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Least that's what it's going to feel like for around the next week. In a few hours I will be having my last regular classes of the spring semester and unlike the past few summers that I've been eligiable for taking classes I will not be taking any classes this summer.

Next week's going to be exciting as well as tiring. Next week is Finals Week. I have had two classes all semester, one right after the other on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays both classes with the same great professor. Next week I will be having one of the finals on Monday and the other on Wednesday.  during this week the latest I'll be getting up is 9am and that's only on one day. All the rest I will be up by 7am as I have to work at 8am Monday-Friday except for on Wednesday where they don't start working me till 12pm, however I have my final before that thus why I have to be out of bed at 9am.

Monday with be the real bear as I will be getting up to work at 8am and then getting off work at 10am so I can take my final at 10:15am only to come back to work after it at 12pm to work until 7pm

All factored in, my week will be consistant of at least 35, and I'm very happy about that. Why? You factor in that for the past 6-8 weeks I've only gotten 4-5 hours per week and you'll understand. Basic reason for the short hours was because they didn't feel I was working as well as I'd done the semester before that and so they cut my hours. I talked to my boss to check why I was only getting the one day and he told me this stuff so I tried to prove them wrong. They started to bump up my hours last week from what I understand and the huge boost next week is because of finals really rather than my preformance at work.

Either way, from what I hear I probably will be getting masive loads of hours when I get back after a trip back to my home town in Wisconsin for nearly a week.

But this is what the journal is about. I'm going to be masivly busy for the next week and then not really near the internet for a week after that because I'll be back in Wisconsin. I'll be near an internet source there for about two days before I'm off to the things I going there to do.

So basicly this means that as of Wednesday next week I'll be able to get back to drawing, coloring, and posting thing for the summer in between when i work and when I take in some of the great movies that seem to be coming out this summer starting with Spiderman 3 which comes out today... however I probably won't see that until later next week or possably when I get back to Wisconsin. I'll have to talk that one over with my brother and his girlfriend/fiancee.

Oh that's something that's really good news to me! My brother about two weeks ago today or Saturday(can't remember which really) finally asked his girlfriend of 4 years to marry him. I believe me, my family, and his fiancee's family have been waiting for at least two years for this to happen.

I know the diamonds used in the engagement ring have been waiting to be used for nearly that long as my mom asked me if I wanted them to be held for me for my wedding ring if and when a guy asked me to marry him or if she'd like me to let my brother have them. I told her let my brother have them, he'd probably pop the question before I had a boyfriend that would do so.

Because of this I have a wedding I am to go to that has at this time tentitively been set for November of 2008... I'd kind of like them to push it to being during winter break of that year os it wouldn't interfear with my learning as I will probably be taking classes still at that time since I'm planing on taking a max of two classes a semester to help me focus more.

This should be a great summer. The only thing that would make it better would be getting a new boyfriend finally and going to Noah's Ark in Wisconsin Dells. I haven't been there in about three or four years when the Mantah Ray was first opened. Talk about a water thrill ride!

And on a random note as I look at the subject of this Journal Entry I now have the Sugar Ray in my head.
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I had to do this because the I found it funny that you got to choose the title you'd post in your journal(s).

I blame :iconxscarredonex: for this. You rock Cubsy! :glomp:

At least I don't technicly have to send this to so many people... Onword with the stuff I had to copy ;)


IT'S PRETTY FUNNY THAT YOU OPENED this because in the next
seven days you will:

* have someone fall in love with you
* find money you've been missing
* your luck will change for the better in all areas... love, happiness, job, money,

(not true. =__= )

BUT...first you will have to repost this with 1 of these titles:

"Guess who i kissed last night!"
"I'm a lesbian"
"who you..Never..."
"Just to settle all the rumors... yes i did"
"I'm getting married!"
"I got the job!.. I'm moving to Japan!"
"I miss him"
"I guess it was never meant to be"
"I'm gonna be a daddy!"
"I'm gonna be a mommy!"
"I'm moving : ("

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(Idea not my own but too good to pass up; I originally saw it in GraveyardGreg's journal on FA so credit for this goes to him though I changed the title to fit me)

No real reason for this other than I'm hyper and these people (in no particular order) are on my S-list!


