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The Yoshi Family by Quachir The Yoshi Family by Quachir
This is probably one of those rare moments that you'll see me putting something human up.

This is a picture of four characters that I made for a Harry Potter RPG that has since desolved because of people having lack of time and possably also because the time it is set in is after Harry's Seventh year... thus we have no idea if he's dead, alive, married, murdered, ect.

Anyway The eldest of this group is Fusami who was made originaly for a Hufflepuff RPG that up and vanished on me in the middle of an attack. At the time Fusami was a first year student. She though the middle child in the family was the first to ever attend Hogwarts, she is also from Ishimura, Japan... yeah you knew a gargoyle refrence had to be there somewhere.

Here Fusami is picutred as a fifth year and the new female Prefect of Hufflepuff. The trio around her are her younger siblings, a set of triplets to be exact. It is obvious by the look of Tsuyumi (the one in the hat) and Zuri that they are identical twins and thus if their embrio hadn't split into two, there would have only been feturnal twins.

The boy is of course their brother who is called Toshirou. He lucked out during the sorting and became a Gryffindor. As far as he was concerned it just meant that he'd have an easier time pulling pranks as Fu wouldn't be hovering over him. He was the youngest of the triplets and is said to be worse than the Weasley twins put together! Never call him Toshi, his family's only allowed to call him that and only just barely... Toshi after all isn technicly a girl's name in Japan

Zuri is the bubbly type. She's more likely skip to class than walk. She is also a great beater and does end up on the House team as so many of the older students left the year before her arrivial.

Tsuyumi is the type who envies Fusami, much to the Prefect's slight displeasure. She wishes to be just like Fusami, save for playing Quidditch... she actually hates the sport.

Fusami was surprised at being named a Prefect, though it's no real surprise to most of her class mates. She is quite a study bug and catches on quickly to most subjects. She's friendly and easy to get along with, not to mention she ended up being Captain of the Hufflepuff Quidditch team... but more on default... Gage wasn't the brightest even for a keeper, and all the other members of the team were younger than herself and Gage.

Well, I guess that's enough from me... I could write pages exlaining the plot line here... but then I should try getting the O'Doyle Brothers up to show what some of their friends look like.
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May 27, 2004
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