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So, WhiteDove :iconwhitedove-creations:, and awesome My Little Pony plushie maker here on DA is doing a give away, raffle style. She's going to be giving away a Winter Wrap-up style Twilight Sparkle.

Ever since I visited my niece last and showed her some of WhiteDove's work she's wanted one, in the way that any toddler or preschooler would want their favorite characters. So I think if I lucked out and some how won it, I might give it to my niece for either her birthday or Christmas. I know for older collectors they might call me nuts to do that but I it would be something I'd know she'd love though she might ask me where Twilight's wings are.

Either way, this journal was in part to mention the little story and also a part of the rules of entering this contest. Best of luck to all in it, and an awesome thing for you to have done WhiteDove.

EDIT> Forgot the link when I originally posted this:
The Twilight Sparkle Winter Wrap-up plushie being given away: whitedove-creations.deviantart…
The Journal to enter the give-away: whitedove-creations.deviantart…
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So I haven't done much recently... at least on here. However in real life I'm still sketching any time I get the chance. Recently I finally broke down and started watching My Little Pony: FiM and like many others found a liking to it. Not a hard thing to do as, once again, many found out themselves, but not so surprising to me in that I do remember playing with some of the original ponies when I was much younger. With the new series it got me into trying to draw some, or to be exact a few of my own (as of yet to be posted).

Thanks to a fellow DA artist/friend's journal I got wind of a contest/raffle going on for Pony Plushies by White-Dove AKA: :iconwhitedove-creations: If you're a fan of My Little Pony: FiM you really should go over and take a look at her work, some of the best ponies I've seen mirroring the look/style of the ponies from the show.

So comes the point of this journal, I'm trying to enter the contest (about two days before it's supposed to end). I'm wishing everybody luck on this, I may want one but there are many others who are worthy of it; I'm still new to the fandom.

But if you want to enter as well, you'll want to take a look at the rules: whitedove-creations.deviantart…

I hope to post some sketches of my characters soon, but need to get motivated for it... plus harden my mentality for one of the characters as I know he'll not be liked by many for what he truly is. Makes me wonder if I'll ever get their stories written.

Now off to bed with me, I have work in less than 8 hours. ;P
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So today, or to be more exact last night, I was thinking about getting that Adobe Photoshop that I want and it occurred to me: "I'm still a college student, maybe the computer store has it for sale there at a cheaper price." Fast forward to 5-6 hours ago, I found they did and not only that it was a few different programs of Adobe graphic stuff ( including Photoshop CS5), all for under $200 before adding the tax. Keep this in mind, the program is worth $699 on Adobe's website, makes it reeeeeeal good to be a college student and for them to have a computer store through your university.

Thus this weekend, pending World of Warcraft runs, I expect to upload this to my computer and start working on pieces that have been bugging me from anywhere from a few days to a few years (5 years if you consider my trade with :iconaquan:)... and playing around with the new stuff. How much time I spend on that will depend on if my roomie goes to her home town for the weekend or not as she activated a World of Warcraft account for herself and now we're riding around together under the recruit a friend program :D

I'll get in some art in celebration no matter what I'm sure....

I better, I'll only have so much more time and then classes start up again two weeks from this coming Monday. Things go right this will be my last year at this university. Both excited and nervous about that.
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I seriously need to do it. My only problem since I got my computer back and working (hard drive died on me so it wouldn't boot, thank god for extended warranties).

I usually use Adobe Photoshop to work on any digital art I do however I realize that my version is way far behind (7.0) and plus it can't be updated because I believe my dad has the original copy on his computer and registered it to that.

So in the next 36+ hours I believe I will be picking up Adobe Photoshop CS5 (hopefully).

I've got so many things I'd like to work on again not to mention the over 5 year old trade I have to finish with :iconaquan:. I have it sketched, I just don't want to scan it until Photoshop is once again on this computer.

On a random note, the final Harry Potter movie. Go see it, it is AWESOME! I think I plan to see it again this weekend if I can... I know I will at least watch it a second time in theaters, and if that's not in 3D I will watch it for a 3rd time just to see it in 3D..... AWESOME!!!!!

EDIT> Check that, not sure if I should go for the expensive CS5 or the cheaper (1/7 the price) Elements 9. My last version is Adobe Photoshop 7 and I know I didn't use that to the fullest.

Anybody who might have an opinion on this speak up, I'd like to hear what you might think my style might do better with at this time. I will note that I seem to have never played with the Elements line of Adobe Photoshop but Adobe Photoshop 7 seems to be in the CS line... just 8 years older >_<

Help a girl out in the next 12 hours.
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Seriously one of the most irritating thing to happen the week before Finals. My main computer contracted something, not sure what as my virus checker didn't catch it so it's probably some malware... but either way I need to take my main computer in for a "check-up." It's a good thing that about a year ago I purchased this laptop thinking it would help me in. Either way though it means that even if I had any art I wanted to do at this time (which actually I do but haven't gotten to) I am not able to post it as I don't have Photoshop uploaded to my laptop, nor my tablet.

Anyway, thought I'd mention it at this time. Bad thing is that because my main computer is a desk top. I have to wait for my parents to come visit/come help me move a week from Monday. Though I have to figure out if my warranty is still in effect, it tells if I go to Best Buy or to my  university to get it fixed... not sure what else to say... other than Monday May 9th can't come soon enough.
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Ok, short rant (hopefully here).

