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Well, summer's nearing the end and in all technicality, I'll only have one week of summer vacation... of which I will only have two days to myself as I'll be working all the other days. No real surprise there but ah well.

My 12 credits of summer classes end this Thursday and I have a feeling this time my class won't be an A like it was for the other two this summer. I messed up on getting things in and I don't think there's a way to get around that now, especially since I've waited this long. At least %10 will be taken off my grade because of my mistake if not much more.

I'm looking forward to getting an extra hour of sleep in the next week or so as for most of the summer other than Saturdays and Sundays I've been up at 6am to either be at work or in class at 7 or 8am depending on things

On the good side I finally got my Adobe Photoshop 7.0 CD back so I should be able to start inking and coloring my sketches again. I've been wanting to do it for soooooooo long now, and the laptop has come to the point where it dislikes going past showing you your background in the start up so it's a very very very good thing I got a new desktop in the beginning of June.

I'm actually half worried I won't remember how to color properly in AP7.0 O.o. The only other thing worrying me is my new scanner as I haven't used it much and it's a bit odd compared to my old one. The only reason I got it was because it came with the computer.

I'm also excited because in the next few days there will be a dragon hatching and I haven't done candidates in literally years so this will be my first hatching in a long time. Two young men who were kind of hastily put together but you know it was fun trying to get them done in time... still need a background for the one as I did him so quickly he has little to show for himself other than if you were to look back at one of my old characters who happens to be one of his five sisters

I guess that's it from me, Oh and for those of you who'd like to give me something to do, if there's a character of mine you'd like to see more of in color then give the name, I probably have at least a sketch or two of them from the past eight months as I tried to do one of all my characters to keep me going on things.

Also, I only just found out about this tonight as I was reading through one of my favorite online comic artist's little side "blog" Check it out and help me build ;P
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August 12, 2008


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