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New commission samples and prices here: 

Here's what
I have to offer
this time: 

Note: I won't be seeing your messages here for a while. Please send an e-mail to with what you want if you are interested. 

  Headshots / Icons :

Sketched - $10
At Ammy Tayr by QuackGhost  Lilly Jones headshot by QuackGhost

Clean - $15
[C] Ivan by QuackGhost   Hunter Odey Ava by QuackGhost

  Waist / Knee-up :

$35 + $10/additional character,
simple or no background

Another soda please by QuackGhost   They watched dramas all night (probably) by QuackGhost   Odey can be a hunter too by QuackGhost

  Lineless, simple background only:

$45 + $10/additional character 
(no more than 2 character)

The Musician by QuackGhost   The Poet by QuackGhost 
Piano by QuackGhost

  Full Illustration : 

$60 + 15/additional character

[C] Burd stole your landing spot by QuackGhost   [C] Telling stories by QuackGhost   It's the last one left by QuackGhost

I WILL draw: 

Original Characters, Fan Characters, I can try animals.

I WON'T draw: 

NSFW, gore, blood, robots (unless the design is simple), death (ghosts are fine), real people. 

I reserve the right to refuse a commission if I feel like I won't be able to make it look good.
Why? Because I don't want
you to waste your money. 

Contact info:

You can note me here, leave a comment or send an e-mail to with the type of commission you want and your character info.

Leave as much information as you feel needed so you're sure to get what you want. 

Unlimited slots open, first come first served!

If you missed your chance, ask to be put on the waiting list. You'll be the first to know when the next spot is available!

>> Keep in mind that full illustrations take time and I could take up to a month or two to finish one depending on my health.


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I am going to make sure to commission you! Your art is lovely!
QuackGhost's avatar
YagiMatsu's avatar
No problem <3
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Working on getting my PayPal squared away, but in the meantime I shall spread the word like wildfire :heart:  
QuackGhost's avatar
Thank you bro! I love you! <33
Janntly's avatar
Of course my bro!! love ya more!! <33
DonnyAnne's avatar
Sorry about what happened to your car, hope you can fix it soon! ;o; More than happy to commission you, your works look lovely!
Can I get a sketched headshot of my OC Bryce? Here and here For his personality, he's a little stressed noodle, he loves acting intimidating and scary when inside, he's very emotional and easily embarrassed :0
QuackGhost's avatar
[c] Bryce by QuackGhost  there you go! hope you like it!
QuackGhost's avatar
Sure! I'll note you with my paypal link! Thank you for commissioning me!

The car has been repaired, I'm getting it back today now all that's left is paying back the money I borrowed from my mom (getting the car asap was an obligation, I'm far enough in the country that we don't have buses here
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I'm really sorry to hear about your car, I'd be willing to commission you~
Could I get a clean headshot of this character?: Ivan & BoyComet (I dont have a good ref sheet so I hope those are okay)
QuackGhost's avatar
Sure thing! <3 

Can you give me a short description of the character's personality? I'll note you with my paypal link.

Thanks for commissioning me! 
equti's avatar
I'd say hes very shy, awkward, and reserved. Despite that hes very caring, comforting, and humorous.
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[C] Ivan by QuackGhost  here goes! Hope you like it!
nightmares06's avatar
:clap: Glad to see you back at it!
QuackGhost's avatar
Feels good to finally have some energy for that! 
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