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So here's the think, I'm going to vent somewhat here so if you don't want to hear it then don't read. I'm just in need of some way to calm some and normally that would be talking to a friend of mine but since I've got about an hour and a half until I can talk to at the earliest this is going to have to do.

So let me give a quick background for people to understand. I currently live in an efficiency apartment. Its basically a room that I would normally describe as being about the size of a dorm room but maybe that's not the best description for all. Best beyond that I say is that it's about the size of a bedroom about 12ft X 18ft give or take. I can surprisingly fit a lot of stuff in my room which is good since I've lived in this city as long as I have. Being an efficiency apartment I have to share a bathroom with on of my neighbors (who I think of as my roommate since that's what she's been over the years at other apartments) which is what connects our two rooms. between our rooms we have a stand which we put our bathroom stuff on that is waiting to be used in the bathroom

We both have tried to fit things in our rooms as nicely as we can and be livable For instance I have two bookcases (one for moves one for books) A desk for my computer in the corner, a twin sized bed, and two dressers that are set up so the smaller one is sitting on the shorter one.

I've never had the best of skills keeping my room clean (this may be considered an understatement by some including myself) and here's where my trouble starts in a way.

See 10 days ago for, some reason, the city was called in to inspect all the apartments in our building. Now to keep things in perspective it was probably the worst time to do so as it was the first day of finals week. Most people were not home for their inspections. I happened to be there for mine only because my final had been made a take home due by 9am that day.

So shortly after 11am as warned by our apartment company the inspector came to my room with one of the guys who works for my company. She gave me a very detached from the situation while doing her job attitude which in her field has probably been made habit to deal with problem cases. Another way to describe her would to be consider her the Bureaucrat woman from Futuroma without the "secret" obsession for very very dirty things.

The women looked around my room and focused on my kitchenette area where my sink was full of dishes I was meaning to clean as soon as the stress of finals was over. She stated that those could end up causing bugs to get into the building and that I had 10 days to fix it. This obviously irritated me as I knew this and she went on to inspect the rest of my room and then the area between mine and my friend's room. She then left my room by my door way and went to check my friend's room.

Fast forward to today. One of my apartment managers called up and since I was too tired I let my answering machine pick up on it. The message went on for long enough that I the content irritated me so I finally picked up to talk with the manager.

The main jist of what was said was something along the lines of this:
The inspector called up the apartment company asking "Are you ready for re-inspection" luckily my managers said no they weren't because they hadn't called us up yet to tells us when she was going to be in, this made her reassign the day to Tuesday May 18. It almost sounded like they weren't even told directly which rooms needed to be re-inspected much less when by they need to be inspected again. Now what my manager told me is that both me and my friend were needing to be inspected again and that the lady said we had to clean dirty dishes and clear debris and clutter from the rooms and the hall way between. You can understand when hall way came up was about the time I got irritated and had to talk to my manager myself. The women had never noted any of that to me, just the dishes.

Now I'm in a panic because despite the fact that I've payed for this apartment through December this women has the ability to condemn my room and thus kick me out of my home for the past two year. I'm scared as hell because I don't know exactly what she expects other than what's been said because that's vague, I don't know if she's saying my room would be cluttered even if my floor was cleared or what because she didn't say anything to me other than to clean my dishes in 10 days. What's worse is that she didn't leave any notes for me or my friend about this as, at least not with us. I'm so scared right now that we won't be able to do what she wants to her likings. I mean the clutter in the hall way we can't just move to one of our rooms because we don't have that kind of room left to try at the moment.

The thing is that my apartment managers/company understands how we have to live in here, I mean he's come into my room and my friend's room another of times when they've looked much worse, just to work on things for us. He literally told me with the stuff in the hallway if we can find a way to just move it out for the inspection and then move it back in afterwards it would be fine. I'm trying to figure this out now and hope that maybe we can do something with our other friend who probably didn't get told she needed another inspection. I might have to call up my parents to help out if it gets to a point we're not sure how we're going to do this.

This really makes me wish I'd gone to a larger apartment but the original plan was that I was only going to be here another year to 18 months, now it's two years I need to stick around because of classes and how I take them... but that's beyond the point.

I don't get brought to tears easily but that's what this really is doing. Maybe in part is because I only had about three hours of sleep before the call but still it's very unnerving.

Well, I'm going to get ready and run over to my friend's and my work place to get her to go on lunch ASAP so I can talk to her and hopefully not come apart at the seams in public.

5 days to work on this.... god I hope we pull through on it... I'm in such a panic at the moment that I might call my parents to help get through part of it.
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Siril Featured By Owner May 14, 2010
That sounds really stressful!! Especially during final exam time!!

Personally I think there's a difference between a place beeing packed with stuff and a dirty place. You can have way too many things in your apartment whilst it still is clean and cleaned. But I don't know if others see it the same way..

I guess the re-inspection person just wants to see if you've made an effort since the last time. Don't think it'll have to be perfect. If they're not happy you can always ask them what exactly they would like to have fixed until next time...

Usually, a bit of acting also helps - shy, intimidated, cooperative, friendly -> they'll give you another chance. You can explode and freak out after they're gone :giggle:

Hope your finals were ok though!!! :hug:
Quachir Featured By Owner May 18, 2010
It's all good now, I ended up getting my room very clean (beyond what they were looking for).

Now I just have to get myself to keep it that way. ;P
Stormelle Featured By Owner May 13, 2010
:glomp: :hug: :glomp:

I wish you the best my friend, I truly do. And I think it's ridiculous that someone has the right to do that if your manager is ok with it....Bah. >:I
Quachir Featured By Owner May 13, 2010
Found out a bit more, I'm luck it wasn't the previous inspector, that guy supposedly gave a person 24 hour to get it fix and if it wasn't they were kicked out the next day by his orders. This woman by comparison is much nicer... I still don't like her much but she's much nicer in that respect.
Stormelle Featured By Owner May 13, 2010
Wow...@@ Well, you have my best wishes friend! <3
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