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Hmm, well it's that time of year again. College is starting up again for me on Monday and I'm both excited and stressed out about it. The knowledge that I have very few classes left to take after being here so long makes me nervous about what I'm going to be doing in a little over two years. I need something to de-stress but that's probably not going to happen unless it happens tomorrow.

Starting Saturday my life will be crazy for two weeks straight as Saturday I work from 10-8pm and then Sunday 12-8pm Then the next five days I'm up and to work by 7:30am and don't get off campus until 8pm three of the five days. The week from Saturday to next Friday I will have worked 39 hours (these hours include the times that I'm actually not on the clock) between my two jobs. You add into the fact that the Saturday and Sunday following that I have 9 hours over the two days at one of my jobs and don't work my other job those days I'll work ~48 hours over the course of 9 days. The week after that is lighter work at the moment (no telling if one of my two jobs will call me in to help) 32 hour (once again not taking out the time I punch out for any lunches I get at the one job that has a few times I work 6+ hours in a row). Granted this will mean I'll get quite a bit of money over the next one or two pay checks, I just hope I don't burn myself out too early. -_-

Bad thing, every time I'm at work I want/am inspired to draw however can't on the job. When I get off work I tend to have lost my idea to draw... and I just realized I went random.

OK stopping now because I will so go random here, and it will go something like Hockey, Harry Potter, Hockey, WoW, Hockey, University's lack of control over budget, Want for Hockey to start, etc, etc, etc.
lethe-gray Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
LOL still with the hockey heheheh.
Quachir Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2010
Yes, :D and funnily enough I was rereading my candidate story about Grezka a few hours before I wrote this journal (was informed recently about the reocities site). Man the spelling errors and misplacement of words I found. Makes me feel bad that I never got the adult stories done for her, Gr'ant and W'sler... then again I don't think you for some reason ever handing out the weyrling and adult stages for W'sler's brown Deanoth. (starting to look like I won't get those sites up until at the earliest late December at this right :P )

As for hockey, first college game is on Septemeber 25 (women's team; an exhibition game) I only hope I don't miss it because of one of my classes scheduling a field trip that day.
lethe-gray Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Well, I don't consider those dragons to be betweened or anything, so whenever you're ready, any dragon - from whatever weyr / site I've ever had open - just ask for it, and you'll have it if you need it. :) I have *everything*.
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August 19, 2010