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WIP - Shinzo and Ryuutaka by Quachir WIP - Shinzo and Ryuutaka by Quachir
Thought I'd show that I am sketching and such, and not just for the Secret Santa this past month.

I've been meaning to scan and work on this and the next two pictures for months but didn't get to it until now and only because I really wanted to scan them before I forgot again.

Here we have Shinzo Inu and one of her summons, Ryuutaka (AKA Taka). Those who've been following me long enough may remember him being named Ryuutama... I decided to change it to taka because I kept on slipping in my writing of his name anyway and basically it would give him the translated name of Hawk from Japanese (there's a few other translations of it in Japanese but they are in some ways similar so it describes him better). At the time this was sketched though he was still being written as tama.

Anyway, the two of them seem to be in a battle at the moment, Taka seems to have a lightning based elemental chakra. Shinzo's is made up of at least lightning and wind... though there may be her main element in there of water... I'm not sure anymore as I sketched this back in September or so... might be what I think is wind might be water.

The attack is meant to be her own style though I have a feeling she tried to do a reisenga in making them the first time, failed in keeping at ball but some now managed to control it as shown... I don't think I'd ever be able to recreate this right again if I didn't take a look at this for reference no matter how easy it is/looks to anybody else.

Only problem I think I have with this is that Taka's neck is a bit too long even for him.
Stormelle Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2010
Pretty dragon...<3
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