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The Quibbler of sorts by Quachir The Quibbler of sorts by Quachir
Something I'll scrap later probably.

Did this when asked by my roommate for our friend as we decided at the last minute (the 18th of July) to go to the midnight release of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows."

I had to do some hard thinking on this one and ended up deciding that Rufus Scrimgeour would be the target of the cover.

His nose looks like crap to me most of the time but I have to say my favorite thing on here is just the quick thing I used for making "The Quibbler."

I found out I'm lousy at trying to draw split images though if you do cover up one side to look at them individually they seem to work... a little bit.

I do giggle about this though. We put actual content in between the pages of The Quibbler for us to read including an artical that I think was from the online site "The Quibbler," which saddly I've never went to for some reason.

Another thing I put in there was :iconsnapesnogger:'s journal entry "Snape's Prayer," which makes me giggle, and a plug telling who wrote it and where to find them if somebody asked to take a quick peak at the home-made Quibbler.

Oh and I realized at about 11pm while waiting for them to start raffling off items (Pendragon 1 and Jelly Belly Beans; not to mention to be put to the front of the line and get the new HP book free of charge.) that I forgot the wire rim glasses mention in his discription when we are first "visually" introduced to him.

So, enjoy.

Rufus Scrimgeour and "The Quibbler" © J.K. Rowling
Image © me :iconquachir:
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July 20, 2007
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