There are many more... but that would take up a few pages.

So remember:



The S stands for Special ;P
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Well, classes start up at my college tomorrow. Technicly I don't start my classes till Friday so I've got one more day of fun. Well it won't be fun and games however, I've got work for nine hours.

Just decided to mention it because I haven't posted any journals since October.

But the fun part is that a week from tomorrow I'll  be heading off to Colorado as my roommate won a trip there to watch our favorite college team play there... Thus I miss a day of classes. Luckily for me I only have to tell one Prof about me not being there as I have the same prof for my two classes.

Anyway, this has ended up being a very random journal entry.

I know I've got a few requests and trades to fill but I realize I've also got to do school work starting this Friday so, best of luck to me on getting that in.

Well, that's it from me.

Looks like nobody took me up on my offer as I looked at my counts of views and it's over 5000 now and not a single person dropped me a line about it muchless proof of hitting the 5000 mark. Ah well maybe next time if I decide to do it.


Just was noticing that I'm nearly to 5000 views of my DA page... I think, I'll offer this up. If you are the 5000 visitor (need screen shot for proof) I'll offer up a request for said person. If you win it either Note me or reply to this journal entry with a link to the proof.

The only thing I ask about your request, make sure you have at least a few refrences to the character.... and I think I'd rather the character be either TLK, AD:JL, or Gargoyles style/related... maybe a Sonic character, haven't drawn them in a loooooooong time muchless ever put one up here.

Anyway, good luck to anybody trying to make this happen.

Trades/Requests/Collabs Status: Note me, I'm not sure I have time
:iconaquan: Trade (Not yet sketched)
Replied to :iconaquan: and got this to do.

1. I'll respond with something random about you:
2. I'll challenge you to try something:
3. I'll pick a color that I associate with you:
4. I'll tell you something I like about you:
5. I'll tell you my first/clearest memory of you:
6. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of:
7. If I do this, you should post this in your journal:

If you wonder what :iconaquan: asked of me
1. I'll respond with something random about you: HIII8D
2. I'll challenge you to try something: I dare you to lick your elbow.
3. I'll pick a color that I associate with you: Auburn brown.
4. I'll tell you something I like about you: You're a very good friend
5. I'll tell you my first/clearest memory of you: TLKFAA...
6. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of: Lion!
7. If I do this, you should post this in your journal: You don't have to if you don't want
I finally got questions about the new setup here. Where are the newly submited scraps, I've submited two in the past three days and neither have shown up in my scraps.

Also, I realized I miss spelled at least one thing in my last journal entry and I wanted to edit it so that it's correct... and damn am I glad that my bro doesn't know where my art account is here. :giggle:

Anyway, yeah, could somebody help me with this... please?

Problem solved now thanks to a not from a friend and DA figuring it's new system self out
I couldn't help but post tonight.... :excited: I TOUCHED THE STANLEY CUP TODAY :excited:

That's right, the Holy Grail of Hockey. I got my picture with it and everything... then had fun making my brother a bit jealous... only because we get competitive when it comes to our favorite college hockey teams. He touched the WCHA trophy or the NCAA trophy a few months back... I just one upped him :D and he proceeded to tell me standing by the Stanley Cup and by three Lmbardy trophies at the home of the Lumbardy was better....

I think he's wrong there. Touching something older than the Lumbardy trophy is than standing next to three of them and the Holy Grail of Hockey.

As far as I'm concerned, POINT, ME!

I'll see about posting picture as soon as I get them developed... the batteries died on my digital camra so I didn't get pictures of the ceremony (Missed getting a picture of Kristi Yamaguchi :pissedoff: ) If the digital didn't die I would have had pictures up already.

But for the most part, I was very excited today, and still am :excited:

I can't wait till Monday, I'm getting double prints and a CD of the pictures so I might not have to work through scaning them at the college library....

