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Well, all the big things for my summer have pretty much happened starting with my summer of movies to watch (excuse an earlier journal entry in which I made the mistake; or to be exact my roommate made the mistake, of thinking and telling me that the IMAX version of HP5 was 20 or what ever I said longer than the regular theaters; She miss read it, it was the last ~20 minutes in 3D) so I thought I'd give another report since the last thing on my list of things to do for the summer was compleated.

I went to 5 or more movies over the past two months, a record for me as I normally don't see movies in the theaters more than 1 a year.

The one I was actually dissappointed in was the 5th Harry Potter movie... I'm not sure why but the whole thing rubbed me the wrong way which irked me because I liked the book when so many I talked to on the internet disliked it. Don't get me wrong, it was good but deffiantly not my favorite. I think what it may have been with this movie that made me actually irritated by it was that it didn't have the feel/flow of the other movies... it felt, sort of disconnect from the other four films.

Other movies I saw this summer including ones I mentioned that I thought I was going to see in earlier journal(s):
Shrek the 3rd (It was alright needed friends around though to make it good and funny)
Spiderman 3 (I liked the story line despite how many people I heard who didn't like it)
Surf's Up (Cute and pretty funny; if you don't care for documentries at all however you might want to wait to rent it to see if you like it rather than buy it when it comes out.)
The Transformers Movie (Awesome, probably the one movie this summer I'd be willing to see again in theaters before it comes out on DVD possably later this year or early next year)

I believe that's all I've seen since my last mentioning that I had gone to PotC:AWE.

Now for something that may be a spoiler and probably was the highlight of the summer for me: getting the last book in the Harry Potter series "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows."

My roommate and I decided at the last minute that we wanted to pick up our copies of the book at Midnight when it came out. We convinced a friend of ours to go to who had not preorded it however was in the end able to get her hands on one that night. I and my roommate had both ordered the Delux version of the book while my roommate had put a regular copy of it also on reserve as well as put a box of the book on tape on reserve for me (they didn't have that option when I reserved my copy long before her).

On the 19 while we were at work the bookstore left a meassgae on our answering machine, with the voice of Jim Dale who preforms the book on the audio tapes and CDs, to remind us to pick up our books on Saturday if we couldn't make the Midnight party. The next day we each recieved a call telling us that the store had not recieved the delux edition due to a mistake by Scholastic so we had the option to keep them on reserve or get one of the regular copies instead as they had also recieved extra copies of the regular hard cover version. As my roommate already had one of the regulars in reserve she didn't need one. I ended up not needing one either because I had prepaid for my regular from my work place who was selling it for the same price.

That night we went to the Midnight opening party which started at ~9:30pm in the mall the local Boarders bookstore was in. It was pretty fun, we a few quizes as well as a few drawings including one for a person to be pushed to the front of the line and recieve their book for free... no I didn't get it, neither did my friends ;P

I was 60th in line for the book, or so said the bracelet that I recieved. I was most likely the only one to not get a book however I did get the tapes. I have not however (until this moment) listened to the book on tape yet; I wanted the reading expersance first rather than listen to somebody else other than my roomate.

I ended up borrowing my roomate's copy of the book while she was at work the next day and in the four hours she was gone went through about seven or eight chapters. I'll admit for the most part in those chapters I was teary-eyed but it may have been because I was still waking up and thus a bit more easily swayed to shed some tears.

I finished the book earlier today at about 4am with a large 11 hour gap in between when I picked it up again on Sunday after I went to sleep early that morning. Both days I took at least an hour nap before continuing reading it.

I usually don't mind spoilers myself but made sure that I didn't really hear much of anything before opening the book that would spoil the moment of learning it myself through silent hours of reading. I didn't even look at the table of contents for fear of spoiling what might happen.

As I read through it I found things confirming those things that I had thought were right

Who RAB was
Who Snape was loyal to Dumbledore or Voldemort (49/35 was the count when voted upon at the Midnight Party for being loyal to Dumbledore)
The results of who would live or die, Harry or Voldemort.

I however did not expect a number of the deaths that happen...

Hmm, I really don't want to spoil this book for anybody who hasn't finished reading it yet so if you want to discuss the book with me I'd be thrilled to do so.

Now to go off and listen to the book and possably read along with it agian. ;P
lethe-gray Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2007  Hobbyist Writer
I was kind of surprised by how many main characters did wind up dead, .... but truthfully most of them weren't all that "important" to me, save a couple...

I just think that Neville made up for all of that singlehandedly and was the most awesome last-year in the entire history of Hogwarts... :)

As for the movie, I didn't dislike it at all, I can understand what you mean though, by disjointed from the others. Though it had a lot of stuff that got removed, that if put in would a) make the movie 5 hours long, and b) not necessarily have moved the plot along any, but c) would probably have felt more like the other movies.

Since the battle at the end was so cool, (and I hadn't known that the IMAX version is in 3-d, I'm gonna have to try finding one playing in my area and see it again there...) it really made the ending of the last Novel that much cooler, I think, because of the visuals... :D
Quachir Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2007
Part of me was surprised at how much action there was in just the first few chapters and the last 5-10 you could just feel the intensity and urgent need for what probably would have been called "The Final Battle of the War Against Voldomort"... or at least it would be called that in.

I've been talking to a few of my coworkers who've only read as far as Chapter 8 and 12 and we're so far all in agreement; when they make this one into a movie they may have a very hard time managing to keep it PG-13 because of all the violence and death (though I have a feeling the deaths won't be shown much on screan).

I felt really sorry for little Teddy when I realized that not only was his father dead but so became his mother. I really loved his mother's character!

I thought the Epilogue was kind of cute too, though I've heard a few who've griped about it saying it sounded like some online fan fic because of how many were named after those who died during the war. What I have to say to them, it's not unusal for people to do that in real life, espcially if they meant that much to a person as they did to said parents.

Sorry, was trying to be at least a bit vage so if some see this that haven't read it all the way through yet might not get as much spoiled for them.

As for the 5th movie. We were going to see it in an IMAX until we found out that it was only the last 20 minutes that were in 3D. It didn't seem worth paying IMAX prices for 20 minutes of 3D... though I've been thinking. When they release the 7th movie I hope they have most if not all of that in IMAX 3D It would look frickin' awesome!
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