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Sometime between Naruto and Naruto Shippuuden:

Gaara watched as two girls approached. Konohagakure no Kunoichi, he observed as he spotted the leaf on each of their forehead protectors though neither girl  wore the protection on her forehead. By his observations the duo were only slightly younger than himself, perhaps at most two years his junior.

The taller of the duo had markings on her face similar to the Inuzuka clan though the fact that they were two sets of red marks on each cheek made it obvious to Gaara that she was not a part of the clan. This girl spoke energetically with her companion, or to be exact to her companion.

The other girl was shorter and leaner that the first. She listened to her friend and nodded every so often to what the other girl said but did not open her mouth to reply. She had long unbound hair that reached to about mid chest. Her bangs were so long they disappeared into the length of her hair, the only indication on where they were was the mass of hair that attempted to hide the left side of her face from view. Luckily for the kunoichi a small part in her hair naturally parted near her left eye allowing her to see through the hair that tried to cover the left side of her face. Her forehead protector rested around her neck protecting it much like it was supposed to protect her head

Suddenly a flash of light disrupted Gaara's vision causing the Fifth Kazekage to open his eyes to look at the two girls who were now much farther away than what his Third Eye had been helping him to see.

"She sensed it!" Gaara's brother Kankuro commented slightly amaze and slightly annoyed as the two teenagers watched the silent girl of the duo disappeared into the cover where Gaara's Third Eye had been moments ago. The other girl tilted her head at her friend and laughed, somewhat booming for the average girl or woman.

"They both did," Gaara replied with little emotion in his tone though inwardly he was also annoyed that his eye had been destroyed before he could gather more info on the duo, "Though their Hokage was true to her word."

"Anbu escort?" Kankuro scoffed eye narrowing "They're not even as old as you."

"They may not look like it from here but I caught part of the tattoo slightly showing on each of their shoulders before she took out my eye," Gaara commented unconsciously crossing his arms over his chest, "there seemed to be some swelling around the markings, likely they were only accepted into the Anbu."

"Why tell us that your escort would be to unmasked Anbu," Kankuro asked the obvious flaw.

"A sign of trust," Gaara thought after a moment, "Though not too much as they are new and would have less information to give if captured." As he sand around them shot out and snagged something from the brush. Wrapped in sand now was a copy of the taller of the two girls still approaching. From the look at the girl's raised eyebrows from afar and the one captured in the sand who had a laughing smile on her face this one was the clone.

"That and we asked Tsunade-sama to allow us to meet you in person," the clone smiled, "Naruto-kun seemed to think well of you after you and your siblings helped save a number of our genin who were trying to bring Sasuke no baka back.  We respect Naruto-kun enough to want to meet you if we got the chance." The clone disappeared in a shadowy smoke and the real girl continued a second after absorbing the information her clone had gathered and told, "Thus our volunteering for this escort mission"

Both Kunoichi bowed to the Kazekage.

"I am Inu Shinzo," the girl with the tattooed face greeted the shorter yet older teen. She paused to look at her friend causing Gaara too look at the girl who was about the same height as himself. She seemed to be deciding something still. Shinzo gave a slightly exasperated sigh "You were supposed to decide this before we got here." The other girl shifted only slightly, a slight change in her facial features happened as she looked at her friend causing Shinzo to roll her eyes "I can read you just fine as always but I'm not sure the Kazekage can. So make up your mind quick, my voice or…"

"People call me Secret," she finally spoke up, both boys noting that her voice was confident unlike the possible shy tone they had been expecting.

"…or yours," Shinzo finished lamely as if she had known it was coming then continued as if Gaara was already a well known and trusted friend, "Looks like she's going to give you her nickname only at this time."

Gaara raised a hairless eye brow at the more vocal of the girls.

"I guess you're lucky getting even that," Shinzo replied "Secret-chan usually does not vocalize her speech."

"You read her body language," Gaara stated rather than asked.

"Yep," the girl replied, "We'll see how long it takes her to decide to tell you her real name."

"If I ever do," Secret replied with a serenely serious look.

"Shall we go?" Gaara asked not seeming to rise to what Shinzo knew was a challenging bait from her friend. The girl from the Inu Clan was good at reading her best friend but Gaara was a different story as she missed the undertone of his integer that somebody who do such a thing.

At the end of the "Kazekage Rescue Arc…"

Secret sighed as smirked through her Anbu Cat mask at Shinzo in her Anbu Hawk mask as the teen scratched the back of her head through the mane of fake hair that had been added to her mask to conceal her true hair color while on missions. Secret had adopted this same type of hair style attached to her mask as well.