But dude...! THE STANLEY CUP...! I TOUCHED IT! :excited: :faint:

It oddly enough only came to my attention in the last few days that you can orginize the people you watch into groups. Thus I'm trying to orginize... this coming from the women whose room looks like a tornado hit it and doesn't really care.

I also don't know what the full point is on this excpet to know who you know, who you really know and what artist you don't know but love to follow their works... If you feel like telling me, by all means do.

Not much else to say... must eat.
Been a bit busy as of late including having a number of nearly 40 hour work weeks for about a month and a half to two months straight in just seasonal work. In that time I've had to keep focused on work and a little less on my sketches and such though they were worked on when I had time. I've also been doing a lot more uploading to my TLKFAA account rather than here and only putting a few of my works up here... with some luck and thought there might be some new uploads some time soon.

However right now I just decided to let anybody who actually watches my journal to know I was alive still. Hope 2006 has been good to you all so far
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Can't convince myself to go to bed despite the fact that I've been up since about 10am yesterday with only a three our nap around 4-7pm It is now about 10:15am as I'm typing this and I'm wide away... laughing at a lot of things but that's to be expected.

Funny thing is that I've been listening to song "Why Don't You and I" probably for the past hour or so on a loop because I've had the song stuck in my head for a few weeks, only the chorus adn finally downloaded it over the night... sad thing as I looked at the lyrics while waiting for it to finish I realized how much the lyrics describe me with a guy I really like... but then it would apply to others with crushes as well.

However because of this song I was inspired to draw up a quick sketch of the Queen of my pride when she was a cub and first met her future mate.

Sad thing about that is that it's the second drawing I've got inspired to draw yet I'm still searching for an idea on a trade I have with ClearGreenWater from TLKFAA and which I might add that site once again has run out of banwidth before the month's end so a week without it.

Must think of something... but I also got homework to do...

And probably what's worse that I've added to this equation I've decided to try doing a Pern RP. I did it once before but the place I was at sort of bombed out within a few months of me joining if not within a month... that and the other players had a tendancy to write one line posts. I also wasn't happy with the fact that they had a flight over the course of three hours and I'd been wanting to bring a character into that but because I wasn't on a computer at the time, muchless they didn't announce it until the very last second... I read over some of the flight and had to leave the thread it was that horrable, I've written better flights on my own... Hell I helped write a better flight with Ty during my first year in college(The first ever Flurry at Ryslen when it was still considered a Weyr)!

Well now that I've had that rant... I think I might go for a walk since I'm still so awake.... except I don't want to leave this song... hmm but how often do you get to enjoy the sunshine even in late winter/early spring in the mid-west. It's a time of year where it doesn't know which season it wants to be in... ah just go to construction season already.... oh, wait that's year round despite the jokes ;)
I know I've been hearing a lot about art theft as of late and this location I just got a look at takes the cake. They might not intentionally be doing this as they don't ask if you are the artist but they've got a lot of pics that I know don't belong to them and I've already heard from a few aquantances that found their art up there that they didn't put it there and they are pretty anoyed to heavily understate it.

I just checked thorugh pretty much all the pages and found at least five to six different artist that I'm pretty sure didn't give any permission for their art to be posted there... saddly I can't remember where to find them so as to E-mail them about the subject.

I'd suggest all of you who are reading this to head over and check if your art's there and then decide if your art being up there is a big deal to you or not.

Note the main site is in French though there's a English and German page as well (the English at least only goes for the main page when you ask for it and then returns to French)…

Just a warning, some images on this site aren't all kid safe as there are some furry-topless pics
Just haven't been the most happy of people this weekend, the two hockey teams that I watch regularly because I love to watch them play and because I've got free admition because I'm a student at the University they play for both were swept, one of them this being their senior weekend.

Then you come upon yesterday when I was going to check messages at the server's banwidth seems to have been met and it doesn't give a timelimit of when it will be back up... every time I've checked it since then it gives the same message.

Then you have what I've been waiting for, the chance to try out Zetapets. I don't try these cyberpet sites at all other than Neopets, and I only go on there now to play games it seems... and not many at that.

