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Well classes have been out for nearly a month now and I've had my grades for my two classes this past semester for the past two or three weeks now. I'm quite happy to say that I got Bs in both my classes, had I studied better on the first test in one of the classes and the first two in the other I might have had something higher, eh, but I had to learn that the hard way.

So now that I'm out of classes till Some time in September I should have quite a bit of free time... or at least I would if I weren't working.

Since finals week I started getting my hours at work pumped up to what they were the semester previous and now am working usually four of the five work days as my work is closed on the weekend unless there's a special event happening... nothing as of yet however.

I do know however that I want to color in some of my old sketches and possable do some new things/trades/requests. I just don't know what to do yet.

So if there's something you'd like to see me color in this summer either that's been posted in my scraps here on DA or on my TLKFAA account don't hesitate to point it out as something I should think about doing. I'd like to do some colabs too maybe.... I just really feel like I need to do something.

Other things. The Friday Pirates of the Carabean: At World's End came out I went to see one of the first movies I'll be seeing this summer.

I've plans to find a way to see Shrek 3 as well as Spiderman 3 when I get the chance because at the time I was too busy to see one and the other I wasn't able to go out to see it because I was visiting family.

For the rest of the summer I think the most notable movies that I will be going to will be in July. One I think most people are waiting on while the other those who were born in the early eighties might really be looking foward to be seeing.

On July 4th the live action Transformers movie will be coming out... I will not be seeing it that day however... lack of being able to drive keeps me from doing so... though perhaps the next day as long as the buses are running.

The next I'm pretty sure most who are my friends IRL and on the net, if not all, are waiting for is  of course the 5th Harry Potter movie (The Order of the Pheonix) which I just learned in the past week will be released two days earlier than originally advertised. In other words it will be released on July 11 rather than July 13. I plan on seeing it with at least my roommate and one of our friends if not also with one of my roomate's and my boss/friend in an IMAX. Normally I would not do this but from what my roomate tells me, the IMAX version is supposed to have 20 minutes of extra footage that the regular theaters will not have.

Then as every Harry Potter fan knows, the best is yet to come ten days after the release of the movie; Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow will be released. I already have my copy of the special edition reserved for me at my local bookstore which is supposed to be at least 40% off that day. My roommate also has that copy plus the regular copy, and the book on tape reserved for the day of release.

July will be a very expensive month in deed.

Oh and recently my roomate and I bought a PS2, purely for the ability to play all the original PS games as well as Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts II, FFX, and FFX-2. So if I still seem slow... I blame these games X3

And on a very random note... God I'm hockey deprived now.
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June 3, 2007


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