Ever wanted to post on a messageboard about something but couldn't because you couldn't get through the registration process? It's happening to me right now.

I've really been wanting to post on a messageboard (called "Franky House" if you've ever heard of it) to discuss with other fans of "Skip Beat!" about the current chapters out. I've especially wanted to do so for the last three chapters. However every time I try to register it saying I put the wrong answer in for a word check thing; the type that gives you the word(s) in a jpg or the like but in such a way a bot/spider program likely wouldn't be able to read it correctly. I know I've put it in right each time but every single time it says I don't have it right.

It's getting frustrating to me especially since it seems like people don't understand that Ren should have been interviewed first or second like they said and instead requested fourth because he couldn't get away yet. It means Kyoko was bumped up a slot in my books, up to the 3rd slot because everybody before her would have moved up one because of Ren taking 4... not really important but it's getting on my nerves that people aren't realizing this.

But yeah.... that's why I feel tormented, because I can read there but not respond.

Now that I've ranted, I'm heading to bed... plus my computer's planning to restart soon because of updates.

Random HI! :D
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Hmm, well it's that time of year again. College is starting up again for me on Monday and I'm both excited and stressed out about it. The knowledge that I have very few classes left to take after being here so long makes me nervous about what I'm going to be doing in a little over two years. I need something to de-stress but that's probably not going to happen unless it happens tomorrow.

Starting Saturday my life will be crazy for two weeks straight as Saturday I work from 10-8pm and then Sunday 12-8pm Then the next five days I'm up and to work by 7:30am and don't get off campus until 8pm three of the five days. The week from Saturday to next Friday I will have worked 39 hours (these hours include the times that I'm actually not on the clock) between my two jobs. You add into the fact that the Saturday and Sunday following that I have 9 hours over the two days at one of my jobs and don't work my other job those days I'll work ~48 hours over the course of 9 days. The week after that is lighter work at the moment (no telling if one of my two jobs will call me in to help) 32 hour (once again not taking out the time I punch out for any lunches I get at the one job that has a few times I work 6+ hours in a row). Granted this will mean I'll get quite a bit of money over the next one or two pay checks, I just hope I don't burn myself out too early. -_-

Bad thing, every time I'm at work I want/am inspired to draw however can't on the job. When I get off work I tend to have lost my idea to draw... and I just realized I went random.

OK stopping now because I will so go random here, and it will go something like Hockey, Harry Potter, Hockey, WoW, Hockey, University's lack of control over budget, Want for Hockey to start, etc, etc, etc.
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I've been considering this for a few days. Before going any farther realize that there may be things you consider spoilers on the way. I'll try not to mention much but this journal entry could easily turn into a rant.

If after reading this you have a negative comment about the movie, I'd rather not see it. If you wish to discuss an item in here then we might talk. Your comment(s) may or may not be replied to depending.

We'll start off with the main thing. I went to see The Last Airbender (in 2D as my theater does not have enough 3D projectors to have more than one or two movies being shown in 3D) this past Saturday with my roommate. We went knowing what was being criticized by friends with the idea that we would form our own opinion of the 1 hour and 40 minute movie. The end result, we over all enjoyed it. Wasn't the best movie but we liked it especially with some understandings that we determined before and during the movie.

For those riding the fence or out right not wanting to go, keep this in mind: If you are expecting to see the series with lots of funny moments, don't go to the movie. This is more serious, very few funny moments though they are there (mainly in the beginning). If you're willing to put your "It must be exactly like the series" ideas aside and keep in mind that it is an adaptation then you may like or even love the movie.

Possible spoilers starting now, so if you're still reading but don't want to have anything spoiled then stop reading now and do not post a comment.

Now, the one thing that people got irritated about was how much they would explain things on the screen. This had its irritating moments with me as well but at the same time I understood a need for it with the way the movie was made. That is, not everyone who goes to see it knows what happened in the series. For another the movie is an adaptation of the show, something that was consider a children's show and thus the movie would be still see as such in some areas.

Another thing, many knew this before the movie even came out but the fire benders having to have fire on hand to create fire. This was not so in the series. When I thought about it shortly after hearing some people being irritated by this change I actually understood it and wondered why I hadn't thought about it before. In the series the only benders who did not need their element on hand were fire benders. If you think about it that does not make sense. Fire is not made from the body, yes we have heat but not so much that we can burn things. Short, wind, water, and earth benders need their element present to use, why shouldn't the Fire Nation been the same. Yes, then putting out their flame would have rendered them powerless but all one would need would be have one person defend the flame while another attacks with it.

Name pronunciation. Here's the real bugger for many, I only have hypotheses for these. The names being Sokka, Iroh, Aang, and Avatar.

I'll only work with one, so let's work with one of the two most obvious as they're probably said the most: Sokka. Series his name is pronounced Sah-Kah, movie it's Soh-kah. With me this wasn't too hard of a jump, why? Because when I started off with the series I would go between the two pronunciations. Now as me and my friend discussed it before and after the movie, we wondered if  there was a possibility that the series was actually saying the names wrong rather than the movie. I've never looked into the names but considering the creators were big fans of many different Eastern Asian Animations the names were likely chosen from the cultures in these areas. Now who's to say they could have just read the names, thought this is how they sound and then found out years later they were wrong. Or make it even bigger, Nick requiring the names to sound the way they decided (AKA don't anger the ones financing you by telling them "you're wrong"). Granted this hypothesis could be reversed as well, namely that everything that I said that dealt with the idea that the show had the names wrong and were forced might have been with the movie.