"Enter!" they heard the sharp commanding voice of the Fifth Hokage. The two kunoichi anbu entered the Hokage's office from the window they had been standing near but out of sight of prying eyes including the ROOT agent who unknowingly found himself in a Genjutsu the moment the two Anbu realized that the last report had finished about a dull C ranked mission.

"Report!" Tsunade commanded.

Secret was the one to reply causing the Hokage to briefly look up at the usually silent of the two Anbu.

"Iwagakure was building up what seemed to be an army on the boarder but it was determined to be merely a tactical drill. They left nearly a week ago. We sent in two harinezumi under cover to confirm this. The only trouble they had was trying to get away from some Ninja obsessed with rapping at them when he tried to talk to them."

"Hi-kun and Hari-kun, I take it?" Tsunade asked to which Shinzo nodded,  "Give them my thanks the next time either of you summon them.

"Hai!" Shinzo replied as Secret nodded as well.

Tsunade folded her hands and looked at both anbu with a curious frowned, "The two of you must have something important you want to get to," she looked directly at Secret as she continued, "You rarely give the report on missions, it's out of character for you."

Secret chuckled in reply while Shinzo answered for them, "We heard on the way in that Naruto was back, we were hoping to run into him after reporting to you, Tsunade-sama."

"Ah, that will have to wait he's on a mission at the moment," Tsunade replied shuffling the papers in front of her as the two tilted their heads at her in question, "Sunagakure sent for assistance after Akatsuki attacked the village."

"The Kazekage?" Shinzo asked out of the corner of her eye, she noticing her friend shift in a way she knew.

"Kidnapped after protecting Sunagakure from some massive explosions from one of the two members," Tsunade replied solemnly, "The last messenger hawk noted the arrival of Team Kakashi and their departure to rescue Sabaku no Gaara." Before more could be said all three heard the running of feet. The two Anbu looked to the Hokage for orders: hide or stay visible. Tsunade had other ideas.

"Dismissed," she muttered surprising both girls, "Return in an hour for a non-Anbu briefing… release the Genjutsu on the ROOT member as soon as you're out of view." The young Anbu members nodded mutely.

"What was that, Secret?" Shinzo asked surprised, her blue eyes becoming more visible than usual to Secret because of both her irritation and her concern for her friend. The "mute by choice" continued changing from her Anbu gear into her regular attire when not working as an Anbu. Anyone else would have thought the girl was ignoring her close friend. However Shinzo was watching her friend between changing into her own every day mission gear reading what she was trying to say without vocalizing "I don't know what you're talking about."

"To hell you don't!" Shinzo growled at her friend's denial in body language, "You haven't looked that freaked since we heard Choji was in serious condition before Naruto left." Secret whipped around as she put her thick woven rope belt into place. "I know what you're talking about and you're wrong, I've made that kind of look for a lot of guys," her movements told her friend. Shinzo smirked knowingly causing an unmistakable "What?" look to appear on Secret's face.

"I'm sure Team Kakashi saved Gaara-kun," Shinzo smile and tried to hold back the giggle that threatened to escape as she saw Secret look hopeful, "Tsunade-sama will probably give us the details in hour. We'll ask if we can send a letter to inquire on his health… actually I'll let you write it." Secret blinked, without thinking she pulled out a piece of paper to write the letter only to be stopped by Shinzo, "Let's not jinx it." Secret's grip reflexively grew tighter around the pen before she nodded in agreement.

Two days later….

A small dove arrived at the window of the Kazekage and cooed softly. Gaara looked over to the windowsill questionably, odd for a bird other than a hawk or a falcon to deliver any mail to a village much less the Kage of any village. As the Kazekage watched his older brother walk over to the window to read the message before handing it over to his younger brother, Gaara spotted a familiar pinwheel like tag hanging from the pigeon's foot.

"I'll take that now," Gaara told his brother  holding out his hand. For a moment Kankuro looked as if he still might try to read the letter but instead gave the pigeon it was still attached to a little left to let it glide over to his brother. Gaara held out his hand for the bird to land it. After a few seconds of nerves, likely brought on by the sensing of the great danger the pigeon could still be in despite the Kazekage no longer hosting Shukaku in his body, it settled in the hand offered. Gaara gently released the bird from the tinny letter box attached to its leg long with the little pinwheel that he remembered clearly having been on Secret's clothing any time she and her friend Shinzo came to visit.

After a few moments of examining the charm Gaara finally opened the one sheet-letter, all that was found on the sheet of paper was a small intricate seal.

