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Sprent and Dealie for Timitu by Quachir Sprent and Dealie for Timitu by Quachir
Caught my friend :icontimitu: online today after finding her posting a journal entry here on DA and started talking with her about her newest character Dealie and his similarties to Sprent.

Short of it is that I went hyper and brain stormed, without her asking, ideas of situations involving Sprent and or Dealie. What's pictured above is sort of a combo of two of the suggested ideas. I however will not go into that here about what this picture's full meaning is for fear it may spoil Timitu's story about Moson coming up in the next few months. I believe she also had plans to do one for each of Nora's cubs, Sprent being one of them so it's not good to ruin it for everybody else if she feels like using my ideas... plus I don't want people saying she stole the ideas from me. I gave them to her and said she could use them if she wanted to or not.

Anyway, a number of layers used here because I wanted to get a sort of see through effect on both sets of wings and Dealie's fang.

I absolutely <3<3<3<3 How the wings came out in the end.

I also touched up the original drawing, not just with correcting some little mistakes I'd made but specificly with lightening the picture so that the two didn't look way darker than they should have been.

Sprent and Dealie © :icontimitu:
Image © :iconquachir:
Timitu Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh... Sweet. That is really cool you got them coloured last night too. I do love your ideas. I wont be dont one on each but through the story (unlike Nora's) sometimes other characters will be sort of the main character. When nothing is happening to Moson then one of his other siblings takes over and we will see how far I get. :)

Thanks so much for the ideas, I take them all into consideration. And thanks for the picture. It rocks. :)
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