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Well I haven't written in quite a while so let's see what I've been up to.

A lot has happened since two days before my birthday last year. However the stuff I'm going to speak on have just recently happened or are about to get started here.

I've been pretty much out of art since January mainly because I was busy with actually having an art class thus causing me some major artist's block when it came to my usual stuff. Easy A for that class if anybody cares.

I do have quite a few sketches in backlog to get scanned and put up which brings me to very very recent stuff.

I moved this past week into a new apartment where I'm pretty much on my own. I do have to share a bathroom with one other person and the kitchen with everybody else but what ever. At least I don't have to pay for electricity, heat, water, garbage removal, and TV. I only have to pay for two things while I'm here that aren't in the rent. Internet and phone, yes I do not have a cell phone and truthfully I don't think I need it considering I don't drive and would rather nobody had me on a leash just because they can call me anywhere I am. Plus I got enough thing in my pockets I don't need a cell there as well.

OK let's get back on track....

With my move I also ended up getting a new computer very pretty thing that it is with 1000GB of memory *pets computer*. However at this time I can't find the Adobe Photoshop 7.0 CD to upload the program to my new computer, thus I'm still working with my old laptop to color in things as anybody who's even looked at my little Lion with a Weaver's Nest and Bird icon would know…

With my computer I got another new scanner/printer/copier that came with the deal of buying the machine. I have to still upload that stuff to my computer which I will do after I write things up here.

Starting tomorrow I'll be in Summer Session I classes, two to be exact and they take place at the same time. I will be in classes for nearly 8 hours, an hour in there to break for lunch and such thus I will have little to no time for art as I'll be trying to concentrate on that, more so when I know what I'll be doing for homework since which will probably being writing up reports on what I did during the whole day of the field school. It's an Archaeological Dig that we're doing for the classes. Luckily the dig is happening on campus and maybe the last week off campus but only a mile from campus in that case.

Summer Session II I only have one class but it has everything to do with the classes in Summer Session I so I need to make sure I get really good grades in both classes. Not to mention I need those good grades for my major and to keep getting financial aid.

All totaled between the summer classes I have 12 credits (one class is six credits while the other two are three credits a piece) which makes up a full time student which I haven't been for the last four or so semesters. I've been taking 6 credits at least for the last two years and only up to 5 credits during the summer because at 6 they can use that to evaluate if you'd be on probation or not in the next semester, very dangerous thing to me since I've been on it a few times.

Anyway, other than the class worries on a good point this summer looks like a great one for movies. I've already seen both Prince Caspian and Ironman but great movies that I recommend watching whether you know about either series or not. I know little to nothing about Ironman than what I learned long ago from the Saturday morning cartoons I watched but I enjoyed it very much, don't forget to stay to the end of the movie *bounces remember what happened*.

Movies I want/plan on seeing this summer in no particular order are The Dark Knight, Hancock, Kung Fu Panda (it looked kind of cute), Wall-E, Get Smart, The Happening, Hellboy II, Journey to the Center of the Earth, The Mummy III, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars

I think that's about it so about $80 just on tickets... man that's depressing now that I look at it.... Then again I go to the early showings of them when I can so it should be more like ~$60 for tickets all summer... still depressing but it would be worse if I went during an evening showing. Maybe they'll have the Wednesday manager's pick again at my local Marcus Theater which makes the tickets for a specific movie cheaper than even the early price on that Wednesday all day.

Eh, anyway, that's about it from me. Almost makes me wonder if I'll make it through the summer in one piece... but there's a bright light at the end of the tunnel... half way through July I'll feel I can put WoW on this computer and place there again in my free time... and sadly at times my not so free time ;P
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