry pics are produced (my made-up figure).

But, you're right. DreamKeepers is not about porn, but there are plenty of subtle hints to let people know it *could* or *might* happen.
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Think of it this way, why draw the human porn when you can just get your camcorder and just do it?
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so thats where you got that insanely teasing way of writing stories ...
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what you mean?
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"Dreamkeepers is not about porn.  it hints at it like it does exist, like it does with humans, but it does not base the story around it." You do the same with dragons. anything sexual you just hint at it, and then skip away, never telling something thoroughly. I dont expect anyone to have their comic adult rated just for one or a few sex scenes, but you dont have to go into every detail, just dont skip away, it feels so aggravating. It feels like censorship. And Dreamkeepers considers itself as an adult comic, i hope you knew that. The dragon story definitely needs to be considered one, too.
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Well I write children books, so I can't have the sex in it.  And plus that not what the book is about, it dont need all that sex stuff splashed in there.  And Dreamkeepers is a great example.
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It is not a childrens book. Children wouldnt understand whats going on. You have it detailed enough to confuse them. How old do you think a child can be to understand the story completely? 12? 14? Not really. You would at least have to be 16 or so to understand it. Think a child knows what honor is? how important it can be? Think a child knows what responsibility, real responsibility means? Having an apprentice you love like your own child? So many things teens wouldnt understand at all, but those things make the book good, make the story good. The way how you value things, children wouldnt understand. And all that has nothing to do with having sex in it. Even without having any hint of that in it, it would not be a childrens story. Thats why dreamkeepers is an adult comic. Children wouldnt just understand so many of the things. The beauty of dreamkeepers is not only dave draws it nicely, but the story is profound and clever. So profound, you have to be a certain intelligence to understand it.

A pity you did not AT ALL understood what i wanted to tell you. The simple fact of always skipping the part when dragons were about to show connection is what irks me. You dont have to explain everything. but its so predictable. Oh, Lo'ka approaches Meash'ku in the fountain, better skip away, or you might get too interested in what happens, no, that would be bad. cant have you excited about such stuff, its a childrens book!
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Awww you really think its so complexing?  Thanks :D
Well they dont understand things like that because no one teaches them.  They are able to understand it, they just need something to show them.

I can see your point in that.  Makes me think about that new Godzilla movie. "Oh Crap!!  Godzilla is in the shot! Quick!  turn away and get these humans doing everyday human things in the shot!"
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i tell you that all the time, but you dont listen to me, and when you listen, you dont care. I dont think the book is good to teach them, but it is a better book when you understand those things already. It is not your task to teach the kids those things in your book. i hope you dont put those things in there to teach people lessons, thats not what the book is about. Maybe it shows what can happen when you are evil and disrespectful or dishonorable, but that should be about it. And if you really want to put lessons for kids in there, show them that sex fells good :D Especially when Maru'ka is let loose :D

see!! SEE!!!!!!!!! :( It's exactly like that. But even with you understanding, nothing will change :( you still will leave me sad when continuing to do that
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