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So, Version 7 of DA... Seems less cluttered to me so far. I'll reserve judgment until I put something new up besides a journal or a comment.

Beyond that, that an update on that inspection that happened today. After working through the night my room's cleaner than I think it's ever been since I first moved into this little apartment 2 years ago. I passed inspection so I can go back to only having to worry about when I'm scheduled, which is really crazy now as they're updating it a few days before I work (example: I wasn't scheduled to work until Friday this week and only half the day, now I work tomorrow morning from 7-12 and all day Friday). It's a little irritating with the last minute changes and the fact that they haven't sent me the schedule for Summer Sessions I and II yet so I can inform my other job when I can work. What's a bit worse is that my other job just scheduled me for working on a day at a time I told them I couldn't.

Beyond that the plan for this summer is to work on getting at least one more of my World of Warcraft toons up to 80, one of my hunters most likely... and if I keep it up it will be the one I actually named Quachir.
Other than that I'll be trying to do some art, at least coloring in a few things maybe even drawing something and coloring it in the same summer for once in a long time.

Oh and if I remember I might post some/a picture of this really cool looking lilac bush on campus. Meant to take pictures of it last year when I found it but never got around to it before the flowers were all gone. They're in full bloom now and I took multiple pictures of the flowers earlier today.
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Submitted on
May 18, 2010