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Haven't written in her in over a year, but I felt he need to write now... probably because I have to get to sleep but I got this on my mind.

I kind of realized just now how much I hate it that I can draw Canon characters very well most of the time, even with references.

The reason I state this now is because I just went and flipped through the most reason release of Naruto, manga format. I don't usually state outright who I like in shows, manga, or books who I like to see in a relationship together but I realized once again how much I do like the pairing of Naruto and Sakura.

The problem here is that I feel like drawing the two of them whether it's in a romantic pic or just the two being friends and teammates together. However it makes me irritated that I don't feel up to the challenge of drawing them... then again that could be because I  know I'd just mull over working on it so much I'd probably forget more than usual to study for classes.

OK, with that rant done.

I am really not being able to wait for many things this month a large majority are happening over the next three weeks starting Friday. One series of hockey this weekend along with the third annual alumni game for the women's team at my university. Then get a week of working on getting some sources for one of my final papers, if not the other one as well (not a fun thing). Then comes the 17 and thus the release of Star Trek (loved the movie this summer despite not being that big of a Star Trek fan). After this comes the real fun, the weekend of the 20-22. My mom arrives on the 20th, she is coming for many reason 1) to visit me and my friends, 2) to come to 4 hockey games (men and women are home) against the University from my home town (of which my mom will be rooting on my University instead) 3) to stay long enough to take me back to my home town on Wednesday so I can spend Thanksgiving with the rest of my family on Thursday. That's pretty much the rest of the week though in there also is the excitement of seeing what they did about New Moon, of which me and at least my roomie (if not one of my other friends as well) will be heading to the movie on Sunday Nov 21 if all goes well.

So looking forward to everything but the studying.

OH and the next thing I'm looking forward to after that is the Lilymud Secret Santa. Can't wait for that to come up, I feel like I always get a great idea for my person that I wouldn't have thought of at any other time!
Stormelle Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2009
Ah! Lilymud...Good time, good times...Might have to peek in for that...*debates*
Quachir Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2009
YES! DO IT! :D :glomp:
Stormelle Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2010
Peeked in but missed the SS...
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