I can hear mentally that some people are saying no it has to be MKS's fault, he had no idea what he was doing with this. Some maybe even pegging him as a non-fan.

All things considered MKS was a fan, thanks to his daughter and her requesting he buy the first season when they saw it in a store one day. From there they went and made it family night to watch the series to which ended up causing MKS to become a huge fan to the point that supposedly he approached the creators on if they thought it should be made into a movie. His first draft of the screen play would have been a 14 hour movie, almost everything from the series if not all of it. Epic yes, but not needed (you consider how many episodes were pretty much fluff compared to the main story, other than to establish relationships). He called in the creators to help him get the script down to movie size. Supposedly the main cuts to the script were from the creators so you can't fully blame MKS on the movie as the creators had a hand in helping him.

Back to how things were pronounced. The one that I'm even slightly confused about is Avatar. This however as I was preparing to type this I had a thought that might make since. As we know the movie Avatar came out earlier this year (and recently came to DVD and Blueray). James Cameron has the title Avatar copyrighted as a movie title before The Last Airbender was fully realize. We hear more that they took out the "Avatar" part to keep people who didn't know about the show from getting confused into thinking it was another Avatar. Another reason that a friend pointed out to me would be because of the title Avatar being copyright for a movie name. So my hypothesis on this might be they decided the best way to separate the two more was to pronounce Avatar differently. That irritated me but I can live with it.

The next thing that I heard complaints about. Certain characters not appearing in the movie. Now I know we want to see our favorite characters but you have to consider thing. #1 Suki, she was in all of one episode in the first season and her and Sokka didn't get together until the second season when she showed up in two or three episodes. Because of this Suki really isn't needed in this movie. This and the fact that since Princess Yue was Sokka's love interest in the movie, which as a "kid's movie" gave them more reason to not have Suki in it as it would have made Sokka look like to some as two timing Suki with Yue. And before anybody tried to argue, well it won't make sense in the next one when she shows up in the next one (if they even get the go head to make it). The fact that they went on liberating villages, who's to say they didn't meet Suki when on Kyoshi Island off camera. In that they could bring her in that way if they so chose to.

The change of Roku to a Dragon Spirit, actually only heard this one tonight but I had a hypothesis before I even heard about it. My thoughts, Aang never asked if the dragon spirit had a name. I'm more of the mind that the dragon spirit is Roku's spirit form since his death or even a combination of his own dragon and himself; sort of an idea of this is what happens with the animal you are connected to when you die... ie if Aang were to die he'd be a talking Appa... about as funny a thought to me as Appa and Momo in samurai stuff fighting. Aside from this the dragon spirit may be able to take the form of Roku as well.

I think, in the end what came out of me watching this is I went in there knowing it was not going to be the series. I realized it was going to be an adaptation. As one review I read pointed out pretty much anything that started out as a cartoon and was changed to live action has never been the same as the show save for the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (not the TMNT version, the actual live action ones).

One of my few outright complaints is that I would have liked it to be longer and in that maybe it would have helped the story. I would have preferred it to be an hour longer though even I'm not sure what they could have fully done with this that would not have been fluff other than trying to establish relationships a bit better. It makes me wonder if Nick decided that the fans of the show would not stand for Harry Potter length movies as I don't remember any Nick movies that went to theaters ever being even 2 hours long.

The other thing that bugged me was that many of the scenes with bending effects looked to be lack. As one person put it, it looked like they actually meant to have much more happening but never did for some reason. I would have liked to have seen the bending effects start right away instead of a number of large "showy" looking martial arts moves before the element being called for attacking started working. Defending was quick, but not the offense. It's one thing I really think they should have spent more time working on at least with the other benders. They were fine with the firebenders, most of their bending were instantaneous with their moves.

Hmmm, I realize this whole thing is very much all over the place but we'll have to live with it.

I may update this if somebody brings up something that I forgot to mention or didn't hear. Likely I'll defend and or put up another hypothesis of why something happened the way I did. Though there may be some things I agree with.

Well I'm going to post this before I go and add more above probably making it even more confusing.
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So, Version 7 of DA... Seems less cluttered to me so far. I'll reserve judgment until I put something new up besides a journal or a comment.

Beyond that, that an update on that inspection that happened today. After working through the night my room's cleaner than I think it's ever been since I first moved into this little apartment 2 years ago. I passed inspection so I can go back to only having to worry about when I'm scheduled, which is really crazy now as they're updating it a few days before I work (example: I wasn't scheduled to work until Friday this week and only half the day, now I work tomorrow morning from 7-12 and all day Friday). It's a little irritating with the last minute changes and the fact that they haven't sent me the schedule for Summer Sessions I and II yet so I can inform my other job when I can work. What's a bit worse is that my other job just scheduled me for working on a day at a time I told them I couldn't.