Bad thing for me now is that Mid-terms are coming up on Thursday and Friday this week... I have a lot of studying to do to make sure I do well... I've got a few assignments that I need to finish up too... this is going to be one hell of a week... God, I wish it was 2pm on Friday, then this would be over with and my Spring break would be on

Only prob with that is that the guys that I've watched since they first started on the men's hockey team here are graduating... it will be the last time I ever see them play in person... It breaks my heart on that. But with some luck maybe it won't be so bad... but that's only if the right things happen, as vag as that sounds. I am so going to miss them
Just decided to make a post since my family's Christams celebrations are usually held only on Christmas Eve when we get together with my Dad's family... then agian I probaby could just say my Aunts, Uncle and Grandparents as my mom's parents as of the day after Easter this year are both dead and the only relitive she has alive is in Colorado.

Anyway, I'm pretty light hearted today and excited about what I got for Christams. Other than the totally random gifts from my relitives that I got last night, I also got everything that I asked for on my list that I'd only sent to my mom at most two or three weeks back... yeah I know, I made my parents do last minute shoping... it's bad enough that I know they did last minute wraping as well, though if my presents were in that mix or not I don't know... Didn't look, I like being surprised if I can do it when it comes to gifts... Just don't try to be my boyfriend, act like you might not be able to come to something and then show up as a suprise, I do plan other things. It's a nice suprised but it irritates the hell out of me as well. Friends are more able to do this.

Er, yeah, I was going to talk about what I got for Chrismas not the past human surprises. Yeah.

Anyway, after our visit with our reltives last night we went over to my brother's and his girlfriend's apartment to do imediate family gifts. I got a really sweet card from my brother which I'm glad I forgot to open until after all my other gifts because it was very touching so much so that tears came to my eyes and that's not an easy task to accomplish unless I'm tired or very very moved by something.

From his girlfriend (She was helped by my Mom telling her what things were on my list) I got the Gargoyles: Season 1 DVD *does a little dance* I can't wait to listen to the comontary they have on Episodes 1-5 AKA the original Gargoyles movie that went straight to VHS that I never picked up though I really wanted it.

From my parents I got three DVDs, LOTR: Return of the King; the Extented Version, Spiderman 2, and Shrek 2, as well as my first ever Tablet: a Wamcom Graphire 3 4X5. The tablet was the last thing on my list and was thought, by me, to be the least likely to get. I was informed by my mom that she nearly didn't get it for me except that she found it at CompUSA with a $30 rebate and thus they got it... And since I knew the original price was $99 then that means, as long as she gets the rebate in it's $69 to her, pretty good buy. Other stores had it for as low as $89 but didn't have the rebate, I think she got a good buy out of this, don't you? ;P

Well that's about it from here, though another main reason for this post was to note that I finally when and got myself an account on The Lion King Fan-Art Archives… I haven't put anything in it yet as I'm currently at my parents place and not on my computer back home, a state next door.

But that's it from me, hope you have a happy holiday and happy and safe New Year as well.

Really tired right now and have a headache, but I was just noticing that I was four pagepreviews away from 900. Part of me almost wants to do a contest for the person to hit here on the 1000 page preview to send me a screen shot of it to get some free sketch or something... but one I'm not confident enough to put that on the line and two, I'm not sure I'll be near a scanner at the time of the hit.

However, with any luck I might be given a tablet for X-mas as my parents surprisingly showed interest enough to ask me if it was a personal thing or something that would have school use as well... I told them the truth, it's manyly for my own use but if I get into the right classes I may be able to use it for those classes.

So tired and my head is pounding... you'd think I might have been drinking because of the pain, mild though it may be. Eh, this is tired randomness for ya'.
Finally got a scanner. I didn't realize how close it was to the end of the semester in college until I needed/wanted to use a scanner. All the computers in the library are taken and I was lucky enough to find a computer that was connected to a scanner to use. And unlike the last time, this scanner worked and what's better, the way I'd learned how to use it.

Anyway, scanned the sketches I wanted and even outlined and colored in a suprise gift I just notified SimbaGirl about.

