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Zarek Attacks Kulja by Quachir Zarek Attacks Kulja by Quachir
In the last sumition I did I mentioned I had done a trade with well I liked her picture for me so much that I put it up as my current background.

Please, if you want to fave the picture I suggest you go to the original and give NQN the credit she deserves on it, she did a great job... aside from that I streached the image with windows so it's a bit distorted here because of the widdening of it.

The actual picture can be found her on DA through this [link]

As for who these two are, the black panther is called Kulja while the lion cub is actualy a god in disguise named Zarek. This is one of the rare moments of seeing Zarek as a mortal. There's not much difference between him being a mortal and a god, his eye color changes to blue when he's in "god-mode". Kulja on the other hand is the usually the young spiritual leader and teacher (despite the fact that she's a black panther) of the pride Zarek belongs to and is one of the few who knows that the lion cub is actually a god.

Oh also those who might be getting a bit of "Those marking on Zarek look familar," Zarek's looks were based off the character Sphinx from the game Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy. I however used the box cover as the main inspiration as can be told by the triangle markings on his checks that are not on the in game Sphinx.
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May 4, 2006
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