Beyond that the plan for this summer is to work on getting at least one more of my World of Warcraft toons up to 80, one of my hunters most likely... and if I keep it up it will be the one I actually named Quachir.
Other than that I'll be trying to do some art, at least coloring in a few things maybe even drawing something and coloring it in the same summer for once in a long time.

Oh and if I remember I might post some/a picture of this really cool looking lilac bush on campus. Meant to take pictures of it last year when I found it but never got around to it before the flowers were all gone. They're in full bloom now and I took multiple pictures of the flowers earlier today.
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So here's the think, I'm going to vent somewhat here so if you don't want to hear it then don't read. I'm just in need of some way to calm some and normally that would be talking to a friend of mine but since I've got about an hour and a half until I can talk to at the earliest this is going to have to do.

So let me give a quick background for people to understand. I currently live in an efficiency apartment. Its basically a room that I would normally describe as being about the size of a dorm room but maybe that's not the best description for all. Best beyond that I say is that it's about the size of a bedroom about 12ft X 18ft give or take. I can surprisingly fit a lot of stuff in my room which is good since I've lived in this city as long as I have. Being an efficiency apartment I have to share a bathroom with on of my neighbors (who I think of as my roommate since that's what she's been over the years at other apartments) which is what connects our two rooms. between our rooms we have a stand which we put our bathroom stuff on that is waiting to be used in the bathroom

We both have tried to fit things in our rooms as nicely as we can and be livable For instance I have two bookcases (one for moves one for books) A desk for my computer in the corner, a twin sized bed, and two dressers that are set up so the smaller one is sitting on the shorter one.

I've never had the best of skills keeping my room clean (this may be considered an understatement by some including myself) and here's where my trouble starts in a way.

See 10 days ago for, some reason, the city was called in to inspect all the apartments in our building. Now to keep things in perspective it was probably the worst time to do so as it was the first day of finals week. Most people were not home for their inspections. I happened to be there for mine only because my final had been made a take home due by 9am that day.

So shortly after 11am as warned by our apartment company the inspector came to my room with one of the guys who works for my company. She gave me a very detached from the situation while doing her job attitude which in her field has probably been made habit to deal with problem cases. Another way to describe her would to be consider her the Bureaucrat woman from Futuroma without the "secret" obsession for very very dirty things.

The women looked around my room and focused on my kitchenette area where my sink was full of dishes I was meaning to clean as soon as the stress of finals was over. She stated that those could end up causing bugs to get into the building and that I had 10 days to fix it. This obviously irritated me as I knew this and she went on to inspect the rest of my room and then the area between mine and my friend's room. She then left my room by my door way and went to check my friend's room.

Fast forward to today. One of my apartment managers called up and since I was too tired I let my answering machine pick up on it. The message went on for long enough that I the content irritated me so I finally picked up to talk with the manager.

The main jist of what was said was something along the lines of this:
The inspector called up the apartment company asking "Are you ready for re-inspection" luckily my managers said no they weren't because they hadn't called us up yet to tells us when she was going to be in, this made her reassign the day to Tuesday May 18. It almost sounded like they weren't even told directly which rooms needed to be re-inspected much less when by they need to be inspected again. Now what my manager told me is that both me and my friend were needing to be inspected again and that the lady said we had to clean dirty dishes and clear debris and clutter from the rooms and the hall way between. You can understand when hall way came up was about the time I got irritated and had to talk to my manager myself. The women had never noted any of that to me, just the dishes.

Now I'm in a panic because despite the fact that I've payed for this apartment through December this women has the ability to condemn my room and thus kick me out of my home for the past two year. I'm scared as hell because I don't know exactly what she expects other than what's been said because that's vague, I don't know if she's saying my room would be cluttered even if my floor was cleared or what because she didn't say anything to me other than to clean my dishes in 10 days. What's worse is that she didn't leave any notes for me or my friend about this as, at least not with us. I'm so scared right now that we won't be able to do what she wants to her likings. I mean the clutter in the hall way we can't just move to one of our rooms because we don't have that kind of room left to try at the moment.

The thing is that my apartment managers/company understands how we have to live in here, I mean he's come into my room and my friend's room another of times when they've looked much worse, just to work on things for us. He literally told me with the stuff in the hallway if we can find a way to just move it out for the inspection and then move it back in afterwards it would be fine. I'm trying to figure this out now and hope that maybe we can do something with our other friend who probably didn't get told she needed another inspection. I might have to call up my parents to help out if it gets to a point we're not sure how we're going to do this.

This really makes me wish I'd gone to a larger apartment but the original plan was that I was only going to be here another year to 18 months, now it's two years I need to stick around because of classes and how I take them... but that's beyond the point.

I don't get brought to tears easily but that's what this really is doing. Maybe in part is because I only had about three hours of sleep before the call but still it's very unnerving.

Well, I'm going to get ready and run over to my friend's and my work place to get her to go on lunch ASAP so I can talk to her and hopefully not come apart at the seams in public.

5 days to work on this.... god I hope we pull through on it... I'm in such a panic at the moment that I might call my parents to help get through part of it.
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I might say something intelligent any moment! LOL

I should have a more elaborate journal entry later this week... or at the latest month... hopefully :D

Last two finals tomorrow and then a little bit of work and a LOT of free time! Currently in the act of studying for the larger of the two finals by listening to the last half of the lectures for that class. The other is probably going to be a fairly easy lab which is lucky since it's at 7:30am (though the prof says we can show up later: 8:30am-ish). Hard one is at 1pm. It is currently just after 5pm.