I can't wait till I have time, hopefully over the Thanksgiving Break, to mess with my others sketches. I have one that you'll be able to see the face of Mayah's little brother, not just the back of his head. Despite how much I like this pic his feautres may still change... or I might edit the picture as I'm getting it ready to be colored in... Trust me it's cute, I think you'll like it if you come to see it.

Of course the best way to know when it arrives is to set me as one of your watches, but whichever. Thanks for those who watch on a regular basis, it means alot to me.

I think that's it for me... Damn CNA class is going to have a quiz on an artical I still have to look up on the net.

Catch ya' on the flip side of reality!
Was going to scan some more sketches tonight while my roommate had time to herself back in our dorm room but just realized they changed how to use the scanners... anoys me as I knew exactly how to do it before; Just hit a button on the scanner and it would go to the scanner menu on the computer screen. Not that way anymore!

Now you have to do everything through Adobe Photoshop CS... only problem there is that it seems the computer I'm at isn't configured to what the dirrections state... and worse yet, there's no free scanners around me at this time.

What was I going to scan tonight, one might ask? Well I had some sketches of the heads of Mayah's parents that I really wanted to scan as well as a thank you sketch to a friend. Then there's the latest sketches of Mayah, Rotrer, Stana, and a new male named Jay.... I'm a little disappointed as I had a butt shot of Rotrer when he's a full grown lion, nothing really to show off there except the pads of his paws and the fact that I think it's a lot more proportional that some of my works.

Also I wanted to scan a dragon for Mystic's Victory Dance Hatching. The last of the eight dragons I had to make for my dragons who have clutches at this hatching, each one will be an original design. Two of them though I like so much they'll go to my own candidates, Victory… and a hockey player who will be known as A'dam right after the impression.

In the mean time I've been working on a webpage for the orginization I'm in at my college... at the same time as getting pissed off at the board members for continually pushing off working on the website saying we'll work on it after break. Even with the simple site I've made up it's a bit of work and they're waiting for the begining of the second semester to even try anything with it?! As far as I know, I'm the only one with any html skills in the whole active group of the orginization and there's a possablity that I might not be here next semester if I don't make the grades.

They say that they don't get many people touching on the site. I'll tell them this time and again, you don't advertise it nobody's going to look at it and those who do, with the current set up on it might walk away from the gawdy-ness (is that even a word) of it. They have no idea how much I'd love to change the logo for the club as it's technicly too much and doesn't really destinguish us from the university other than putting words around the mascot logo.

Hmm, guess I just ranted... oooo a sort of first for me... sort of. ;)
Just submited my first TLK character, Mayah. I really would like feed back on her. I'm not going to explain much about here as I did so in the discription part. Her brother Rotrer and her friend Stana should show up here later on... I think I've been sketching more of Rotrer than Stana and he came first... Stana that is.

It's been a long time since I drew anything Lion King related... around five to ten years to be exact. All previous TLK stuff that I'd drawn though were of the canon characters.

I still remember when TLK came out... I believe when I saw it in the theaters I had to have been about eleven or tweleve... I think I saw it over the summer of '94 so that would have made me eleven at the time... It's still one of my favorite Disney movies of all time if not my most favorite!

Hmm... tired now... was watching movies with a few of my friends earlier tonight and haven't gone to sleep yet... it's almost 6am... Thus I'm off to bed though I'm sure I'll talk to my roommate in the next twenty to thirty minutes when she gets back from work... ah the usual.
Yeah, a little sick it seems but I couldn't help thinking I feel a bit bad. I don't get many comments to my art and I really would like some sort of feeback, especially from those who draw the same subjects that I do, ie gargoyles from gargoyle artists (more than the one or two who've done it), when I get them up some of TLK artist evaluating the female I just recently came up with as I'm not too sure if I might have unconsciecly taken things from others.

Like I've said before, I'd like to see other people's randitions of my characters. I have to say that gargoyles at this time are the ones I'd like to see somebody else try to draw and color in. It would be a nice surprise.

Well, i guess that's enough of my ranting, already did some tonight elsewhere but I just had to do one of my rare rants here... guess I'm a whinner... eh, I blame it on being sick... and of course on wanting to improve my art work if possable while keeping some of my styles.