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TIE Wing

By quacky112
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A TIE-Wing starfighter. Based on and inspired by an image done by kavinveldar [link] although its not exact.

Not as clunky as the old ties, so less of a target for enemy ships and faster than its predecessors.

About 6 hours of work in google sketchup, hope you like it!

There are other screenshots coming!!!

Star wars belongs to George Lucas.
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very nice look, and nicely detailed
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This looks like a TIE with acceptable atmosphere handling characteristics.
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Looks sort of like a Tie Fighter combined with a modern day stealth bomber.
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AdamKopStudent Digital Artist
Great design ! It certainly has a lot of features that make a TIE but also features many cool new design elements. 
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The design has potential but seems to be lacking in weaponry(aside from its 4 blaster canons/repeater), oh well, I wish you luck for future attempts at ship designs.
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Is this a farther jump from standard TIE's in that it has life support systems, or will the pilot still need to wear the pressure suit?
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Idk i didnt really think of that concept. I guess in order to make it more afforadble for mass production it probably would be along the same line as other TIE fighters.
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Ah, so the pilot still needs a pressure suit...well, it's better than the standard TIE.
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Wicked ship! All she needs now is a cloaking device and pivoting wings. :D
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nice work man.
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KodiakDestroyerProfessional General Artist
She's a beaute!
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TyshoProfessional Digital Artist
Looks very speedy! Great design and well executed in 3D- I'd say that the blasters on the tips of the wings are probably a little too far apart, the original TIE's have them right in front of the cockpit as I assume aiming would be more accurate.

But hey ho, that's just me being picky! Love the angular wings!
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Lol I thought about that too. I do have some on the cockpit not sure if you can see them from that angle but they are there. I figured those on the edge of the wings could be used against large targets buildings, ships etc.
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TyshoProfessional Digital Artist
scratch that, I see them on the cockpit now- d'oh!
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Very cool design.
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Thanks, glad you like it.
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Friggen awesomazing! Bad-ass!!
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Thanks man glad you like it lol. It was inspired by your drawing so thanks to you too!!
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If you could do the Poisoned edge, I would be thrilled... of course, I have no idea how you did the Tie-Wing, so I have no idea how it would work.. lol.
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The Tie wing wasnt very hard. The cockpit was the hardest part about it but other than that not to bad.

The Poisoned Edge? This is it im assuming [link] It doesnt look too complicated and I like challenges anyway so consider it done lol. Ill try my best to reduplicate it at least. Ill have my attempt posted up by the end of the week mate!!!
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