*bounds off to try to study*
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Haven't written in her in over a year, but I felt he need to write now... probably because I have to get to sleep but I got this on my mind.

I kind of realized just now how much I hate it that I can draw Canon characters very well most of the time, even with references.

The reason I state this now is because I just went and flipped through the most reason release of Naruto, manga format. I don't usually state outright who I like in shows, manga, or books who I like to see in a relationship together but I realized once again how much I do like the pairing of Naruto and Sakura.

The problem here is that I feel like drawing the two of them whether it's in a romantic pic or just the two being friends and teammates together. However it makes me irritated that I don't feel up to the challenge of drawing them... then again that could be because I  know I'd just mull over working on it so much I'd probably forget more than usual to study for classes.

OK, with that rant done.

I am really not being able to wait for many things this month a large majority are happening over the next three weeks starting Friday. One series of hockey this weekend along with the third annual alumni game for the women's team at my university. Then get a week of working on getting some sources for one of my final papers, if not the other one as well (not a fun thing). Then comes the 17 and thus the release of Star Trek (loved the movie this summer despite not being that big of a Star Trek fan). After this comes the real fun, the weekend of the 20-22. My mom arrives on the 20th, she is coming for many reason 1) to visit me and my friends, 2) to come to 4 hockey games (men and women are home) against the University from my home town (of which my mom will be rooting on my University instead) 3) to stay long enough to take me back to my home town on Wednesday so I can spend Thanksgiving with the rest of my family on Thursday. That's pretty much the rest of the week though in there also is the excitement of seeing what they did about New Moon, of which me and at least my roomie (if not one of my other friends as well) will be heading to the movie on Sunday Nov 21 if all goes well.

So looking forward to everything but the studying.

OH and the next thing I'm looking forward to after that is the Lilymud Secret Santa. Can't wait for that to come up, I feel like I always get a great idea for my person that I wouldn't have thought of at any other time!
Well, summer's nearing the end and in all technicality, I'll only have one week of summer vacation... of which I will only have two days to myself as I'll be working all the other days. No real surprise there but ah well.

My 12 credits of summer classes end this Thursday and I have a feeling this time my class won't be an A like it was for the other two this summer. I messed up on getting things in and I don't think there's a way to get around that now, especially since I've waited this long. At least %10 will be taken off my grade because of my mistake if not much more.

I'm looking forward to getting an extra hour of sleep in the next week or so as for most of the summer other than Saturdays and Sundays I've been up at 6am to either be at work or in class at 7 or 8am depending on things

On the good side I finally got my Adobe Photoshop 7.0 CD back so I should be able to start inking and coloring my sketches again. I've been wanting to do it for soooooooo long now, and the laptop has come to the point where it dislikes going past showing you your background in the start up so it's a very very very good thing I got a new desktop in the beginning of June.

I'm actually half worried I won't remember how to color properly in AP7.0 O.o. The only other thing worrying me is my new scanner as I haven't used it much and it's a bit odd compared to my old one. The only reason I got it was because it came with the computer.

I'm also excited because in the next few days there will be a dragon hatching and I haven't done candidates in literally years so this will be my first hatching in a long time. Two young men who were kind of hastily put together but you know it was fun trying to get them done in time... still need a background for the one as I did him so quickly he has little to show for himself other than if you were to look back at one of my old characters who happens to be one of his five sisters

I guess that's it from me, Oh and for those of you who'd like to give me something to do, if there's a character of mine you'd like to see more of in color then give the name, I probably have at least a sketch or two of them from the past eight months as I tried to do one of all my characters to keep me going on things.

Also, I only just found out about this tonight as I was reading through one of my favorite online comic artist's little side "blog" Check it out and help me build ;P
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Well I haven't written in quite a while so let's see what I've been up to.

A lot has happened since two days before my birthday last year. However the stuff I'm going to speak on have just recently happened or are about to get started here.

I've been pretty much out of art since January mainly because I was busy with actually having an art class thus causing me some major artist's block when it came to my usual stuff. Easy A for that class if anybody cares.

I do have quite a few sketches in backlog to get scanned and put up which brings me to very very recent stuff.

I moved this past week into a new apartment where I'm pretty much on my own. I do have to share a bathroom with one other person and the kitchen with everybody else but what ever. At least I don't have to pay for electricity, heat, water, garbage removal, and TV. I only have to pay for two things while I'm here that aren't in the rent. Internet and phone, yes I do not have a cell phone and truthfully I don't think I need it considering I don't drive and would rather nobody had me on a leash just because they can call me anywhere I am. Plus I got enough thing in my pockets I don't need a cell there as well.

OK let's get back on track....

With my move I also ended up getting a new computer very pretty thing that it is with 1000GB of memory *pets computer*. However at this time I can't find the Adobe Photoshop 7.0 CD to upload the program to my new computer, thus I'm still working with my old laptop to color in things as anybody who's even looked at my little Lion with a Weaver's Nest and Bird icon would know…

With my computer I got another new scanner/printer/copier that came with the deal of buying the machine. I have to still upload that stuff to my computer which I will do after I write things up here.

