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Seriously one of the most irritating thing to happen the week before Finals. My main computer contracted something, not sure what as my virus checker didn't catch it so it's probably some malware... but either way I need to take my main computer in for a "check-up." It's a good thing that about a year ago I purchased this laptop thinking it would help me in. Either way though it means that even if I had any art I wanted to do at this time (which actually I do but haven't gotten to) I am not able to post it as I don't have Photoshop uploaded to my laptop, nor my tablet.

Anyway, thought I'd mention it at this time. Bad thing is that because my main computer is a desk top. I have to wait for my parents to come visit/come help me move a week from Monday. Though I have to figure out if my warranty is still in effect, it tells if I go to Best Buy or to my  university to get it fixed... not sure what else to say... other than Monday May 9th can't come soon enough.
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Submitted on
April 27, 2011