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I seriously need to do it. My only problem since I got my computer back and working (hard drive died on me so it wouldn't boot, thank god for extended warranties).

I usually use Adobe Photoshop to work on any digital art I do however I realize that my version is way far behind (7.0) and plus it can't be updated because I believe my dad has the original copy on his computer and registered it to that.

So in the next 36+ hours I believe I will be picking up Adobe Photoshop CS5 (hopefully).

I've got so many things I'd like to work on again not to mention the over 5 year old trade I have to finish with :iconaquan:. I have it sketched, I just don't want to scan it until Photoshop is once again on this computer.

On a random note, the final Harry Potter movie. Go see it, it is AWESOME! I think I plan to see it again this weekend if I can... I know I will at least watch it a second time in theaters, and if that's not in 3D I will watch it for a 3rd time just to see it in 3D..... AWESOME!!!!!

EDIT> Check that, not sure if I should go for the expensive CS5 or the cheaper (1/7 the price) Elements 9. My last version is Adobe Photoshop 7 and I know I didn't use that to the fullest.

Anybody who might have an opinion on this speak up, I'd like to hear what you might think my style might do better with at this time. I will note that I seem to have never played with the Elements line of Adobe Photoshop but Adobe Photoshop 7 seems to be in the CS line... just 8 years older >_<

Help a girl out in the next 12 hours.
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July 15, 2011


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