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Ok, short rant (hopefully here).

Ever wanted to post on a messageboard about something but couldn't because you couldn't get through the registration process? It's happening to me right now.

I've really been wanting to post on a messageboard (called "Franky House" if you've ever heard of it) to discuss with other fans of "Skip Beat!" about the current chapters out. I've especially wanted to do so for the last three chapters. However every time I try to register it saying I put the wrong answer in for a word check thing; the type that gives you the word(s) in a jpg or the like but in such a way a bot/spider program likely wouldn't be able to read it correctly. I know I've put it in right each time but every single time it says I don't have it right.

It's getting frustrating to me especially since it seems like people don't understand that Ren should have been interviewed first or second like they said and instead requested fourth because he couldn't get away yet. It means Kyoko was bumped up a slot in my books, up to the 3rd slot because everybody before her would have moved up one because of Ren taking 4... not really important but it's getting on my nerves that people aren't realizing this.

But yeah.... that's why I feel tormented, because I can read there but not respond.

Now that I've ranted, I'm heading to bed... plus my computer's planning to restart soon because of updates.

Random HI! :D
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Submitted on
March 9, 2011