Starting tomorrow I'll be in Summer Session I classes, two to be exact and they take place at the same time. I will be in classes for nearly 8 hours, an hour in there to break for lunch and such thus I will have little to no time for art as I'll be trying to concentrate on that, more so when I know what I'll be doing for homework since which will probably being writing up reports on what I did during the whole day of the field school. It's an Archaeological Dig that we're doing for the classes. Luckily the dig is happening on campus and maybe the last week off campus but only a mile from campus in that case.

Summer Session II I only have one class but it has everything to do with the classes in Summer Session I so I need to make sure I get really good grades in both classes. Not to mention I need those good grades for my major and to keep getting financial aid.

All totaled between the summer classes I have 12 credits (one class is six credits while the other two are three credits a piece) which makes up a full time student which I haven't been for the last four or so semesters. I've been taking 6 credits at least for the last two years and only up to 5 credits during the summer because at 6 they can use that to evaluate if you'd be on probation or not in the next semester, very dangerous thing to me since I've been on it a few times.

Anyway, other than the class worries on a good point this summer looks like a great one for movies. I've already seen both Prince Caspian and Ironman but great movies that I recommend watching whether you know about either series or not. I know little to nothing about Ironman than what I learned long ago from the Saturday morning cartoons I watched but I enjoyed it very much, don't forget to stay to the end of the movie *bounces remember what happened*.

Movies I want/plan on seeing this summer in no particular order are The Dark Knight, Hancock, Kung Fu Panda (it looked kind of cute), Wall-E, Get Smart, The Happening, Hellboy II, Journey to the Center of the Earth, The Mummy III, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars

I think that's about it so about $80 just on tickets... man that's depressing now that I look at it.... Then again I go to the early showings of them when I can so it should be more like ~$60 for tickets all summer... still depressing but it would be worse if I went during an evening showing. Maybe they'll have the Wednesday manager's pick again at my local Marcus Theater which makes the tickets for a specific movie cheaper than even the early price on that Wednesday all day.

Eh, anyway, that's about it from me. Almost makes me wonder if I'll make it through the summer in one piece... but there's a bright light at the end of the tunnel... half way through July I'll feel I can put WoW on this computer and place there again in my free time... and sadly at times my not so free time ;P
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Hmm, the mood icons don't totally follow what I'm feeling at the moment as I'm both sleepy and a little bit sick... well to the point I'm starting to lose my voice. Not a good thing for the coming weekend.

Anyway, this Friday I turn another year older which means I'll need to update my ID yet again.

My parents are already up to visit me and came bearing gifts... really cool ones at that. I no longer have the excuse I can't scan something until such and such a date because I now have a Printer/Scanner/Copier which works pretty well so far... it's going to take me a bit of time to get used to the thing but I think I'll manage.

Those wonder it's a Lexmark X1240.

However I knew I was getting this as my mom mentioned it to me the other day on the phone when I pressured her to tell me when she said my roommate might not like it.

I then got something that came in a one package but had a number of different things. I've finally got my own camera and not one on lone from my dad. I mentioned a few months ago that I wanted my own camera, one that would take pictures and was also capable of taking videos with sound as my current camera did not have a mic on it to add sound to any videos that I had.

My wish was granted in this package as I recieved a Coolpix S4 by Nikon. They gave me a 1GB memory card for the thing so I don't think I'll have to change my memory card at all when I bring this baby out. The 1 GB would allow the camera to record a video of 55 minutes long at least... now that's cool!

My mom luckily also picked me up a four USB port thing that would plug into one of the four I already had increasing my capablity to run all my electronics that I need to on my computer

I also got some candy from them, Kissables. Only the little bags you'd get through the checkout line but still... MINE!

I can't wait until this weekend as Men's hockey season starts and there's a women's game on Saturday which means if I don't try it out before then I'll be using my new camera at that women's game at the very least... Too bad I didn't have it last weekend during their series home opener, I probably really would have gotten the fight on video instead of only one picture of it. That second game was so funny, we lost but with all the penalties it was what made it fun at least 62 minutes worth of penalties handed out in a 60 minute game. About 16 of those where handed out in the last 33 seconds of the game X3

But yeah, it's my 25th birthday this Friday... and now that I think about it, I need to hope my ex-boss doesn't get the Men's game announcer to announce it during the game.... I so wouldn't put it past her. :P
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Well... school's starting up in exactly a week for me... well technicly the first day of classes is Wednesday but I don't have any classes on that day, only Tuesdays and Thursdays in the mornings. I feel like I've done little to no art all summer despite the fact that I had no summer classes and was only out of state for around a week or two.

Don't get me wrong, I've drawn and I scanned my drawings at least once or twice this summer but I don't think I've really sat down seriously colored anything really serious all summer... I mean 9 or 10 posts since Spring Semester ended back in May and of those only one has a somewhat serious background (Simba and Onani). I feel like I'm in a rut.

I've only got two days off before I get back into the the swing of classes and those two days are Friday and Saturday... I think I need to color in one or two things because of that... though I'm not sure what at this time.

I'd offer requests to do people's characters but I don't think I'll be able to sketch something up and get to a scanner on either day. So as usual I'm asking for a little assistance if you feel so bold as to help out. If you look through my scraps and my main gallery you'll find sketches uncolored.

