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Jedi Master Korvus Ros

By quacky112
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This is a commission I had done by [link] of a character of mine.

Like I said I did not draw this Kasia88 did and it is posted here with the artist permission.

His name is Korvus Ros a Rattataki Jedi. Born in 32 BBY he was just a padawan when order 66 came. He managed to survive and hide in the outer rim were he continued to grow stronger in the force. He remained in hiding for almost 300 years prolonging his life through the force. He finally emerged in 227 ABY and found a place among the New Jedi Order, were he quickly became one of the strongest and most respected members of the order. In 234 ABY he became part of the Jedi High Council.
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I think he should have came out of hiding sooner.

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Rattataki are the best!