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So today, or to be more exact last night, I was thinking about getting that Adobe Photoshop that I want and it occurred to me: "I'm still a college student, maybe the computer store has it for sale there at a cheaper price." Fast forward to 5-6 hours ago, I found they did and not only that it was a few different programs of Adobe graphic stuff ( including Photoshop CS5), all for under $200 before adding the tax. Keep this in mind, the program is worth $699 on Adobe's website, makes it reeeeeeal good to be a college student and for them to have a computer store through your university.

Thus this weekend, pending World of Warcraft runs, I expect to upload this to my computer and start working on pieces that have been bugging me from anywhere from a few days to a few years (5 years if you consider my trade with :iconaquan:)... and playing around with the new stuff. How much time I spend on that will depend on if my roomie goes to her home town for the weekend or not as she activated a World of Warcraft account for herself and now we're riding around together under the recruit a friend program :D

I'll get in some art in celebration no matter what I'm sure....

I better, I'll only have so much more time and then classes start up again two weeks from this coming Monday. Things go right this will be my last year at this university. Both excited and nervous about that.
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August 4, 2011


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