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Shinzo Inu Hanging Around by Quachir Shinzo Inu Hanging Around by Quachir
Finally named my Naruto Universe character Shinzo (meaning heart), her sire name being Inu (meaning [little] dog).

I did this sketch about a month back and still really like it just because it almost looks in proportion for the prospective I've given.

Obviously this move is a take on Naruto in the Land of the Wave Arc early on in the series. From this picture alone I might call her the female equivalent of Naruto in personality... or at least her goof off side.

As I've stated in other sketches of her she seems to be related very distantly to the Inuzuka Clan, her sire name of Inu hinting at the relation though neither fully recognize the other outright as being related because of a bad break Kiba and Shinzo's many times great grand fathers had long before their great grand parents were born.

The Inu Clan does specialize in both the breading and training of NinDogs as well as summoning jitsu. Shinzo is a special case for unknown reasons as she, unlike her relitives, past and present, has managed to learn to summon more than one talking animal. She knows three summonings so far though she uses them only when she believes the need is great... except in one case in which she will call upon one of those she has contracted to merely talk as sad as it may sound.

In most summons she will bring scouts. Only one has she called upon the leader of her summoning contracts. Of those she can summon, Shinzo has a contract with the toads, hedgehogs, and dragons... mainly because I've drawn her with them multiple times as well as with her NinDog who is a husky.

Can't think of much more info this late at night. Until I post again.
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November 5, 2007
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