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A-72 Gunship

By quacky112
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A-72 Heavy Attack Gunship

A large gunship concept I came up with. Armed with two 30mm gatling guns and a lot of missiles. Requires 3 crew to operate, also has room for up to 5 passengers so it can be used as transport for special forces or vips.

I imagined it as a futuristic 22nd century gunship of the US Air Force. It uses 6 engines on the underneath to provide lift. Has the ability to hover at low speed giving it considerable maneuverability at low altitude. Designed to attack and destroy ground targets. Also has the ability to move at very high speeds when in transit.

Just a quick project that was pretty fun, tell me what you think.
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Tau'ri equivalent to Goa'uld Al'Kesh?
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Streaked-SilverHobbyist Digital Artist
its a ...little lightly armed for a heavy Attack gunship. about the only thing it has going for it is it has two cannons on instead of one like a helicopter such as the Viper or the Apache does, and they're fixed.

I like the hull design, but i suggest putting the two Machine Guns on a turret under the nose and beefing it up with some thing like a 120 mm cannon or something. After all ..the air forces current Heavy Gunships are the AC130 gunships that have one 30mm chain gun, one 20 mm cannon, and one 120 (or larger..i forget) tank cannon that are out one side.. and when they come in..they mess things up.

Good design, but a bit more research into what this would be taking the role of would help you out some.
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Reminds me of the human starships of Stargate.
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TorinZeceProfessional General Artist
Reminds me a little of te Drake in EVE. Only WAY smaller! (only reminds)
Not bad.
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Nice hull texture.
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Thank you!
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ltla9000311Hobbyist General Artist
I like it! Very cool.
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Thank you!
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