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Wildwing and New Ducks Jersey by Quachir Wildwing and New Ducks Jersey by Quachir
Forgive me, I'm just going to copy what I wrote from my FA account of this posting rather than write out a totally new one for here.


A sketch that is nearing a year old now. I did the original sketch (part of which can be viewed in the background) during or just after the NHL draft last year when I found out at that moment that the Ducks had new colors and were once again changing their name to purely the "Anaheim Ducks." With some quick research I found that the franchise had also changed hands; ie Disney no longer owned the company.

This picture came more to mind when I found out as I was looking through the change of owners that the Duck's mascot actually had the same name as the old animated series team captian and goalie, Wildwing. In the original sketch I also had one irritated word being uttered by Wildwing: "PHIL!" Many who may have watched the series will remember Phil as being the Duck's manager who's mind was usually only on a few things, money and how to get the team to make him lots of money. Thus, Wildwing finding the new style of jerseys and realizing Phil's changing things and making them wear new jerseys not to mention new colors as a gimic.

Fast forward the sketch, scanned and sitting on my computer to one June 6, 2007. The Anaheim Ducks play game 5 of the Stanley Cup finals already up 3 games to 1 against the Ottawa Senators. In probably one of the messy-est games of hockey I have ever watched on TV (and this is not a compliment), since I became a hockey fan back in 2001, and one of the oddest game winning goals I have ever seen the Anaheim Ducks finally won the Stanley Cup.

Because of this, and the fact that I had watched two of the men who were a part of the team back when they were in college (though both only played four games between the two of them durring the post season [only one of which was during the final series]), I decided it was time to sit down, "ink," and color this one in.

I will note now that in the long term, I'm not a fan of the Ducks fully. the last part of the season I've kept tabs on them because of the duo I'd watched play college hockey; only one is deffinatly going to get his name etched into the cup (the other is quite vag)

Either way congrats to the Ducks on winning the cup, especially to Harti and Motzy, it's great to see former players for SCSU get the cup for a second year in a row and congrats to those two for it was their first time in the Stanley Cup finals (possably the playoffs too; can't quite remember).

Also another note, both the Jersey and the headshot of Wildwing were heavily refrenced; this was the only time I've ever tried to draw either of them.

Wildwing © Disney
Jersey Design © Anaheim Ducks
Image © Quachir

Original sketch found: [link]
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NeoPrankster Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I bet Wildwing was pissed when the club overhauled their brand.
dth1971 Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2010
I hope BOOM! Studios revives the (Mighty) Ducks in comic book form like it is planning to revive Ducktales and Darkwing Duck.
Quachir Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2010
That would be interesting, I only remember the few short comics they had in Disney Adventure Magazine back when the Mighty Ducks were on the air still with new episodes.
Bards-Tale Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2007   General Artist

what a neat way to tie the new jersey into the show :D Very nice

btw: have you been over to the shows club? :iconmdtas:
Quachir Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2007
Been there a few times, just not as interested in the show as I could have been. Don't quite know why I didn't fully get into it, I could always jokingly say that it's because that show's what Disney decided to replace Gargoyles with (which from what I understand is actually true) so I resent it... In truth I think it just wasn't to me as good/dark as Gargoyles was... though I do love hockey now, but not because of the Ducks... though it makes me laugh if I ever catch the animated series since I know more about hockey than I did when I first watched the animated show.

There is quite a lot of nice animated Ducks art out there though, does make me want to look through some old episodes every so often.

Thanks for the comment ;)
Stormelle Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2007
I like it...But yeah...I like the Ducks...I got to see the-forgive me Chir-Stanley Cup is it? I person as The Angel's stadium on tuesday this week. ^^
Quachir Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2007
I might see it for the second time in as many years some time this hockey season, from the sounds of things Motzy's not going to get his day until the hockey season is well underway... and if that's so he's thinking about taking it through here on his way to his home town of Bemiji, MN. Probably wouldn't be as elaborate as last August.... unless it comes on a day the men's team is supposed to be playing a home game... then it will be mayhem at my home away from home away from home :D ;P

But on the Cup again, feel lucky to see it there. You never know when you'll be able to see it next... but if you ever decide to try out for hockey (though I'm thinking you'd probably stick with lacross, no pun intended) if your the supersitious type you might not want to even touch it... Though it's more of a guy thing there might be a little supersition for the female side as well. The supersition goes, don't touch the Stanley Cup unless you won it, else you'll curse yourself to never win it... or something like that, you get the drift. ;)

Make sure if you get a chance to get your picture with it... then brag to all your friends who know hockey that you did it... even better to brag about it if it's not held up behind a plexiglass box ;P

Geez... you know it's been so long the Angels are a baseball team right? What city (state too I might be too out of it to know when you reply) are they now in, I could have sworn they've been a number of places so I'm not quite sure these days? Don't follow baseball at any level anymore
KidHeart4 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2007
yes, i understand as well. a big part of me was quite saddened when i learned of all the changes the team was going through. the mighty ducks have always been a huge part of my childhood, and i found out everything when i was sick at home last year and home alone as well V.V;; it was not a very fun moment. but the idea of it being Phil's fault brings some humor to it...and i'm still happy that the team one...I just wish they had won under the same name and colors.....the name and colors i grew up knowing. ya know? i don't think the change of name and colors have anything to do with the players, its the practice, hard work, and determination that should have been focused on...but that mau just be me. as an eight year old child i fell in love with the Mighty Ducks team and looked up to them, now they've gone and changed a lot of that and it just makes me i go and watch the cartoon {which will never change....^.^}
SepsAngel Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2007
Wing looks so totally not happy here. And I'm the one, who can understand that completely. ¬____¬
ryansworld66 Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2010
wildwing's like: WTF? what happen to our old jersey?
MMercenary Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2007
I didn't think that the game was all that messy, at least as far as the Ducks were concerned. The second period wasn't their best, but they came back strong in the third. The Sens just gave up. They could have come back, even with the odd Phillips/Emery goal, they really are a talented enough team to come back. But the didn't. Which, is fine by me as I despise the Sens. (I'm a Lightning fan and I've hated the Sens since they bounced my team out of the playoffs a season back.)

Anyway, great picture. I didn't know what to think when the new uniform/name was announced. I guess the change did the Ducks good.
Quachir Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2007
I have to agree, I think the new uniforms, name, as well as new owners helped them out there.

Main reason I said it was the messyest game I've ever seen is because I've seen some really messy ones with SCSU though usually theirs are a good type of messy as of late.
Streamflash Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2007   Digital Artist
:3 I love his expression, and especially how you drew his eyes, beak and the jersey itself. The jersey must have taken quite a long time to finish, congrats!
Quachir Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2007
Took me around four hours to ink and color last night... maybe 5. And the coloring was probably the hardest thing to do of the logo on the jersey. The thing that took me longest was realizing that I'd made a few small yet signifigant mistakes in the original sketch which made me have to use about two layers in lines one in color then of course a layer for the background. It was great fun though :D
Streamflash Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2007   Digital Artist
xD I have the same problem sometimes, I'm glad it worked out well for you! Sometimes I just kill my stuff when I try that x_x. I'm glad you had fun though! That's the most important thing!
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