Help me by suggesting some you would like to see color put to.

Or just suggest to me some of my characters you'd like to see in color as there are many sketches I have not posted here but have on my computer waiting for me to get off my lazy butt and color.

I plan to try to keep myself on track with school work and because of that I will proably post even less art work during the semester unless I feel I have time to do so. I do know I will more than likely have many little sketches as classes bring that out of me and they oddly enough sometimes help me remember lectures even if it anoys the profs into thinking I'm not paying attention... then again I'm going to be in Anthropoligy classes all semester again so they should be great fun. I'm especially looking foward to the class in which the Prof is one I actually evaluated when he was trying to get the job at my University, he had a great very in depth presentation about the evolution of humans, we were only grazing over it in the class at the time as it was an "Intro to Anth" class.

Well must make my way off to bed, have to be up in about six hours for an 8 hour work day starting in 7 hours, come home, change into more comfortable clothing and head off to the first football game of the season for my school. I'm not so much into watching football, like to throw the football around when I find people who are willing, but I just so need a college sports fix right now and since the hockey season's about five weeks away with the Women's team starting it off again, yet this time in October, football's my best bet and it will be a time I can see some old faces, even if a number of them I can't stand, it will be nice just to be around fans of my University's teams. If I talk then I talk... might even bring the flag along even though I haven't been able to get the "clamp" to hold the poll together. Who says you need a poll to wave a flag ;P
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Got tagged by my friend :icontimitu: so here we go.

Here are the rules:

1. post these rules
2. each person tagged must post 8 random facts about themselves
3. tags should write a journal/blog of these facts
4. at the end of the post, 8 more persons are tagged and named
5. go to their page and leave a comment telling them they're tagged

Random facts:

1. Follow both my local men's and women's college hockey teams.
2. I tend to arrive for hockey games 1 hour before the puck drops for the women's team and any where between 2-3 hours before a men's hockey game. It has come to a point that the people who work at the hockey arena I watch all my college's games at do not even try to throw me out when I arrive. It's become quite amusing, I'm the only one who if I arrive that early is allowed to wonder the arena because they know I'll come back to come in properly when the doors offically open
3. I love to ride the train when I go home to visit my parents though I get very nervous about missing it as it leaves at ~5:30am even though I get a cab to get me there at ~4:45am-5am
4. I have two cats back at my perents place named Miki and Lucy.
5. I don't like football as much as I used to however am looking foward to watching the first game of the season for my university's team in less than 48 hours
6. I scan most every sketch I draw in my notebooks and sketchbooks however a number of them don't get put up on here or TLKFAA
7. I have two FurAffinity accounts, one account has a number of things I've posted here which is by the same name as I use here. The other has only two postings over the past year or so; those postings have never been shown here.
8. I love to watch Anime when I can and feel like it. I prefer to watch them in Japanese with English subtitles and thus loath watching the dubs most of the time... even if the translation can be quite funny when you know what they actually said XD

I tag the following people:
:iconaquan: :iconserge-stiles: :iconstormelle: :icontygryph: :iconxscarredonex: :icontheunknownsoul: :icont-weaver: :iconlonewerewolf:
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:iconlonewerewolf: Was doing this on their journal entry and I thought I'd take up on it too. Because of it coming from lonewerewolf I'll put them at the top of the list. So what ever's left, have at it! ;P

Here are the rules:

The first ten people who reply to this journal and tell me that they want a spot will have me personally dive into their gallery and pick my three favorite deviations, which in turn will be featured in this journal. Please have at least 10 deviations for me to choose from!

The catch is that to qualify, you MUST post a similar journal, this gives us an opportunity to really appreciate and support this lovely artistic global community we've got going on here.

1. :iconlonewerewolf: -………








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Well, all the big things for my summer have pretty much happened starting with my summer of movies to watch (excuse an earlier journal entry in which I made the mistake; or to be exact my roommate made the mistake, of thinking and telling me that the IMAX version of HP5 was 20 or what ever I said longer than the regular theaters; She miss read it, it was the last ~20 minutes in 3D) so I thought I'd give another report since the last thing on my list of things to do for the summer was compleated.

I went to 5 or more movies over the past two months, a record for me as I normally don't see movies in the theaters more than 1 a year.

The one I was actually dissappointed in was the 5th Harry Potter movie... I'm not sure why but the whole thing rubbed me the wrong way which irked me because I liked the book when so many I talked to on the internet disliked it. Don't get me wrong, it was good but deffiantly not my favorite. I think what it may have been with this movie that made me actually irritated by it was that it didn't have the feel/flow of the other movies... it felt, sort of disconnect from the other four films.

Other movies I saw this summer including ones I mentioned that I thought I was going to see in earlier journal(s):
Shrek the 3rd (It was alright needed friends around though to make it good and funny)
Spiderman 3 (I liked the story line despite how many people I heard who didn't like it)
Surf's Up (Cute and pretty funny; if you don't care for documentries at all however you might want to wait to rent it to see if you like it rather than buy it when it comes out.)
The Transformers Movie (Awesome, probably the one movie this summer I'd be willing to see again in theaters before it comes out on DVD possably later this year or early next year)

I believe that's all I've seen since my last mentioning that I had gone to PotC:AWE.