"A longer one that usual it looks like," Kankura chuckled, before getting back to the work Gaara had assigned him shortly before the bird had arrived.

With the ease of having opened similar letters the same way Gaara released the seal but was surprised when all it did was change the single page into legible writing rather than multiple pages. Intrigued, Gaara began to read.

"Dear Gaara-kun

"I only returned home to hear of the plight which took you over the last few days. I am glad to hear you are safe and send my condolences for your recently passed elder, Chiyo. I wish I could thank her for bringing one of my dear friends back from the dead. She is a great hero in my heart because of this.

"I hope to come pay my respects on my next visit as soon as Godaime Hokage gives the approval.

"Sincerely your friend,


The edges of Gaara's mouth twitched at the content of the letter. He blinked a few times as he noticed what looked to be a smudge under his thumb. Upon closer inspection his jaw dropped slightly in surprise as he realized it was a continuation of the letter.


"My real name is Soyo Tsuyumi. Remember it."
Blow up of the image with this: [link]

Very very late running on this. I'm trying to enter :icondedmerath: 's NHP Wife Contest.

Originally I was thinking of doing something with Shinzo and Kiba but since I haven't figured out how that would work and I some how got on the idea that Shinzo's friend Secret might be good for Gaara, I got typing out what had happened to possibly start up their friendship that would later be pointed out to Secret as a possible love interest.

So here's the deal with her

Given Name: Tsuyumi (rarely referred to by this by anyone)

Family Name: Soyo

Nickname: Secret

Personality: Seems quite only because she doesn't talk unless she needs to convey a thorough meaning to anybody other than Shinzo. In the case of her friend Shinzo and, to a limited to fair extent extent , Gaara the slightest movements she makes speak like words to Shinzo while Gaara gets tidbits of her "words." Gaara gets better at it as he knows her.

She has a slightly mischievous quality to her when she's with her best friend Shinzo but is much more calm with Gaara. She does still try to lightly tease Gaara to get him out of his stiff demeanor call it a success if she manages to get him to give a twinge of a smile at something other than the two of them being able to be alone together.

Family and friends are very important to Secret. If one or more of the people she cares for are in trouble she may start to panic though to those who do not know her they may not realize she's even twitchy about it.

Position Currently: Former Anbu for Konohagakure; currently teaching Sunagakure Academy students and some Genin. Is said to sometimes advise the Anbu of Sunagakure as well

Animal Summons?: One contract signed with the Harinezumi (hedgehogs) She has only been able to summon two different hedgehogs usually working with Harinezumihi. As with all from the clan his name is shorten to what is after harinezumi, in this case Hi-kun. Hi-kun is usually use in recon though being a hedgehog he does have a good defense if needed

Weapon of choice: Though not shown in the story, Secret prefers to us a Bo/Staff in combat. On occasionally she may even be seen carrying her favorite Bo around like a walking stick.

History before the story: Secret was not original seen as being a stand out in the ninja academy, she tested well but not above average. She graduated two years behind the main Naruto cast and one year behind her best friend Inu Shinzo (they're the same ages but Shinzo got skipped up a year in academy as she and one other showed a huge advancement ahead of her own "grade level"). After the academy she surprised many by excelling in the field to the point of passing the Chunin Exam and becoming a Jonin in the same year shortly after followed her and her friend Shinzo being nominated and accepted to be Anbu despite their young age.

More on her and Gaara: Secret has usually been a bit self conscious of her Public Displays of Affection to Gaara. This is in part from when she realized she liked Gaara but was as of yet unsure if he felt the same way that she noticed a number of members of his village infatuated with him to the point that she was sure she got glares with her familiarity with Kazekage even before she realized her feelings.

It seemed to have taken Gaara a bit to realize what his feelings were as well. Secret suspects that Tamari and or Kankuro pointed him in the right direction whether knowing that it was towards Secret or not. If that was the case Tamari probably knew who he was liking and Kankuro would have only been giving general advice... which may have been totally wrong at the time.

Gaara and Secret now work well together though may spook some people with their quiet and calm public affection moments. However some people don't notice them as well partly because Gaara picked up on Secrets habits of using body language around her that is not noticeable to the general public causing conversations to happen without the public realizing it.

Oh and a note to Dedmerath, if you do choose Secret, her clothing style is not set, I'm not that great at making closes for any character.

The clothing in the sketch of her may be similar to what she would wear while teaching or traveling but of formal occasions she will dress up for those, possibly finding some way to carry or wear something like her simple pinwheel design seen on her clothing in the sketch of her.
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