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Studying Rayona by Quachir Studying Rayona by Quachir
This is the best I could do with plasting them all together I'm going to start working on the uncolored ones as soon as I can and possably redue the colored one in Photoshop to see the difference for myself.
One thing that I forgot to mention in the last showing of Rayona, she is from a North American clan though she's been raised in the present... or more like throughout history. She's one of the members of the Timewalker clan that was born into it.
Once again, what do you think on the study pics with the colored? She was so fun to draw, hence why she has so many little pics.
Once again, her coloration hasn't been set in stone... for all I know she'll end up being a blue instead of an aqua green. All I know is that I'm leaning away from a red shade.
kozispoon Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2013  Student General Artist
What an interesting gargoyle design- nice character sheet too. :) I'm a little thrown by her facial markings as I don't see anything linking to it harmoniously in her design.
Quachir Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2013
Understandable about the facial tattoos throwing you, looking back at it now (8 years later) I wonder if I were to draw her again if she'd even have the tats... if she does I'm sure it would be more linking to her color scheme. The only thing I can remember from when I was designing her there was that the facial tats were something to give a different vissual character to one of my clan. Story line it would have been something related to her own family tree, which at some point had been based in North America prior to colonial settlement, being tattooed with them instead of repainting every time would leave her not totally matching most of the time. However, her Tats colors always did throw me as well which is probably why even now her color scheme is not totally set... It's the tats that would be the real part not firmly set... and maybe, just maybe the hair color.

Thanks for the comment, makes me want to tinker with her again :)
sarah1938 Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2013
Great work, I can tell you did very well on it.
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