Now for something that may be a spoiler and probably was the highlight of the summer for me: getting the last book in the Harry Potter series "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows."

My roommate and I decided at the last minute that we wanted to pick up our copies of the book at Midnight when it came out. We convinced a friend of ours to go to who had not preorded it however was in the end able to get her hands on one that night. I and my roommate had both ordered the Delux version of the book while my roommate had put a regular copy of it also on reserve as well as put a box of the book on tape on reserve for me (they didn't have that option when I reserved my copy long before her).

On the 19 while we were at work the bookstore left a meassgae on our answering machine, with the voice of Jim Dale who preforms the book on the audio tapes and CDs, to remind us to pick up our books on Saturday if we couldn't make the Midnight party. The next day we each recieved a call telling us that the store had not recieved the delux edition due to a mistake by Scholastic so we had the option to keep them on reserve or get one of the regular copies instead as they had also recieved extra copies of the regular hard cover version. As my roommate already had one of the regulars in reserve she didn't need one. I ended up not needing one either because I had prepaid for my regular from my work place who was selling it for the same price.

That night we went to the Midnight opening party which started at ~9:30pm in the mall the local Boarders bookstore was in. It was pretty fun, we a few quizes as well as a few drawings including one for a person to be pushed to the front of the line and recieve their book for free... no I didn't get it, neither did my friends ;P

I was 60th in line for the book, or so said the bracelet that I recieved. I was most likely the only one to not get a book however I did get the tapes. I have not however (until this moment) listened to the book on tape yet; I wanted the reading expersance first rather than listen to somebody else other than my roomate.

I ended up borrowing my roomate's copy of the book while she was at work the next day and in the four hours she was gone went through about seven or eight chapters. I'll admit for the most part in those chapters I was teary-eyed but it may have been because I was still waking up and thus a bit more easily swayed to shed some tears.

I finished the book earlier today at about 4am with a large 11 hour gap in between when I picked it up again on Sunday after I went to sleep early that morning. Both days I took at least an hour nap before continuing reading it.

I usually don't mind spoilers myself but made sure that I didn't really hear much of anything before opening the book that would spoil the moment of learning it myself through silent hours of reading. I didn't even look at the table of contents for fear of spoiling what might happen.

As I read through it I found things confirming those things that I had thought were right

Who RAB was
Who Snape was loyal to Dumbledore or Voldemort (49/35 was the count when voted upon at the Midnight Party for being loyal to Dumbledore)
The results of who would live or die, Harry or Voldemort.

I however did not expect a number of the deaths that happen...

Hmm, I really don't want to spoil this book for anybody who hasn't finished reading it yet so if you want to discuss the book with me I'd be thrilled to do so.

Now to go off and listen to the book and possably read along with it agian. ;P
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Well classes have been out for nearly a month now and I've had my grades for my two classes this past semester for the past two or three weeks now. I'm quite happy to say that I got Bs in both my classes, had I studied better on the first test in one of the classes and the first two in the other I might have had something higher, eh, but I had to learn that the hard way.

So now that I'm out of classes till Some time in September I should have quite a bit of free time... or at least I would if I weren't working.

Since finals week I started getting my hours at work pumped up to what they were the semester previous and now am working usually four of the five work days as my work is closed on the weekend unless there's a special event happening... nothing as of yet however.

I do know however that I want to color in some of my old sketches and possable do some new things/trades/requests. I just don't know what to do yet.

So if there's something you'd like to see me color in this summer either that's been posted in my scraps here on DA or on my TLKFAA account don't hesitate to point it out as something I should think about doing. I'd like to do some colabs too maybe.... I just really feel like I need to do something.

Other things. The Friday Pirates of the Carabean: At World's End came out I went to see one of the first movies I'll be seeing this summer.

I've plans to find a way to see Shrek 3 as well as Spiderman 3 when I get the chance because at the time I was too busy to see one and the other I wasn't able to go out to see it because I was visiting family.

For the rest of the summer I think the most notable movies that I will be going to will be in July. One I think most people are waiting on while the other those who were born in the early eighties might really be looking foward to be seeing.

On July 4th the live action Transformers movie will be coming out... I will not be seeing it that day however... lack of being able to drive keeps me from doing so... though perhaps the next day as long as the buses are running.

The next I'm pretty sure most who are my friends IRL and on the net, if not all, are waiting for is  of course the 5th Harry Potter movie (The Order of the Pheonix) which I just learned in the past week will be released two days earlier than originally advertised. In other words it will be released on July 11 rather than July 13. I plan on seeing it with at least my roommate and one of our friends if not also with one of my roomate's and my boss/friend in an IMAX. Normally I would not do this but from what my roomate tells me, the IMAX version is supposed to have 20 minutes of extra footage that the regular theaters will not have.

Then as every Harry Potter fan knows, the best is yet to come ten days after the release of the movie; Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow will be released. I already have my copy of the special edition reserved for me at my local bookstore which is supposed to be at least 40% off that day. My roommate also has that copy plus the regular copy, and the book on tape reserved for the day of release.

July will be a very expensive month in deed.

Oh and recently my roomate and I bought a PS2, purely for the ability to play all the original PS games as well as Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts II, FFX, and FFX-2. So if I still seem slow... I blame these games X3

And on a very random note... God I'm hockey deprived now.